10 Outdoor Business Ideas in 2020

Want to start an outdoor business, but not quite sure where to start with it all? We can absolutely give you some ideas to get started and inform you of the newest up and coming business ventures that people are starting. 

This is great in many ways because entrepreneurs and the people who keep them supplied and legal, such as the tax accountants, vendors, foodservice suppliers  and more are also benefiting! So, take a look at these ten great ideas and get inspired. 

1. Food Trucks 

Food trucks are hip, happening and one surefire creative small business idea.

People of all ages love them. They are really popular with millennials, who love to try new foods and are big fans of casual dining. 

Their bright colors and sometimes funky designs draw crowds of people who are interested in the good smells coming from your truck. 

You can also take your truck all over the place, to sporting events, conventions, even apartment parking lots to let the tenants come try something new without having to leave their complex. There are food trucks for every kind of cuisine, from cheesecake to grilled cheese to tacos. 

2. Graffiti Remover

Want to be a force for good in your neighborhood and help get rid of the non-artistic graffiti? You can absolutely do so, so long as you are ready to do some legal legwork and make some investments on equipment. 

You have to get the right licenses and permits from your city, get insurance, and of course be compliant. You will also need to advertise your business and market your skills. Be ready for big events, such as protests or after a huge sports win. 

3. Dog Trainer

Dogs are some of the most beloved pets the world has ever known. The CCPDT, or Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, states that the three basic steps to getting qualified to work with dogs is to get educated, get experienced, and then get certified.  

You will need to gain an education by getting some classes under your belt or even an apprenticeship. You will need to get experience by obtaining entry-level positions as trainer, volunteering to train others’ dogs, and more. 

After that, you can contact CCPDT to get certified as a trainer with high standards for ethical, safe and experienced dog training. This is one of the greatest outdoor business opportunities.

4. Fitness Instructor

More people than ever care about their fitness, and everybody likes to get outside in the fresh air.  This is a recipe for some great small business ideas. 

Chances are you have seen yoga in the park or bike meetups where people come together to work their muscles and feel good. Get in on this by first researching what fitness instructors do, completing a training course that will designate you as being proficient to teach.  

If you wish to make this your primary business, you may wish to earn a degree in a health-related field. Next, find a job or seek the appropriate permits to start your own, market your class and watch the people come to you. 

5. Ice Cream Vendor

Ice cream is always a hit, and people of all ages love to consume this cold confection. You will need to find or set up your stand, or truck, and make sure it has all the proper permits and insurance. You will also need to locate suppliers for your ice cream. 

You may also want to consider some “diet friendly” ice creams, such as treats for people that are gluten free, diabetic, vegan or lactose intolerant. This is a business that will do well in all areas, especially places that are hot. Try to make a signature creation that keeps people coming back!

6. Kayak Tourism

Kayaking has really taken off in recent years, and if you live in a spot that has a river, lake or other body of water, this is a great camping business idea. To become a certified kayak instructor, you may want to seek certification with the American Canoe Association, an outfit with rigorous but important requirements. 

Afterward, you will want to complete First Aid or Lifeguard training, take a NOLS course (National Outdoor Leadership School), undergo training for water rescue, and also complete a Wilderness First Responder course. You should be ready to work a flexible schedule and of course have your own quality gear to take along on trips. 

7. Landscaper

There are no requirements as far as education goes to be a landscaper, but you should have a high school diploma or GED. Sometimes, on the job training is offered for landscaping. You should familiarize yourself with what landscapers do, from mowing lawns and keeping gardens nice to bids and budgets and the ordering of supplies. 

Becoming one of many outdoor entrepreneurs entails all the usual stuff: You must get all the appropriate permits and insurance, hire some great help and of course market your business so you get many contracts and jobs.

8. Mobile Pampering Services

Remember earlier when we talked about food trucks? Well, imagine you can make use of your skill to offer beauty treatments, hair care, nail and feet care and even body piercings to your clientele. 

If you specialize in beauty and you know how to make people feel great, consider a mobile pampering service of some sort. To do this would absolutely require that you are licensed to work on people for whatever your business entails, and you would also need the proper insurance and permits needed from your city to operate your business. 

Weddings, proms, quinceaneras, busy office workers who might want to treat themselves on lunch hour-the sky’s the limit when you can take your beauty treatments on the road to the clients!


There are heaps of incredible business ideas out there no matter what your goals are. You have to be creative and willing to work hard, and also be able to work around your city’s landscape. Market yourself well and you will go far!

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