Top 5 reliable backpacking tarps for camping

If you enjoy camping and outdoor leisure, then you must have a good equipment to make your holidays comfortable. Of course, one of the main details is a tent.

It should be comfortable and roomy for the number of people who you are going to spend your holidays with. If you used to camp in a tent, now you can try a new, much convenient way to arrange a good sleep and rest.

A tarp is a great way to organize a comfortable and quiet rest after a long day of walking. Also, a high-quality tarp will allow you to hide when it is raining and windy.

Usually, tarps are made of waterproof and lightweight fabrics, which will allow you to carry one without feeling heave as long as you will have to carry other things for your holidays around nature.

A tarp can be used instead of a tent, or you can put it over your tent and create extra protection. Also, you can use a tarp by putting it underneath your tent if еру floor is too cold, wet, or hard.

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1. UST Hex Tarp and Camping ShelterView on Amazon
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4. Kelty Noah's Tarp ShelterView on Amazon
5. Aqua Quest Defender Tarp Medium 10 x 7 ft - Heavy Duty Waterproof Nylon ShelterView on Amazon
So, if you are interested in choosing a right tarp, take a look at the review of some of the best products on the market.

Top 5 backpacking tarp shelter products


1. UST Hex Tarp and Camping Shelter


This is one one of the cheapest six-sided multi-use tarps that comes at a low price. It offers ultralight backpacking which will not become a problem when carrying other stuff for camping. The tarp provides an excellent protection from wind and rain, we well as from direct sun rays.

Also, it has got a special thermal insulation and emergency signaling. The tarp comes with guy lines, steel stakes, and stuff sack for quick and simple installation. Its dimensions are 0.1 x 108 x 0.1 inches and its weight is only 1.5 pounds.


2. Odoland Camping Tent Tarps


This is another ultralight tarp, affordable, and promises to make your outdoor leisure comfortable and safe. It is made from water-resistant embossed fabric polyester that guarantees to keep you dry and warm even during heavy rain and strong wind.

The tarp offers 16 attachment loops that allows adjusting the right shape that suits your outdoor environment. Its dimensions are 2.5 x 8 x 11.7 inches and its weight is only 2 pounds. This product is also a great finding for outdoor festivals and concerts. You will never get wet and will be able to relax comfortably no matter weather conditions.




This is a super durable, 100% waterproof, and lightweight tarp can take a really heavy rain and will not give a sign of a trouble. However, the trap gives instant shade, so if you are camping a hot sunny day, to set the tarp and have rest is the best cool place.

The tarp is bigger than standard size tarps and comes with stakes, ropes and tensioners. This tarp will easily cover your tent or hammock and provide you a comfortable rest and sleep. The shelter comes with a rain-proof gear sack that you can carry while camping, hunting, and hiking. Its dimensions are 4.02 x 5.51 x 10 inches and its weight is only 1.8 pounds.


4. Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter


This is a more expensive shelter for camping and hiking that will make your holidays extra comfortable. Forget about too much sun or a heavy rain with this super light and durable tarp. The item is made of water-resistant polyester that does not rip or get damaged even when well-stretched.

According to customers’ reviews, the tarp shows excellent performance during rainstorms. Also, it shows a great performance during snow falls. Therefore, you can take it on winter trips around forests and use it as extra protection for your tent.

The tarp comes with adjustable corner guy lines, however, without poles. You can use hiking poles instead of carrying special poles for a shelter. The shelter is very easy and quick in set-up. Its dimensions are 15 x 14 x 5 inches and its weight is 3 pounds.


5. Aqua Quest Defender Tarp Medium 10 x 7 ft – Heavy Duty Waterproof Nylon Shelter


This is the last high-quality and reliable tarp in our review that is waterproof and will keep your tent and other stuff completely dry. This tarp is considered one of the most reliable during extreme weather. The tarp guarantees a long-lasting life and durability. The tarp is easily packed into a stuff-sack that does not take much space or does not weight much, which will not disturb you during carrying it.

The product offers 20 reinforced webbing loops in and around the perimeter, 1 top center loop for overhead hanging and pole inserts in all four corners. This way you can cover all angles and provide yourself a great protection from a rainstorm. The tarp will provide you shade and keep you cool during a hot summer day. Its dimensions are 0.79 x 78.74 x 114.17 inches and its weight is 3.2 pounds.


This was the list of the best tarps for camping that will make yout outdoor adventure very convenient, safe, and unforgettable.

Choose one of the above-mentioned tarps as a protection for your tent or a a single shelter for a confortable rest in any weather condition.

It is important to select a durable and reliable tarp that will not get you into troubles and make your camping a disaster. As long as while camping or hiking you do not have much stuff that can make you feel like at home, you must be a well-prepared traveler.

Do not be greedy and spend money on a waterproof tarp shelter that can be easily carried. A backpacking tarp should also be made from a waterproof fabrics. Choose a tarp made from a high-quality polyester that can be stretched to the share that you need.

Pick a comfortable and reliable “house” while you are away from home. It is best to choose a tarp that suits extreme weather conditions because you never know what nature prepared for you. However, if you look for a simple shelter and sure that the weather is fine during your holidays, then review low-budget backpacking tarps.

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