Best Molle Backpack Reviews In 2020

Molle backpacks are great to use, whether you are camping, traveling, or just going to work or school. They are durable, never go out of style, and designed for wear and tear. They look great even after they take a beating.

We considered ten different molle backpacks, and while all were great, we found the REEBOW Gear tactical pack to be the best one. If you need a smaller pack, we have choices for you, also.


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The Top Molle Backpack Reviewed

1- Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack

This tactical pack features the MOLLE system and MOLLE webbing all throughout so you can attach tactical pouches or your gear. The stitching is heavy-duty, and the zippers are designed for pushing and pulling, with no fear of accidentally tearing them off.

Another great thing about this backpack is that it can be compatible with a hydration bladder, so those of you intending to use it for camping or hiking will really like this.

It also comes with an American flag patch, something we thought was a cool touch. You can pull it off if you do not want it.


  • Suitable for airline travel
  • Great for use at the range, travel, hunting or just travel
  • The back area is mesh and ventilated


  • Belly strap may be snug for larger wearers.
  • Users complained the chest straps sometimes came undone.

2- SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack

The NINJA is a great pack, being constructed of quality canvas and polyester blend material that is sure to stand up to all adventures. You can use the hook and loop on the front of the pack to attach a patch of your choosing.

It is a water repellent pack that you can confidently take as you camp, commute, or hike. The main compartment is massive, and you can make use of the front zippered pocket for other essentials.

The straps feature padding and contour to the body. Materials used in the making of these straps are soft foam. They also feature multiple air channels to keep it ventilated.


  • Extra molles on the side
  • Hose port for hydration on the back
  • The front features an accessory pocket with organizer


  • Smaller than some other packs featured
  • Zippers tended to stick.

3- CVLife Tactical Backpack

It is another waterproof backpack made of 600×600 oxford fabric, and it is durable, plus resistant to water.

It features one large compartment, and then a smaller detachable bag in the front that you can wear as a fanny pack. There are also smaller pouches on the side that you can use for first aid.

The shoulder straps are comfortable and will be great for long trips. There is also a waist strap to help you safely distribute weight. It is a backpack that you can use for a 3-day trip, filled with goods for an emergency bag (bug out bag) or hunting/range pack.


  • Great colors to choose from
  • The pack is water-resistant
  • Waist belt promotes safe pack use


  • Zippers are noisy.
  • Not as much back padding as some other bags we reviewed.

4- PANS Backpack Military Large

It is a great pack that features a mesh water bottle pocket on the side, a space for a Velcro patch, and of course, lots of room to store what matters.

You can use the hook on the bag to carry a jacket or other object, use the strap pouches to store a walkie talkie or phone, and expand the pack in size.

The width of the backpack can go anywhere from 8 to 13 inches. Max capacity on this is 64L, so this is for people that carry a LOT, whether it is camping, hiking, or traveling.


  • Waist belt comes off
  • Straps inside the main compartment to secure goods
  • Clip inside helps keep keys secured


  • Only light water resistance
  • Zippers are plastic

5- Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag

Here is a sling bag with just one strap designed to sit comfortably on your back and diagonally distribute the weight. This pack is a great value and comes in two beautiful colors. It is durable and made of water-resistant 600D polyester.

It is perfect for those of you on shorter trips or daily activities, like going to the range. You can fit about 1-2 handguns inside and some ammo as well.

The single shoulder strap is suitable for the fast movers – the fact that it is just one strap helps eliminate the bag’s sway as you move around through crowds.


  • Molle webbings extra sturdy
  • Many small compartments for small goods like keys or cellphone
  • Plenty of rings and paracords for attaching what you want


  • Internal pockets have thin material
  • Stitching features rather thin thread

6- Monoki Military Tactical Backpack

Durable, comfortable, and multifunctional are the words we use to describe this pack. The pack is made of 900D Oxford and Nylon fabric, which is water-resistant. You can easily fit 3 days’ worth of stuff into this pack.

The MOLLE system is strong on this pack, as there are plenty of spaces to attach any pouches or gear you want. There are three strips of Velcro that can be used for patches or more gear. Combine this with the D rings on the straps to hang more goods, and you are ready to go.

The back is also ventilated and ergonomic for long periods of wearing.


  • Comes with free gifts
  • Three colors to choose from
  • Large 42L capacity


  • Plastic clips tend to break
  • Material is thinner than some other packs

7- Outdoor 3 Day Expandable 40-64L Backpack

This pack is excellent for all of your uses. Will you be traveling, camping, or hunting? This pack can stand up to any adventure you choose. It is an expandable pack, so days, when you must carry more than you’re used to, won’t be a problem.

There is a compartment for a hydration bladder, perfect for hikers. Mesh pockets on the side let you store additional water, and there are also two electronics pockets for walkie talkies or cell phones.

The MOLLE on this one is not so pronounced, so those of you that want some capability can get it-but the backpack itself is not overly tactical, so this may be the best one yet for school and travel.


  • Removable waist belt
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • MOLLE is vertical on the side of the bag
  • Side pocket mesh is thin

8- Hannibal Tactical 36L Molle Assault Pack

It is a 36L military backpack that is both sturdy and water-resistant. The fabric is 600D polyester, which keeps things waterproof. You can also install a hydration bladder in this pack.

We liked that this was an Amazon’s Choice for Molle Backpacks, and for good reason. The waist strap expands for everyone, and the shoulder straps are comfortable long days of use.

The pack features straps on the front for you to store a small tent or bedroll. The sides, as well as the front feature MOLLE loops, so attach away.


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Expands to provide extra room and has many small pockets
  • Rubber lining in larger pockets to keep valuables dry


  • Only comes in 2 colors
  • Does not come with a hydration bladder

9- Mardingtop 25l/28L/35Sl Tactical Backpacks

It is a 28L military backpack featuring YKK zippers and 600D polyester. The hydration compartment is second to none, and even though this pack is smaller, you can still easily hold a 2.5-liter hydration bladder.

The MOLLE webbing is great for hanging on smaller items or adding on additional gear or pouches. There is also a 2-webbing strap complete with an underside buckle that can hold your tent or bedroll.

Lastly, the chest straps included help the weight distribution-you could easily use this for a few days’ worth’s of goods and wear it comfortably.


  • Can buy this pack in varying sizes
  • Lots of MOLLE loops and great patch area
  • The back panel is breathable


  • Some users felt the zippers were poorly made

10- Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Tactical Backpack

Here is a value-priced, two-color option pack with a strong MOLLE system. There is MOLLE webbing all throughout the pack for easy attachment of pouches or gear.

You can also include a hydration bladder, and the pocket in which you store it features a hose port that makes it easy to get to your water.

The pack features large, heavy-duty zippers and utility cord pulls. There is also a Velcro patch holder and back ventilates. I should also note that the back is breathable and nice to wear for long trips.

It is smaller than some other packs we have featured, but this doesn’t stop the versatility. You can use this pack for camping, hiking, travel, or just your daily commute. There are side straps you can use to customize the fit of the pack.


  • Water-resistant
  • Great for travel as it is smaller, but features many pockets
  • Features drain holes in the bottom for debris


  • Zippers are rather stiff
  • MOLLE is functional, but not made to specification

Buying Guide

Size and Weight

Some of you are buying these backpacks because you would like to carry them on an airplane. Others will be trekking through the woods, hiking, or camping. Others will just be using them for everyday transport of their books and goods. Make sure you choose a heavy pack for heavy loads and consider a lighter backpack if you won’t be carrying as much — the less strain on your back, the better.


Will you be using this pack for light duties, such as going back and forth to the gym, work, or school? Or, will you be using it for camping, survival, or other heavy-duty activity? All the packs we chose here can withstand ANY of these activities, but you should opt for a 600D backpack if you are outside with it a lot. This fabric is durable and waterproof.


Your backpack should be comfortable for you to wear around. Look at the size of the pack as well as how the straps contour to the body. Make sure the backpack you have your eye on can adjust, so it is not digging into your shoulder as you wear it. A backpack should be just right on your back-not too snug nor too loose.


What will you carry on your person? Do you need many small compartments thanks to different goods you are toting, or will a backpack with a central pocket for books/clothing/laptop be okay? Travelers like having many pockets because they can place their toiletries in one part, clothing in another, and snacks in another. Meanwhile, students might just want a place to stash their books plus an additional pocket for small items like calculators/mobile phones/snacks.


All the fabrics of our packs we chose are durable, but the best fabric to opt for is oxford fabric or 600D polyester. These are tough fabrics. The Oxford fabric is tough and can stand up to the rigors associated with daily use. Meanwhile, the 600D polyester is water repellent and great for those of you that will be in the elements or walking home from work or school in rainy or snowy conditions.


Function is more important than form, but the design of your backpack might be a concern for you. Do you require a chest strap for even weight distribution? How about a sling-style bag instead of the standard two-strap backpack? Do you prefer a camo or a plain canvas design? These are all things to consider as you decide.


Decide what your budget is before you buy it. None of our backpacks are over $50, which makes them affordable for many of us. It’s important to remember that even though these are more expensive than some backpacks, they will last a while, and you won’t need to buy another for a long time. Decide how much you can afford and go from there – a great pack doesn’t need to break your budget.

FAQ about Molle Backpacks

What Is a Molle Backpack?

Pronounced “molly,” this acronym stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, and it describes the current packs used by the US and British Armies.

How Does the Molle System Work?

The magic of MOLLE lies in the pouch attachment ladder system or PALS fabric. It is heavy-duty nylon. It allows you to attach MOLLE pouches and similar accessories to your pack.

What’s the Difference Between MOLLE and PALS?

MOLLE is a system of gear components that get attached to one another. PALS, on the other hand, is a grid of fabric webbing strips that are on bags and backpacks, spaced an inch apart and sewn on to the backing at intervals of 1.5 inches.

What Are Molle Backpack Attachments?

Typical MOLLE attachments can include pen holders, badge holders, medkits, holsters, glove pouches, and more. The MOLLE technology makes it possible to attach all these onto your pack while maximizing the space you have inside your bag.

What Is the Best Tactical Backpack?

For us, the best tactical backpack is the REEBOW Gear Military Tactical Backpack, which looks great and provides exceptional value and quality.

What’s the Difference Between Rucksack and Backpack?

A rucksack is a large and rugged backpack, typically used for outdoor activities like camping and hiking, and has many more pockets to hold a lot of equipment.
A backpack is a large pack sized 50L or above and used in applications like hiking or travel. An offshoot of backpacks is “daypacks,” which refers to the smaller bags sized 20 to 30 L that many of us use for work or school.


People have many reasons for buying a MOLLE or tactical backpack, and we hope this guide about the best molle backpack has been helpful for you.

After all, the reasons for buying one are numerous. These packs can stand up to really harsh conditions, for one. Second, they hold everything and keep it safe. Third, they look pretty darn cool on your back.

The clear winner of this roundup is the REEBOW Gear Military Tactical backpack. It has everything- MOLLE webbing, lots of storage space, comes at a great price, and you can take it anywhere. If the REEBOW Gear pack doesn’t take the cake, the Samurai Tactical Backpack is the second-best option. It’s smaller, but still tough and has that additional MOLLE webbing you seek. And the price is right.

We hope you enjoy your backpack!

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