Affordable Smokeless Ashtray for Your Home and Garden in 2018!

To make air within premises, car or outdoors fresh and smoke-free, people opt for smokeless tobacco or smokeless ashtrays. According to Wikipedia, smokeless tobacco is used by sniffing, chewing, application to the skin and placing between the gum and teeth.

Being produced in various forms, smokeless tobacco is highly addictive as it contains nicotine. Additionally, these tobacco products contain chemicals and toxicants, causing dangerous dental, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, oral, pancreatic and esophagus cancer.
Meanwhile, ashtrays have been used for about a century. At least, the word itself came into common use in 1926. The receptacles for a cigar and cigarette ash are typically made of various fire retardant material: pottery, stone, metal, ceramics, glass, heat-resistant plastics.

There are several common ashtray designs such as shallow cylinders or cans that are placed on a table, wall mounted, equipped in cars. Most of them have notches for cigarettes or cigars at the rim, ensuring comfort for smokers.

Smokeless ashtrays are becoming very popular nowadays. These perfect devices come with filters, reducing smoke and its harmful effects, eliminating the smell. They are quite affordable, being great, versatile and unique gifts for all smokers.

They commonly cost from 15 to 75 USD depending on the type, technology applied, shape, design, and application.

The most popular smokeless ashtray types are ionic and carbon filter.

Ionic ashtrays generate negative ions that purify cigarette smoke. Ions stick to harmful and smelling smoke particles and prevent odor from escaping. Carbon filtered smokeless ashtrays come with internal fans and a filter that sucks and cleanse the air.

Minimizing and reducing the amount of smoke that is released into your home, smokeless ashtrays are known to be not efficient enough. They don’t do the job 100%. Therefore, for better protection from harmful odors and gases and longtime use, personal air purifiers are applied.

However, smokeless ashtrays are versatile, easy-to-use and affordable. Due to very reasonable price, they can be purchased by everybody as essential accessories for your home, car or office.

It’s just a must-have especially if some of your family members or colleagues don’t smoke.

These products are definitely too small to be presented as a gift for your loved ones. Meanwhile, the best smokeless ashtray is quite good as leave-behind gifts for Christmas or another holiday for your associates, colleagues or neighbors.

So, why don’t we buy some items right now? Let’s check which one is more efficient, popular and beautiful by design.

The best smokeless ashtray is required to keep the air fresh

1. Tripolar Smokeless Ashtray

The ashtray stands out from other products by unique Chinese style design and great look.

It is made of ceramics, being recognized as a smokeless ashtray only because it comes with a lid. When it’s put on, smolder is eliminated.

The ashtray provides natural feeling, being recommended as a perfect Christmas or fantasy gift for a pen friend, a colleague or even for a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, this cigar ashtray is large capacity, big enough for several people that can use it simultaneously.

That’s why it is appropriate and recommended for home application, as well as for hotels, bars and restaurants, offices.

It can be used during the parties, in the patios or indoors; it is quite beautiful and attractive for any room décor.

Outdoor use is possible as the ashtray won’t be blown away by the wind.

However, the lid does not protect the cigarettes and cigars from rain, keeping it out. You just don’t get the tray filled with water, that’s it.

Meanwhile, the product is affordable, durable and top-quality. So, it can be admitted as a happy medium and highly recommended for all smokers.

Noise Level

The ashtray is silent as it is not equipped with any motor or air purifying device.


The product is extremely durable. If you are careful, it can last for ages. The smokeless ashtray has heavy base and lid, so nothing moves it around.

Its great, golden color doesn’t fade as the paint is environment-friendly. So, the ashtray is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. However, ceramics (gypsum) is fragile, as it’s easy to break or chip.


The ashtray is hand-painted; it’s glossy, beautiful and decorative. The ashtray design is creative, with fine, amazing craftsmanship. It has a great collection value, being perfect to show off your personality. Therefore, it looks good, classy and shiny, but not gaudy.

That’s why the product can be used indoors, within any traditional room, and even people that are sensitive to color, like it. The ashtray can be perfectly used within the rooms with oak wood floors, placed on wicker tables outdoors.

Performance (Air Purification Efficiency)

The ashtray is heavy and big, providing great conditions for several smokers simultaneously. 3 openings are available. They hold the cigarettes securely. Additionally, an inner disk can be used to put the cigarette’s out.

The ashtray is dishwasher safe, easy to clean. It helps to keep your room or patio tidy and clean, eliminating smoke and odors.


The price is quite moderate for the unique design and hand-painted craftsmanship.


  • perfect, unique design;
  • durability and heavy weight;
  • no noise;
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


  • fragility;
  • absence of air purifying system.

Product Information:

  • dimensions: 7.5*4.5*7.5 in.;
  • weight: 2.3 pounds.



2. Talon Smokeless Ashtray

The ashtray that is promoted and sold by Talon Development is based on negative ion engine. It’s very efficient, silent and affordable.

Its price is not much higher than for traditional ashtrays that don’t purify air anyway.

So, it can be called the best smokeless ashtray that is suitable for an indoor application.

Noise Level

The ashtray is completely quiet and silent.


The product is rechargeable, sturdy and durable. However, its ability to ingest smoke gets worse with time.


The product looks really innovative and great. It is made of ceramics, being quite attractive. However, it’s awkward and bulky. Moving parts are not available. An A/C adapter or batteries can be used. No filters are required.

Performance (Air Purification Efficiency)

The ashtray is very efficient. It breaks smoke into particles that are negatively charged and tiny.

Afterwards, they are captured by stainless steel lining that is positively charged. Therefore, odor and smoke are eliminated. Clean air emerges continuously from the top of the ashtray’s dome.

Thus, the product is recommended for people that smoke several times a day in the same spot. It can be placed on the table or desk within an office or a study.

Meanwhile, it is appropriate only for one smoker. Additionally, the ashtray removes the secondhand smoke effects, but it does not capture the cigarette tar.


The price is excessive even for the technology.

Please, watch a video that highlights the product’s technology and benefits.


  • dual functioning operation;
  • innovative ionic capturing technology;
  • suitable for recurrent indoor use.


  • excessive price;
  • not sufficient tar capturing ability.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 6*6*8 in.
  • weight: 2 pounds;
  • voltage: 12 V;
  • output: 300MA;
  • polarity: center positive.



3. Gracave Auto Car Ashtray

The portable ashtray is a grate solution for car owners, drivers, and passengers.

It is lightweight and easy to carry.

That’s why the product is commonly rated as the best car ashtray that is highly recommended for everyday use.

It is good as a sweet, versatile and always sought after Christmas gift for your dear friend that smokes and drives.

Noise Level



The ashtray is convenient and it works, but its lifetime is evidently not very long, designed for several months of heavy use. However, it can be dropped and still works fine afterwards.


The product is easy to carry and very good for any car. It fits most of the common car holders, being convenient and lightweight, sturdy and compact.

The ashtray design is luxury, classic and elegant. The astray is a mix of plastic and metal that is easy to clean and maintain. It is easy to find at night thanks to blue inner LED light.

A lid is available for better smoke capturing. A car ash Cup is included.

Performance (Air Purification Efficiency)

The ashtray helps keeping the car clean and the air within it fresh. It holds ash, keeping it from flying out of the window. Dangerous and lingering smoke and odors are eliminated.


A bit pricey for portable design.

Please, watch a video review for more information.


  • lightweight, portable product;
  • luxury design;
  • a perfect gift;
  • LED lights.


  • high cost;
  • absence of smoke capturing mechanism.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 3.9*3.1*3.1 in.;
  • weight: 4.8 ounces.



4. Panda Superstore Stainless Auto Car Ashtray

The product is very similar to the previous one.

However, it’s much more affordable one, but not so lightweight.

Additionally, it is even more compact, coming with a spacious storage.

So the ashtray with lid is top-quality and quite reliable for this kind of products.

Noise Level

No noise


The ashtray is made of solid stainless steel. So, it’s quite durable. But the lights are not long-lasting enough.


The product’s design is sporty and stylish. It is suitable for any car model, being fitting most of automotive cup holders. A spring slip is available, holding the cigarette or cigar in place gently and horizontally.

Polished finish looks very stylish and attractive.

Performance (Air Purification Efficiency)

The lid is firmly attached, using spring-loaded mechanism. The driver is to push it down to open and push down again to close.

The lid is hinged, sealable; you don’t lose it, but it does not seal properly. Small gap still remains and some smoke escapes.

The ashtray comes with a spacious storage, being clean and functional.


Affordable and good for compact and reliable design


  • stainless steel body;
  • compact and convenient while driving;
  • silent.


  • spring-loaded lid;
  • not reliable lights.

Product Information:

  • dimensions: 7*6*5 cm (2,76* 2.36* 1.96 in.);
  • weight: 14.4 ounces.



5. SouvNear Moroccan Round Ashtray

Looking for a glass ashtray to be presented as a gift or for your personal needs, opt for this perfect, decorative product.

It comes with a lid, trapping smoke and odors in.

It is portable, compact and lightweight.

Additionally, it is suitable for several smokers, indoor and outdoor use.

Noise Level



The ashtray is hand crafted in ceramics. It can last for years, standing wind, rains, heat, and snow. Just don’t let it drop down, as it’s quite fragile as all ceramic items.


Exclusive, Moroccan-style design makes the ashtray attractive and special. Every item is unique, hand-painted, handmade by local Indian artisans. It’s look is classic, being suitable for any luxurious and elegant room interior.

The product is recommended to be placed on the center table in the living room. 3 cigarette holding slots are available, so 3 smokers can use the ashtray together, both indoors or outdoors.

Performance (Air Purification Efficiency)

The pot and lid are designed to trap smoke and odor in.


The most affordable and good for handmade, unique item.


  • unique, handmade item;
  • attractive design;
  • 3 slots available;
  • affordable price.


  • too small;
  • fragile;
  • rough bottom.

Product information:

  • 4*4*2.6 in.;
  • 15.4 ounces.


Thus, an ashtray is essential for all smokers and their associates. Buying a smokeless one is a good idea if you want to keep the air fresh, your room or car clean.

A small, affordable item of this kind can be purchased personally, for own needs and guests, for hotels, bars, and restaurants. Additionally, ashtrays are perfect gifts for every smoker, for any holiday and for any reason.

Negative ionic of carbon filter items are available. But they are not efficient enough, eliminating only lingering smoke and odor, not removing tar. Therefore, items with lids are very good too. All of them are noiseless and portable, convenient and easy to use.

Meanwhile, auto car ashtrays are more stylish or sporty by design. Ceramic products for residential or commercial application are decorative and attractive.

Anyone can afford to buy such a handy and useful item. So, why not to select and buy the best smokeless ashtray to be used as a gift and just for your household?

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