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5 Top King Shin Guards of 2017 that are the Best in Terms of Durability, Protection and Design

Kickboxing is a popular sport in the USA, Europe and Japan nowadays. According to Wikipedia, it developed from Muay Thai and Karate. Peak of its popularity was in 1970s when the first World Championship was held.

In current times, kickboxing is practiced for general fitness, self-defense and as a trending contact sport. It differs from MMA (mixed martial arts) by wide variety of submission holds and kicks.

PhotoProduct nameView on Amazon
1.RDX Leather Shin Guards for MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai1.RDX Leather Shin Guards for MMA, Kickboxing and Muay ThaiView on Amazon
2. Top King Protective (“Empower Creativity”) Shin Guard2. Top King Protective (“Empower Creativity”) Shin GuardView on Amazon
3. RDX Nylon Based Shin Guards3. RDX Nylon Based Shin GuardsView on Amazon
4. RDX Neoprene Shin Pads4. RDX Neoprene Shin PadsView on Amazon
5. Top King Pro Leather Shin Guards5. Top King Pro Leather Shin GuardsView on Amazon
Having originally developed from Muay Thai in Japan, American kickboxing doesn’t allow addition of knees, elbows and the full clinch. Semi-contacts, punches and strikes are allowed, while scoring in all sports is similar.

According to WKA (World Kickboxing Association), this large and old organization provides great opportunities for professional and amateur fighters to compete and develop onto the top, first-class level.

Amateur MMA and Kickboxing is legal in 21 US states, several Canadian provinces, including Quebec and Ontario.

Meanwhile, pro fighters and sports enthusiasts protect themselves during sparring competitions with mouth guards, boxing gloves, hand wraps, pants and kick boots. Helmets are designed for beginners and enthusiasts playing kickboxing games for the first time.

As kickboxing is a full contact, dangerous sport, shin pads or shin guards are essential for the legs’ protection. These useful pieces of equipment protect the player’s knee caps and shins against damages.

According to Wikipedia, besides kickboxing, shin pads are necessary for various sports, including ice hockey, soccer, cricket, baseball and other sports. Nowadays, they are commonly made of synthetic materials such as plastic, foam rubber, polyurethane, fiberglass and metal.

However, natural leather shin guards are preferable as they are durable, top-quality, looking really great and stylish. They last longer, giving perfect protection to fighters. Additionally, they are available in great, flashy colors while black is still the most popular.

A pair of great, top-quality shin pads costs from $35 to $85, depending on the brand, materials, durability and design. Professional fighters and game enthusiasts consider their durability, protection capabilities and type (that depends on the purpose).

The guards are to allow good foot mobility, reliable coverage on the foot top, padding on the ankles. The pads are to be tough in front parts of the shin and the strappings are to seat
comfortably for the fighter. Selecting the right size is extremely important.

Therefore, let’s review the 5 top king shin guards that are so popular nowadays and widely used for international competitions and general trainings. Are they really good, durable and useful?

Let’s check it now, comparing their features, highlighting their pros and cons.

Top King shin guards

1.RDX Leather Shin Guards for MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai


The famous UK fight brand, RDX, is famous for its top quality protection equipment.

These sports products (training and sparring gloves, mouth, head and chest guards, punching bags and kick shields) are delivered to the USA and multiple other European and North American countries.

They stand out from the other protective equipment (for example, from king pads) by authentic materials, elaborate design and affordable prices. The leather shine guards are perfect examples of amazing RDX products.

Durability and Protection

The guards are made of original cowhide leather, ensuring perfect durability and endurance.

They are promoted as 3D molded, standing out by great design and excellent build quality. Shock-absorbent dual gel foam features reliable impact protection.

Instep foot protectors are able to withstand kicks and punches, being designed for advanced and intermediate kickers. QD-2 lining inside wicks away moisture, always keeping the shin dry. The gel integrated padding totals 26 mm over the shin, covering the toes, absorbing even high-intensity strikes.

The pads handle any shots without deforming or denting. Thus, the guards are amazingly secure and strong.


The color choice of the guards is limited: they are available only in white, with red and black detailing. The pads themselves and the strapping are matte black. So, this design is not flashy enough for demanding fighters.

Weight and Distribution

The guards are lightweight and easy to deal with, guaranteeing perfect weightless feel. As it typical for all shin guards, most of weight is down the fighter’s shin, but as the pads are tightened securely, the distribution is nearly unnoticeable.


The RDX shin guards are easy to use (put on, adjust and tighten up). Double-strap Velcro fastening system is reliable, eliminating any slips, holding the pads in place. The guards are equipped with exclusive, innovative P-fit system, ensuring snug, perfect fit.


The guards are a bit pricey, but good due to the top quality and excellent protection.

Watching of an instructional video before the shipping will help you to make a wise, informed choice.


  • top-quality materials;
  • thick, reliable padding;
  • zero slip fastening system.

  • plain design;
  • excessive price.
  • Product Information:
  • Color: white;
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL



2. Top King Protective (“Empower Creativity”) Shin Guard


The product is highlighted by several expert king shin guard reviews.

The brand Top King is famous for excellent quality and perfect fit. Therefore, boxing gloves, Muay Thai shorts, shin guards and kick pads are extremely popular worldwide.

This shin pads model is nice looking, long-lasting and secure.

Durability and Protection

Extra padding layer in front of the guards offer excellent protection against strikes and hits.

The areas under the knee caps and around the lower leg muscles are the most securely protected. The shin pads are made of original leather; therefore, they are top-quality and very durable.

The protective equipment lasts for more than a year of hard, everyday training without any deformations or tear. Nevertheless, in wet Thailand climate, due to profuse sweating during long sparring rounds, the guards become wet soon.

So, it’s very difficult for the fighters to keep them dry. Moreover, the pads ensure less protection on the ankle zones.


Two-tone design is very nice-looking. Additionally, multiple color options are available, so every amateur or professional fighter easily selects a suitable, favorable design.

Weight and Distribution

Top Kings models are narrow and less bulky than other shin guard products. They provide great protection at the front, but not sufficient at sides. Therefore, they give fighters light feel and perfect mobility.


Comfortable, secure fit thanks to hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro strap closure). The grip stays snug during long competitions or trainings, requiring no additional adjusting or tightening.


The price can seem a bit excessive, but it’s good for increased durability and top quality.

Please, check a video review for your information:


  • great, attractive design;
  • lightweight feel;
  • comfortable fit;
  • sufficient padding in front.

  • absence of moisture distribution inside lining;
  • insufficient protection for ankles and on the sides;
  • a bit pricey.




3. RDX Nylon Based Shin Guards


This advanced RDX product is made of synthetic, nylon material. That’s why it’s lightweight, but durable, moisture-absorbing and secure.

Durability and Protection

The guards with nylon inserts are extremely durable, ensuring perfect protection. They are 3D molded, coming with Shock-Shell gel, dual-padding and thick. An innovative Q-1 RDX moisture absorbing technology is used to keep the guards dry during hard fighting rounds and trainings. 300 Denier nylon cover ensures great impact protection.


The pads design is quite modest, without flashy colors. Additionally, they are available only in black.

Weight and Distribution

The guards are 50% lighter than other RDX products.


Dual cross, NEO-1 Velcro closure guarantees secure fit and perfect feel.


The shin guards are really affordable. Therefore, this product is recommended for beginners to start fighting, to try on before purchasing more expensive protection equipment.

They are quite good also for advanced kickboxers, ensuring perfect fit and light feel.

Please, watch the details on the video.


  • moisture absorbing technology;
  • top-quality materials;
  • durability;
  • light weight;
  • thick, secure padding;
  • reliable strapping.

  • small sizing in comparison with other shin guards;
  • the guards are too large for short individuals;
  • simple, modest design.



4. RDX Neoprene Shin Pads


The product is very similar to the previous model. It’s produced under the famous RDX brand, being affordable and, therefore, extremely popular. Meanwhile, some essential features are compromised.

Durability and Protection

The guards are CE certified, ensure secure fit and durability. They are produced, using shock-absorbing technology, ensuring ultimate protection, but not guaranteeing the fighter from injuries. Innovative, synthetic materials and P-fit system ensure perfect resilience, moisture expulsion, ventilation and thermal regulation.


The shin pads come in red and blue flashy colors.

Weight and Distribution

The guards are perfectly lightweight. They cover the back part of the leg, providing excellent protection and perfect fit. Nevertheless, the toes are not covered, the knees are not protected.


The pads are light and effective, suitable for excessive use. Meanwhile, users risk overstretching them and the pads are not washable


The most affordable

Please, check the video and compare the products’ features.


  • innovative materials;
  • bright design;
  • shock-absorbing technology;
  • durability;
  • affordable price;
  • light weight.

  • injury risk;
  • toes and knees are not covered;
  • not the easiest to put on and wash.



5. Top King Pro Leather Shin Guards


The product is top-quality, produced from premium, genuine leather. It stands out from the other Top King models by not too fancy design and multiple, bright colorful options.

Durability and Protection

The king shin guard protectors are made of 100% leather. They are declared to be handmade, extremely durable and top-quality. The equipment is designed for secure protection of the areas below knees and the lower leg muscles. The fighters are protected from direct, knee-to-knee contact.


The pads’ design is the simplest of all Top King models. Meanwhile, the manufacturers offer wide range of bright, flashy colors.

Weight and Distribution

The guards are lightweight, protecting toes, upper and lower leg parts. Meanwhile, they are a bit narrow, so side areas and ankles are vulnerable.


Velcro straps are easy to tighten down. They ensure secure fit and stay closed during the sparring.


The most affordable of all Top King models and very good for top quality and secure protection.

A video could be helpful to realize the product’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • comfortable fit;
  • lightweight feel;
  • leather materials;
  • thick, solid padding in front;
  • light weight.

  • poor moisture distribution;
  • ankles and leg sides remain vulnerable;
  • a bit pricey.


Thus, this review highlights the most popular, top-quality, secure and comfortable protection equipment.

Top King shin guards are the best of this kind. MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing don’t tolerate any compromises in protection.

So, the fighters are to feel great during the competitions. Durability and design also matter. Meanwhile, every amateur or professional fighter select the guards that fit the best and enable perfect mobility.

Additionally, there are common questions that are frequently asked and we’ll try to answer some of them right now.

Is it possible to wear shin guards over shoes?

Yes, it is.

How to wash the pads?

Leather surfaces are to be washed with soap and water.

Are the guards suitable for grappling?

No, only for sparring.

Are the pads designed for right and left leg?

No, they are interchangeable.

How to measure my leg?

2 in. below the knee. The sizes correspond to the shin diameters:

  • S – 13”
  • M – 14”
  • L – 15”
  • XL – 16”.

Please, ask the manufacturers or the sellers for detailed instructions.  We hope that this information will be useful for you, ensuring your success in kickboxing, MMA or MUAY Thai.

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