Best Fly Reel Under $200: How to Choose a Product for an Affordable Price?

Today’s market offers a lot for the perfect fishing. You may be confused not only about the diversity of rods but also about the variety of different parts to upgrade your fishing pole. But let me show you how to choose the best saltwater fly reel for the money.

Besides the fishing poles, I also reviewed other fishing gear:

  1. The best fishing kayaks that I viewed on the market;
  2. A few electrician fish tapes I personally owned;
  3. Great fishfinder GPS combo to find the right fishing spot.

I first tried fishing long ago when I was just a kid. My father taught me how to cast, how to choose a bait and how to catch. But what is more important, he taught me patience. “All that you need for the good fishing is to be patient and to be sure of your rod, son”, – he used to say.


Below you may find the review of four best baitcaster reels:

PhotoProduct nameWeightFeatureMore information
1. KastKing Spartacus Maximus Fishing ReelKastKing Spartacus Maximus Fishing Reel12 ouncesCPT: 70View on Amazon
2. Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Fishing ReelAbu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Fishing Reel1.3 poundsLightweightView on Amazon
3. PENN Squall LevelWindPENN Squall LevelWind1.85 pounds4.0: 1 ratioView on Amazon
4. Wright & McGill Sabalos Fly ReelWright & McGill Sabalos Fly Reel2 poundsDurable handleView on Amazon
I can hardly help you with the first part of his advice… I’m not such a good psychologist, you know. However, I have researched many different rods for the last 20 years, so I am able to suggest regarding the second one.

1. KastKing Spartacus Maximus Fishing Reel


Spartacus Maximus by KastKing is believed to be one of the best baitcasting reel under $ 100. And, at the same time, it is a high-quality reel with quite precise adjustments that is able to make your operations with a rod fast and comfortable. And I can undoubtedly confirm this claim.


The reel is made from aluminum alloy zero-flex bod (and the same material used for the frame). The manufacturer was smart enough to make main shaft and components corrosion proof, using stainless steel.

It also has CNC machined aero-grade aluminum spool. Centrifugal brake can be easily adjusted to virtually eliminate backlash. You may access it via quick-open side plate.


The reel is quite compact and easy to operate. It weights less than 260g, however its stopping power exceeds 10 kg (the manufacturer tells about 26 lbs, but I managed to catch a 31 lbs catfish).

You would be also satisfied with its gear ratio ( aligned brass gears 6.3:1) and extremely smooth carbon fiber drag. And, of course, you will appreciate big line capacity for maximizing casting distance and reaching out deep water living species.


KastKing Spartacus Maximus would be great for saltwater fishing. I have tried it in the Atlantic ocean when sailing on my lovely yacht and was pretty excited with its ability to drag pretty big ocean monsters. But this low profile casting reel seems to be suitable for also freshwater, bass, fluke fishing, and ice fishing.


  • Provides smooth casting
  • no backlashes
  • noise free

  • May require some practice in order to avoid bird nests



2. Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Fishing Reel


Abu Garcia products have made a good reputation. And their Revo Toro Beast Fishing Reel shows a great result. This would be perfect for those who prefer smooth casting and drag.


This low-profile baitcaster has seven stainless steel HPCR bearings and one roller bearing for long durability and smooth casting. It comes with a gear designed by Duragear and a frame made from X-Craftic alloy. The last characteristic makes Abu Garcia product pretty lightweight.


The reel is quite smooth and powerful because of Carbon Matrix drag solution. It is also made under InfiniMax Braking System that lets you handle big baits and adjust the rod near the limits. Seems that Abu Garcia engineers have done their best in order to provide you with good spool, great smooth, strong retrieve and excellent drag.


Revo Toro Beast model was engineered to battle hard-pulling fish. As manufacturer confirms, it is able to handle a variety of fresh and saltwater fish. It can easily hold up to 250 yards while you are trying to drag 30 kg prey.

You may find 3 different power handles included into this model. Many anglers use them in order to customize their rod.


  • Ergonomic design
  • great cranking power
  • very lightweight

  • Produced for the right-handed only



3. PENN Squall LevelWind

This was my first Penn reel and I was pretty surprised how great it operates. Doesn’t matter what style you prefer it is able to deliver an outstanding performance while chunking, drifting, sharking, and trolling.


Due to graphite construction (both frame and side plates) the reel seems to be pretty lightweight. In addition, it is quite reliable and doesn’t need any bulk applied to your rod. Although the gear is robust all-metal, it is countervailed by HT-100 carbon fiber drag system that makes a pole smoothly and powerful to operate.


PENN Squall LevelWind is provided with so desired by many anglers feature – yep, it is versa-handle. Thus, you can adjust the length even when dragging or trolling. By the way, all the tools you would need for handle adjustment come in a package. As you will also find out, this product has 2 stainless steel ball anti-reverse bearings.

The line capacity rings are marked (you may see 1/3, 2/3 and full capacity) so you will be able to determine how much line is remaining quite quickly.


Foe me PENN Squall LevelWind is one of the best saltwater fly reel for the money. Believe it or not, it has enough power to conquer different hard-pulling fish species. You can use it either in the sea or in the ocean and be sure it performs great reliability and power. Good for salmon and bass fishing.


  • Comes with a mounted line
  • Performs wonderful spooling
  • Smooth and powerful trolling

  • Operating with autoline requires some skills



4. Wright & McGill Sabalos Fly Reel

The manufacturer wouldn’t tell you much about this reel. So you need to read some customers comments or ask any expert or skilled angler. I’m supposed to be the last one. And what I have to say – these guys from Wright & McGill do know how to create a high-quality reel.


Firstly I suggest to look at the frame. The main part of the reel is made from very lightweight but quite firm aluminum (6061 bar stock). And so is the handle. However, it all weights two pounds. The second thing you should notice is a large arbor design where sealed ball bearings take the right place.


This Wright & McGill product features highly machined custom cutting which allows to reduce weight and improve balance. It is also provided with durable cork and Teflon dual core disc drag system for better trolling and catching.


Wright & McGill Sabalos Fly Reel is produced for saltwater fishing. Just take it when you go sailing on your yacht and you will definitely get a comfortable and enjoyable fishing. It has 200 yards line capacity so you don’t need to sail all the time you are going to do another cast.


  • Fits both right and left hands
  • Demonstrates strong and smooth drag

  • Need some practice to avoid troubles with spooling


I hope you will find this review very useful and make a good choice. As you know, the reel is the most complex part of a modern fishing rod, so it is quite important to be sure it works as expected. If your hobby is not only fishing but also hunting, you may be interested in the best hunting lights review.

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