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Are you dreaming of catching more fish than ever? Then you just cannot succeed without a high-quality fishfinder. Every fishfinder has a certain number of features, and of course, the more features and helpful options are gathered in one device, the higher the price of such sonar.
This is not the first fishing item I reviewed. I also wrote my reviews on:

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Best fishfinder GPS Combo List:

PhotoProduct nameView on Amazon
1. Garmin 010-01184-01 GPSMAP 1040xs Chartplotter/Sonar Combo1. Garmin 010-01184-01 GPSMAP 1040xs Chartplotter/Sonar ComboView on Amazon
2. Garmin 010-01809-00 Striker 7SV with transducer2. Garmin 010-01809-00 Striker 7SV with transducerView on Amazon
3. Garmin GPSMAP 741xs without Transducer Includes Worldwide Base3. Garmin GPSMAP 741xs without Transducer Includes Worldwide BaseView on Amazon
4. Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro with US Navionics4. Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro with US NavionicsView on Amazon
5. Garmin Striker 4 built-in GPS Fish Finder5. Garmin Striker 4 built-in GPS Fish FinderView on Amazon

One of the main features is frequency. The higher the frequency, the more details will be shown up on the screen of your sonar. The more sonar waves are sent out and received by the transducer, the more objects, fish, in particular, will be found.

Power is another important feature that you cannot leave behind. The higher wattage of your fishfinder the faster your device will work, so you will receive the wanter information quicker.

Screen size, resolution, colors, are also significant characteristics that will make your experience with a fishfinder more pleasant. Expensive models will provide excellent GPS feature, compatibility with mobile devices that will allow you to send data from a sonar to the wanted device.

We would like to show you 5 popular and high-quality fishfinders with amazing capabilities that will help you to find more fish and avoid obstructions that can damage your boat.

Best fishfinder GPS Combo Reviews in 2020:


1. Garmin 010-01184-01 GPSMAP 1040xs Chartplotter/Sonar Combo


This is simply the best GPS fishfinder that comes at a high price, however, it covers all needs and completely satisfies experienced anglers.

This fishfinder is a keyed chartplotter/sonar combo that has a 10-inch color SVGA display that provides the highest-quality images.

The device offers g2 coastal maps for finding the best location.

This modern and smart sonar is featured with a high-sensitivity internal receiver that guarantees to deliver you a clear and precise data.

Also, this very model supports all Garmin marine radars which increases its performance level. The wireless connection will make using the device easy and simple.

The device allows seeing bottom contours more clear than when using other sonars even when checking while at speed. If you want to add more capabilities to your boat, this is an excellent purchase, even though it comes at a high price.

By using the device, you will be able to record a movie via your iPhone or iPad. You will only need to install a special application for your mobile device.

This fishfinder will also help you to avoid boat damages by showing you low bridges, shallow water, and other obstructions under the water that are not visible.

Such option as calculating arrival times at any point on your route will add you comfort and make you enjoy the device even more.

Garmin is a famous designer and manufacturer of GPS navigation and wearable technology products for the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets.

Stand out features:

  • 10-inch color display
  • g2 coastal maps
  • Great and excellently performing receiver
  • Wireless connection
  • Bright colors
  • Compatible with iPhones and iPads via a special application

  • This is an extremely clever fishfinder with lots of other features that increase your boat’s capabilities
  • The device delivers as much information about objects and possible obstructions under the water that can damage a boat

  • The model comes without a transducer



2. Garmin 010-01809-00 Striker 7SV with transducer


This is one of the best fish finders under $500 with a clearer scanning sonar that shows what is around your boat.

The device is small and compact and provides an easy maintenance.

This is a high-frequency sonar that provides near-photographic images with detailed representations of objects, their structure, and fish.

This fishfinder model has a keyed interface with dedicated buttons. Also, it provides a waypoint map that allows you to view, mark and navigate various locations.

This is one of the cleverest devices because it delivers more information that other fish finders on the market. You will certainly be delighted with its performance and amount of detailed information it provides within a short time.

The device offers a much better target separation comparing with regular fish finders that you can buy for a lower price. The unit can be used for ice fishing or vertical jigging.

The device guarantees to spot and deliver information about very deep almost hidden waypoints that other devices usually miss.

Stand out features:

  • 7-inch color fishfinder
  • Extremely sensitive GPS
  • Transducer with high wide CHIRP
  • Portable and lightweight device
  • Spots hidden waypoints
  • Wide images of objects, their structure, and fish

  • This is a super reliable device that provides a clear information about objects under the water;
  • You can receive a detailed information what is around your boat;
  • Device is very easy in installing and use.

  • The fishfinder is expensive.

Check the video review of the product and learn how to use it on your boat



3. Garmin GPSMAP 741xs without Transducer Includes Worldwide Base


If you do not have a limited budget and look for the highest quality sonar then this is the best fishfinder GPS combo under 1000.

The device is provided by a famous sonar’s manufacturer that guarantees a reliable and precise performance.

This fishfinder is super-fast and ensures 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS. The device is featured with a built-in support for a wide selection of Garmin transducers, including 50/200 kHz, 77/200 kHz, DownVu and SideVu scanning sonar and CHIRP.

The unit provides impressively clear images of the water including photographs of objects in the water.

There are supported sailing features included such as lay lines, an enhanced wind rose, heading and course-over-ground lines, and others.

The device is compatible with Apple devices. The unit is lightweight and easily portable. It will mark and navigate various waypoints that most fishfinders do not spot.

Wireless connectively will make using the device absolutely hassle-free.

Stand out features:

  • 721xs refreshes position
  • Precise marking and navigating waypoints
  • Compatible with Apple devices
  • Wireless connection
  • Excellent quality clear images

  • This is a professional sonar that does what it offers;
  • The device is reliable and shows hidden waypoints.

  • The fishfinder comes without a transducer cable;
  • Does not accept G2 vision cards;
  • Expensive.



4. Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro with US Navionics


This is a nicely designed sonar with precise signals that are transmitted into the water allowing you to get as much detailed information as possible.

The device helps to get images of fish and their structure.

Images that you will get with this device will make you enjoy this product so much.

The sonar is featured with CHIRP DownVision that will provide impressively clear photos with superior deep water performance to 600ft (180M).

Greatly performing GPS will quickly and precisely mark and navigate waypoints.

With the help of Wi-Fi, you will be able to send sonar data to your smartphone or tablet.

For this, you will only have to install Raymarine Wi-Fish mobile application. Clear and big LCD display provides an amazingly clear picture and is protected from fogging up.

The manufacturer of the device promises that you will never miss any action that is going on around your boat. A convenient ball-and-socket mounting system allows you to install the unit anywhere and have it in place even during a storm.

Raymarine is a world leader in high-performance marine electronics for the recreational boating and light commercial marine markets.

Stand out features:

  • Professional version of fishfinder
  • Quickly delivers precise information about objects under water
  • Find objects at 600ft depth
  • Big and clear LCD display
  • Impressively clear images
  • Feature with WiFi
  • Compatible with mobile devices through a special app

  • Fits both professionals and hobbyists;
  • Device provides great pictures with bright and deep colors;
  • Excellent performance at almost 200 m deep;
  • Ability to send data from a sonar to a smartphone.

  • No.



5. Garmin Striker 4 built-in GPS Fish Finder


This is quite a small, portable, and basic version of fishfinder compared with the previous models.

The model is the best fish finder under 150 dollars and certainly it cannot offer as many clever features as the previous items, still, the device shows what objects surround a boat.

This is a high-frequency sonar that gives near-photographic images with detailed data of objects, their structure, and fish.

The fishfinder has a keyed interface with dedicated buttons for menu, viewing objects under the water, and checking GPS location.

This model is available in 3.5-, 5- and 7-inch display sizes. There is a waypoint map that will allow you to view, mark, and navigate various locations.

Like other expensive fishfinders, this sonar sends a continuous sweep of frequencies to receive precise information. This is an ideal sonar in case you have a limited budget and do not need special features.

Stand out features:

  • Small, lightweight, portable
  • Provides clear images of objects and their structure
  • Built-in GPS provides displays different type locations
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Displays boat’s speed
  • Ideal for kayak, canoe or ice fishing

  • A low-budget device that shows barely clear images of objects and fish;
  • Precise GPS navigation;
  • Comes in a small size.

  • No.

Find out how to use the device and how it performs in water in the video below


This was a review of 5 best chartplotter fishfinder combo products that are considered popular and recommended on the market.

We have chosen those 5 models because they match high standards of anglers, provide all necessary options and features for spotting objects and fish under water.

We hope that this review was helpful, so you can find the right model of a fishfinder that matches your budget expectations and offer all important features.

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