The Equipment Every Hunter Should Have

For the ultimate hunting experience, you must have specific equipment which will make you more efficient. Our ancestors relied on chasing animals by foot and using tools such as spears. These methods worked back then, but they often faced challenges such as catching little game or having the animals fight back in the process.

We have made many inventions since those times, and now hunters rely on much more efficient equipment to get the job done. Most hunters have a wide array of gear which they put to use to have a competitive edge when they embark on their hunting expeditions. It can get confusing when it comes to buying the right gear because there are so many options on the market.

As such, it is necessary to know which gear you need as a hunter, be it for part-time hunting or experienced hunters. Check out the top equipment which can aid you in taking your hunting skills a notch higher.

hunting knife

Hunting knife

When choosing a hunting knife, you need to get one that is of high quality. These knives come in several styles and sizes, all suited for various uses. Many hunters often go for fixed blade hunting knives because they offer stability which comes in handy during self-defense as well as when cutting hard items.

You can also opt for an EDC (every day carry) knife which comes with other tools which you can use on your trip. Some of the other devices that come with these kinds of knives include pliers, a saw, nail file, scissors, bottle opener, can opener, ruler and leather poker. Swiss Army Knives are the most common EDC hunting knives on their market and hunters prefer them because of their versatility.

Hunting Tent

You will probably need shelter during your hunting expedition, and this is where a quality hunting tent comes in. Choosing a tent that works for all seasons is an excellent choice because you will end up investing less money. A canvas tent is one such good choice. This type of hunting tent is usable even in the hot months because it is a breathable material.

The material also keeps the interior warm during cold months. Over time, manufacturers have come up with ways to make tents using unique fabrics, thereby creating durable, light-weight and water resistant tents.

Your choice of hunting tent should get its basis from the kind of environment in which you will operate. A portable hunting tent is an excellent idea if you wish to hike to your location or in a case where you plan to change spots when hunting. The ability to withstand harsh weather should take precedence over portability.


Investing in a high-quality pair of binoculars will put you in a position where you can watch your prey from a distance without spooking them. You will find great binoculars on the market which are resistant to glare and fog, thus allowing you to remain hidden all the while as you stalk your prey before making a move.

Binocular technology is also changing, and you will find that some brands enable you to take pictures of your prey while you view them. Manufacturers have finally found a way to combine the best features of digital cameras with those of binoculars, thus providing an excellent hunting experience while increasing your chances of success.

hunter gpsGPS

Modern hunters are now making use of global positioning systems (GPS) alongside the traditional maps. However, be sure to always have a location map in tow as you cannot rely on your GPS systems in totality. With these systems, you can now mark your routes as well as the time you were there to help you map your trails in future.

You cannot rely on your GPS entirely as it can become faulty resulting from water damage, failing batteries as well as other factors which could affect your hunting success. Having a map as back-up will do away with the chances of getting lost in the woods.

 Hunting pack

There are many backpack options available in the market, and they all have advantages to them. When choosing a hunting pack, get one which allows you to gain access to your items without having to disarrange everything. A good backpack should have features such as knife pouches and spotting scope pockets to help you reach items fast and put them back just as fast to make the hunting process easy.

Some of the hunting packs in the market come with game carriers which allow you to carry your game in your backpack, thus doing away with the need for additional carriers. Get a backpack that uses quiet Velcro technology to avoid situations where your prey can hear you approaching.

Hunting clothing

What you wear affects how much game, if any, you take home with you. You should go for something that camouflages with the environment so that you can creep on your prey without getting sighted. Brightly colored clothing will make you easily visible and will significantly reduce your chances of success.

The kind of camouflage depends on the season, and you should have different hunting coats for each season. Hunting boots and gloves are necessary when hunting in dangerous terrain. During cold months, you can wear a hat that camouflages with the surroundings to keep warm and out of sight.

Tree stand and safety harness

If you wish to hunt down some bucks with ease, a tree stand is handy. You will install it on a tree in your preferred hunting zone and await your prey. They come in varying sizes and can accommodate up to four hunters at a go. When using tree stands, it is essential to use a safety harness which will keep you from falling to the ground and will enable you to move around with confidence.

Bear spray

If you are operating in a region where bear attacks are rampant, it is best to arm yourself with a bear spray which you can spray on a bear’s face if it charges towards you. Research shows that bear spray is more potent as compared to using firearms on bears.

Predator Hunting Lights

You can sight your prey better using predator hunting lights which come in green, white and red. All hunting lights have different uses. Hunters prefer green and red lights when hunting down predators such as foxes and coyotes. White lights can easily spook your prey and are not preferred when hunting in unknown territory.

With this hunting gear, you are in a position to succeed in your hunting expedition. Remember to put safety first and to carry first aid kits, food, phones, maps as well as any other items necessary for survival in the wild.

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