Best Women’s Snowboard in 2020 [Review And Buying Guide]



Buying a quality women’s snowboard takes some time, especially if it is the first time you are shopping for a board that can allow you to enjoy slides in the snow. Whether you are a beginner who is not sure what type of snowboard would be a good option to allow you to learn all the tips and tricks of this adrenaline-inducing sport or a seasoned rider looking to up her game by opting for the ultimate snowboard, this guide will help you find the next board that will help you tackle the snow this season.

Our Top Pick

System 2019 Flite Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard Package

The best women’s snowboard

We chose the System 2019 Flite Snowboard as our top pick because it combines a quality design with excellent durability. This snowboard for women is lightweight and easy to control, and it also comes complete with bindings and boots so you can hit the slopes right away.

Compare the Best Women’s Snowboard side by side

PictureProduct nameRocker TypeAvailable SizesLink
System 2019 Flite Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard PackageFlatrock139-150 cmView on Amazon
Camp Seven New 2019 Dreamcatcher Snowboard +Mystic Bindings Women’s Snowboard PackageCRCX Full Rocker139-150 cmView on Amazon
Gnu Chromatic Snowboard WomensContinuous Rocker141-152 cmView on Amazon
Burton Talent Scout SnowboardFlat Camber146-152 cmView on Amazon
Flow Camp Seven Featherlite Women’s Complete Snowboard Package 2019Flat Rock138-150 cmView on Amazon
System 2019 Juno and Mystic Complete Women’s Snowboard PackageFlat Camber141-151 cmView on Amazon
Avalanche Divane 151cm Womens Snowboard Serenity Bindings  Flat Rock151 cmView on Amazon
Ride Rapture Snowboard  Flat Rock143 cmView on Amazon
Arbor Ethos SnowboardSystem Rocker150 cmView on Amazon
System 2019 MTNW Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard PackageFlat Rock139-150 cmView on Amazon

10 Best Women’s Snowboards

1. System 2019 Flite Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard Package

Product review

Our editor’s choice, the System 2019 Flite Snowboard, is one of the most stable boards currently available on the market. Featuring a lightweight core and designed with women in mind, the board comes complete with boots and bindings, in a  complete package that allows you to hit the slopes right away. It has a boot design that improves comfort, with many users praising how well they perform even when worn for prolonged periods of time.

The System 2019 package has bindings as well, so you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues that may arise from having to choose boots and bindings separately for a specific board. The Mystic bindings hace gel-padded toe and heel straps for extra comfort, while also featuring a full-length EVA base pad that dampens shocks, keeping your feet cushioned.

The System 2019 Flite is a flat rock snowboard and has the rocker added into the tip. The design of the tail helps to avoid catching edges, and many users were satisfied with the way the snowboard performs on slopes, even at high speeds.


  • Very comfortable boots
  • Lightweight core
  • Easy to handle


  • Bindings may come off the boots
  • The design of the front appears a bit blurry

2. Camp Seven New 2019 Dreamcatcher Snowboard +Mystic Bindings Women’s Snowboard Package

Product review

A package that comes with everything you need to get starting having fun on the slopes, the Camp Seven New 2019 Dreamcatcher Snowboard +Mystic Bindings has a rocker dominate profile with a mild camber in the tip and tail. The construction of the board makes it very stable while providing maximum edge no matter how icy the conditions are.

This snowboard features a dual-density Poplar core that enhances strength, while the rubber dampening that surrounds the core reduces board chatter. Even though the construction of this board is of the highest quality, it is not only intended for experienced riders, being a suitable choice for beginners as well.

The Camp Seven New 2019 Dreamcatcher Snowboard is well-designed and it offers a good mix of quality and versatility. While expert-level users may find it a bit basic, its performance leaves nothing to be desired. It comes complete with Mystic bindings, so you can try it out right away without the need of buying separate accessories.


  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced riders
  • Sturdy
  • Flexible and easy to use


  • Might not be excellent for advanced users

3. Gnu Chromatic Snowboard Womens

Product review

Suitable for beginners and advanced riders alike, the Gnu Chromatic Snowboard features a continuous rocker profile and a centered stance. It works well on multiple types of terrains, including powder and uneven terrain. This directional twin snowboard is highly versatile and offers more directional float than other snowboards due to the fact it has a longer nail than tail.

The friendly flex and directional shape give the Gnu Chromatic Snowboard a real edge.

The core of this board is made from sustainably harvested aspen/paulownia, and the top consists of eco-sublimated textured poly. All this combined with the original banana shape makes this a very good snowboard for women to learn on. On the flexibility scale, the Gnu Chromatic Snowboard is between soft and medium, which contributes to its versatility.


  • Highly versatile
  • Durable
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate users


  • Expert users may find it basic
  • Expensive for beginners

4. Burton Talent Scout Snowboard

Product review

Offering an excellent balance between stiffness and flexibility, the Burton Talent Scout Snowboard is a fun ride, suitable for intermediate and expert riders alike. The camber profile of this board allows users to perform powerful turns with precision, while also providing them with continuous control no matter the terrain.

The flex of the Burton Talent Scout Snowboard is perfectly symmetrical, so users ultimately enjoy a balanced ride, while the FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core provides strength and prop. The twin shape of the board is ideal for those who are looking for a balanced ride that also does well in the stability department.

The camber design of the Burton Talent Scout Snowboard offers a snappy suspension, while the off-axis squeezebox makes the board easy to control and balance. The board comes in various sizes to suit every body shape, with weight ranges ranging from 80 to 200 lbs.


  • Very easy to control
  • Enhanced stability
  • Performs turns with precision


  • A bit too stiff
  • Expensive

5. Flow Camp Seven Featherlite Women’s Complete Snowboard Package 2019

Product review

The Flow Camp Seven Featherlite snowboard for women comes with a complete package that includes heat moldable boot liners and Flow Haylo bindings so you can head to the slopes immediately. The board features a flatrock camber that offers good stability and precision when taking turns and makes the board ideal for those who enjoy free riding.

The manufacturer recommends pairing this set with the Siren Lux boots to get a perfect fit that keeps you comfortable on the slopes all day long. Users who tested this set liked the fact that the flat base of the board creates a very stable ride, so you can easily predict your moves as you enjoy going downhill at full speed.

Balancing and control are two of the main problems encountered with snowboards for women, but with the Flow Camp Seven Featherlite you get easy control while also enjoying the benefits of a lightweight board.

This is a full poplar board that has biax over triax lamination for extra durability and strength. It also comes with a full-length EVA Base pad, and heel straps and a gel padded toe for a secure and comfortable grip around your feet.


  • Good balance
  • Very easy to control
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for beginners

6. System 2019 Juno and Mystic Complete Women’s Snowboard Package

Product review

Suitable for beginners and veteran riders alike, the System 2019 Juno and Mystic Complete Women’s Snowboard Package makes riding fun while keeping you in control. The CRCX full rocker profile sports a mild camber in the tip for enhanced control, freeing up your contact points for perfect free riding.

The board comes with Siren Mystic bindings, which are easy to use and comfortable, being designed with the woman rider in mind. The snowboard boots included in the package are the Siren Lux model, a new design that is very lightweight to enhance the level of comfort when you wear them for prolonged periods of time. A gel patch on the back of the boot does a good job at alleviating stress points for your feet.

The DD2 core of the System 2019 Juno is the lightest one produced by System and it features hand selected poplar without any presswood or particle board. High-density wood stringers run through the middle of the board for increased response.


  • Durable construction
  • Very comfortable boots
  • Mild camber for enhanced control


  • Upper acrylic chips in icy conditions
  • Experienced riders may find it a bit basic

7. Avalanche Divane 151cm Womens Snowboard Serenity Bindings

If you are interesting in learning snowboarding but don’t want to spend a lot on a snowboard before deciding whether the sport is indeed your cup of tea, the Avalanche Divane is the perfect choice. This beginner board has a women-specific geometry and features an anatomical baseplate with 2 x 2 screw inserts.

Users who tested and reviewed this board liked the fact that it is very intuitive to use, even for those who have never tried a snowboard in their life. The adjustable toe and ankle straps make it easy to put the binding on and take them off, and the ankle straps are made from heat-molded EVA. A tool-free forward lean adjuster makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your feet.

Avalanche recommends the Eclipse Snowboard Boots with the Divane, which are built for all-mountain use and feature a water-resistant nylon/synthetic construction as well as a comfortable triple foam construction.


  • Easy to use even by beginners
  • Comes with heat-molded bindings
  • Toe and ankle straps are adjustable


  • Only suitable for beginners
  • Comes in a single length

8. Ride Rapture Snowboard

Product review

An all-mountain freestyle that is suitable for beginner to intermediate riders, the Ride Rapture Snowboard has a very attractive designs that is sure to get you noticed on the slopes. A true twin shape and a flat to rocker camber make this snowboard easy to control and turn, even for those who don’t have a lot of experience.

Because the snowboard is on the softer side, it is a suitable option for riders looking for an all-mountain freestyle deck. It is a good choice for beginners because it is not a very fast board, while also not being the slowest board on the market either. It performs well on uneven terrain, but mostly shines on powder snow.

While you may not be able to perform great jumps with this board, the Ride Rapture works if you only want to see how jumping feels as a beginner.


  • Easy to control
  • Eye-catching design
  • Works great at medium speeds


  • Not suitable for jumps
  • Not great for intermediate and advanced users

9. Arbor Ethos Snowboard

Product review

Featuring a single malt core for lasting durability and reliability, the Arbor Ethos Snowboard is an excellent choice for beginners, while intermediate and advanced users are bound to find it a bit basic. The board is made from 100% sustainably grown poplar wood and comes with a three-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

The extruded base of the Arbor Ethos Snowboard delivers lightweight performance, and the Biax glassing is designed for park and street riding. Moreover, the 360-degree wrapped sidewall means that there is no need for tip fill, so the durability of the board is increased considerably.

Reviewers who tested the Arbor Ethos Snowboard liked the fact that you can obtain seamless turns with it, also mentioning that the board performs at its best in powder snow. When it comes to binding compatibility, the snowboard comes with 2×4 10-pack inserts.


  • Lightweight
  • Made from 100% poplar wood
  • Three-year warranty


  • Too basic for intermediate/advanced users
  • Expensive

10. System 2019 MTNW Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard Package

Product review

One of the best reasons to consider the System 2019 MTNW Snowboard is the fact that it offers predictable and stable rides. This is essential for those who are only taking up snowboarding, as they need a board that is easy to handle while also providing them with plenty of stability. This package includes the System 2019 MTNW Snowboard and the Siren Lux Women’s Snowboard Boots that provide all the comfort a beginner could desire. Also included in the package are the Siren Mystic snowboard bindings that are very easy to put on and take off.

The flat rock camber of the System 2019 MTNW Snowboard is completed by rocker added in the tip and tail, which makes the snowboard float in powder snow while eliminating edge catches.

The System 2019 MTNW Snowboard comes with a three-year warranty for extra peace of mind, and is available in multiple sizes ranging from 139 to 150 cm. Boot sizes range from Size 6 to Size 10.


  • High quality bindings and boots
  • Perfect in powder snow
  • Easy to handle by beginners


  • Bindings may come loose at times
  • Expensive for a beginner’s pack

What to Look for When Buying a Women’s Snowboard

Just like with any other type of sports equipment, there are two main points you should consider when buying a women’s snowboard — your level of experience and the way you intend to use the board.

An essential thing to keep in mind when you start browsing through the immense selection of snowboards available on the market is the fact that brands and graphics are the least important criteria to consider. Anyone wants to look cool on the slopes, but the truth is, it’s the last thing to consider. What is actually extremely important is the type of board and its size.

You might, of course, ask what is the difference between men’s and women’s snowboards. Is it all about colors and designs? The answer is no. Women’s snowboards are specially designed to suit women’s bodies; since women are shorter statures and lesser physical strength than men, smaller boards are an ideal option for them. For this reason, manufacturers create shorter and lighter snowboards for women. Apart from this, there shouldn’t be much of a difference between women’s and men’s snowboards.

Features to Consider

Some of the most important features to consider when shopping for women’s snowboards include dimensions such as length and wideness, the weight of the board, and the type of rocker. Other factors you should also pay attention to are the compatibility of the board with any other pieces of equipment you might own or decide to buy, such as boots and bindings.

Length and Size

Sizing differs from one manufacturer to another, so it’s important to look for the sizing guide provided to make the correct choice for your weight and height. Theoretically, all the information you need to purchase the correct women’s snowboard is your height and weight, but in practice, there are a couple more things to consider. You need to determine if you want to ride a shorter or longer board, and this has to do with your personal preference and level of experience. For example, a shorter board is a good option for those who like to cruise around, being suitable for riders who enjoy a softer ride. On the other hand, a longer snowboard is more stable at high speeds, being an excellent choice for riders who enjoy free riding.

Specialists and manufacturers generally recommend a slightly shorter board for beginner and intermediate riders, because they are easier to handle while being super fun at the same time. Longer boards are stiffer, so they need someone with a bit more experience to handle them.


The width of the board is another dimension you should consider, but it matters less than length. A wider than normal board is generally necessary for users who wear a size 11 or more boot size. Riding a snowboard that is too narrow for your feet might lead to toe and heel overhang, so you’ll find yourself slipping out all the time.

Type of Board

There are three main types of snowboards to choose from: all mountain, freestyle, and alpine. Each of them have their unique material, construction, shape and size. When it comes to choosing the right type of snowboard to ride, there is no right or  wrong choice, as it all depends on your riding style, weight, height, and personal preferences.

All Mountain

These are the most popular types of snowboards because they perform well on just about any type of terrain, while also being designed to float well on powder snow. Most riders prefer all-mountain boards because they are highly versatile, but also suitable for beginners. An all-mountain board generally features a directional shape, with the tail being shorter, flatter, and narrower than the tip. You can usually ride an all-mountain snowboard backwards as well, as its shape is thoroughly balanced.


Freestyle snowboards are short, light and flexible, and they are specifically designed for use in half pipes and terrain parks. Because they feature a limited edge grip, they are not a suitable option for those who want to travel fast. In freestyle snowboards, the tip and the tail are symmetrical in shape, while having a centered stance. Their design makes them suitable for beginners because it is easy to ride forward and backward.


Alpine snowboards are narrower than all-mountain and freestyle models, and while they don’t work well for performing tricks, they are the best choice out there for riding and carving downhill. This style of snowboard is a good option is a perfect choice if you want stability for speed as well as the ability to make quick edge turns. Alpine snowboards are the only models to only have shovels on the tip instead of at both ends. This means that these snowboards can only be ridden in one direction.


The term “camber” refers to the bottom contours of a snowboard. Cambers have evolved over the years, and today you can choose from traditional cambers, which are perfect for making turns, flat cambers, which are also good at turns while increasing float, and rock and reverse cambers, which are the ideal choice in powder snow. Some manufacturers also offer mixed or modified cambers to provide a mix of features that deliver extra versatility.

Hole Patterns and Compatibility

Snowboards come with different options when it comes to bindings, so you need to make sure the board you choose is compatible with the particular type of bindings you intend to wear. As snowboard bindings generally come in sizes ranging from small to extra large, start by checking the binding size chart provided by the manufacturer so you can easily determine whether the board is compatible with your bindings.

There are multiple mounting patterns available for different snowboards, so with the most common four of them being 2 x 4, 4 x 4, Burton Channel, and Burton 3D. Make sure you get the compatible one for your bindings, because many bindings are only compatible with a single channel system.


The weight of the snowboard has an influence over your riding style, with lightweight models being more versatile. Heavier boards offer you more stability, but they come with the disadvantage of being more difficult to transport.

How to Care for a Snowboard

Caring for a snowboard correctly is essential for maintaining it in good shape so you can enjoy your board for the years to come. Here are some quick tips to keep your snowboard in tip-top condition:

  1. Protect the board from bumps and hits: Snowboards are resistant, but if you hit them hard, hey may crack. Try to avoid rocks and other obstacles when hitting the slopes (it will be good for avoiding injuries as well.)
  2. Inspect the snowboard regularly: Addressing any issues as soon as you notice them is essential for staying on top of maintenance. By giving the board a close inspection after every use, you can address any minor problems before they develop into something more serious.
  3. Take care of bumps and scrapes: Scrapes are bound to appear on your snowboard even from the firs uses. Remain on top of maintenance by filling and dents and dings as soon as they appear. You can use a P-tex candle to repair your board to a new-like condition.
  4. Wax the snowboard: Waxing your snowboard on a regular basis is the best way to improve its durability. Check the information provided by the manufacturer to make sure you use the correct type of wax, which may also depend on snow conditions.
  5. Tune the edges: Get more control over your snowboard by tuning its edges to remove rust and improve your performance. You can use steel wool or a gummy stone to do that. Alternatively, workshops offer this service if you aren’t keen on doing it yourself.


Whether you are looking for a snowboard that can enhance your already mastered snowboarding skills or are a beginner who is looking for a board to get them started, there are lots of choices available out there for all budgets. No matter what type of snowboard for women you decide to go for, make sure you research its specifications and choose the right size for your body to get the most out of your snowboarding experience.

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