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Only a few square meters may sound like a storage room or a student center. But it is a relatively common size for a caravan. Not to mention a tent. There, a whole family should be able to penetrate and live without problems. An exciting challenge!

By now, caravan and motorhome manufacturers have learned how to use the space as efficiently as possible, although of course there are some differences between different makes and models.

In this article, we give our best tips on how to maximize the space on your camping holiday – and getting an enjoyable camping vacation.

Take advantage of the drawers

This may sound simple, and it is, but the fact is that many campers do not use the boxes and other storage solutions built into the caravan or camper van. Half of the seats around the kitchen table can often be crammed with bags and bags.

Take time to get to know your vehicle and use every little box. A smart trick is to attach some kind of label to the drawers to keep track of what is where – then you don’t have to run around and look in all the drawers. Just remember to use a “nice” tape when attaching the labels, otherwise, you may get ugly marks when you once remove the labels.

Maximize the caravan tent

Another simple trick that deserves to be repeated. The caravan tent will be like an extra room in the summer where everyone can enjoy themselves. Decorate with folding seating furniture, lovely seat cushions, hanging lamps and maybe a plant?

Quick-drying textiles

A really great trick. Feel free to use quick-drying towels so doors and furniture in the caravan or camper do not need to dry them.

Cotton towels dry slowly, especially in a caravan with poor ventilation. Then it is convenient with a quick-drying towel that dries quickly.

Functional clothing also dries faster than “regular” cotton clothing.

Different color themes

If you want your own curtains and other textiles in the caravan, it can be a smart trick to “color-code” them. The kitchen space may have a certain color of curtains, cushions tablecloth while the sleeping space may have another. In this way, different “rooms” are created in the caravan.

This is a little more advanced trick as most caravans and motorhomes come with a ready-made interior theme, but if it is still time to change the textiles, this can be a smart trick to think about.

Not too big TV

Do you really need such a big TV? The camping trip is best experienced outside the caravan. And if you absolutely have to be indoors – why not play cards or games around the table?

Rain it always cozy with a TV, but it actually works really well with a tablet standing in a rack. Then the advantage is that it can be removed when not in use.

Another advantage of a smartphone or tablet is that it replaces a lot of other gadgets, such as a radio and weather stations. Rather use an app, and maybe a small, battery-powered speaker for better sound, than separate gadgets for everything. You don’t need all that technology during your vacation.

The mirror fools the eye

A mirror gives the illusion of a larger room. A smart solution is to use some kind of mirror plastic or similar – you do not want to be hit by shards of a cracked glass mirror when you have run over a speed barrier!

Secure the load

And you can’t be careful enough. The bottle of balm vinegar that has been standing in the cabinet for two weeks can suddenly have its own life, overturn and of course, the cork was not screwed either. This is especially important after a week when you think you are in control and that you have fixed everything. Take an extra turn to check that everything is secured before driving.

Learn to back with your caravan

It is not difficult and it simplifies life a lot. The holiday trip should be filled with error runs, detours, and new discoveries. Things become less traumatic if you know you’re getting out of awkward situations. Exercise with the right caravan and car, and it may take a day to get the hang of it.

The toilet also requires maintenance

Two liquids are often needed. One for the latrine and one for the fresh water tank for flushing. Use the right fluids and the right way to avoid bad odors in the trolley. But keep in mind that this solution is not the same as municipal sewage at home. It is rather just slightly better than an outdoor pool.

Don’t forget to fill with water when you have the chance.

The wastewater from washing and washing dishes must be taken care of

In most campsites, open bans are prohibited. The bucket is no longer enough. Instead, they use water bags that can be bought at most stations and campsites. Don’t forget to empty the bag before it gets too heavy.

Pack the caravan at home

Try how much can fit and where you can most effectively store your things. It will be crowded and the best way not to get on each other’s nerves is to keep order from the beginning.

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