Travel Vests that are Made of Cotton, Nylon, Polyester and Mesh!

If you are going to travel hard, you certainly need the most comfortable, lightweight clothing. You would need to keep your hands free and use the convenient gear to carry all your essential stuff. Also, if you’re planning to hike somewhere in the grizzly areas, you should definitely buy the best bear spray to protect yourself against predators.

PhotoProduct's nameNumber of VariationsFeatureMore information
1.SCOTTeVest Men’s Travel VestSCOTTeVest Men’s Travel Vest4PAN - Personal Area NetworkView on Amazon
2. SCOTTeVEST Women’s Q.U.E.S.T. VestSCOTTeVEST Women’s Q.U.E.S.T. Vest242 pocketsView on Amazon
3. Coatology Women’s Long VestCoatology Women’s Long Vest13100 percent nylonView on Amazon
4. SCOTTeVEST Men’s Q.U.E.S.T VestSCOTTeVEST Men’s Q.U.E.S.T Vest242 pocketsView on Amazon
5. SCOTTeVEST RFID Women’s Travel VestSCOTTeVEST RFID Women’s Travel Vest4Hi-Tech Skim ProtectionView on Amazon
6. LE3NO Womens VestLE3NO Womens Vest34Many color variationsView on Amazon
7. Rothco Travel VestRothco Travel Vest3Well-protected hidden passport pocketView on Amazon
8. Foxfire Travel VestFoxfire Travel Vest3Good for extreme outdoor adventuresView on Amazon
9. MDSTOP Fly Fishing VestMDSTOP Fly Fishing Vest1Fits good for fishingView on Amazon
10. Outdoor Safari VestOutdoor Safari Vest2Good multi-purpose vestView on Amazon
Multiple pockets are especially essential if you are a photographer or a journalist, go fishing or hunting. Therefore, a good, lightweight travel vest is necessary both for professionals and traveling enthusiasts.

According to Wikipedia, a vest is a special garment that lacks sleeves and it is worn on the traveler’s upper body. It commonly lasts near your waist and can be worn underneath a coat.


10 travel vests herewith that are the most popular, sensible, informal, but still affordable:

A vest can be simple and luxury. Travel vests are rather simple and practical, designed for leisure and very functional. They cost from $20 to $220 depending on the material, the brand, and the style.

Selecting the best travel vest for trips, consider the season, the application that is hunting, hiking or fishing. Color and fashion also matter as you need to feel comfortable and look attractive.

I hope, the review helps you to take your informed decision and kit up properly for your trip.

1.SCOTTeVest Men’s Travel Vest


SCOTTeVEST company was founded in 2000 with technological advances in mind.

Its founders, Scott and Laura Jordan suggested intelligent clothing able to carry all essential gadgets and portable devices.

Thus, the travel vest comes with 26 large and small, internal and external pockets.

One of the pockets is equipped with an innovative RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.

It is designed for safe carrying of credit cards, passports and other documents. They are securely protected against skimming. A large internal pocket to fit an iPad, tablet or a notebook is also available.

The item weight is well-balanced thanks to specially engineered weight management system. Additionally, now international passengers can charge the devices and connect them in a hidden way.

An innovative PAN (Patented Personal Area Network) enables it, creating hidden conduit network.

The polyester, Teflon treated fabric is lightweight, stain and water resistant, machine washable. Therefore, the men’s lightweight travel vest is practical, functional and stylish.

The vest is available in 4 unshowy colors: black, navy, olive and khaki and 6 sizes from small to 3X Large.
For additional information and a credible video review, please, visit the Seller’s website.


  • lightweight;
  • machine washable;
  • reliable brand;
  • multiple pockets.

  • not too strong Zippers;
  • common stitching issues;
  • not suitable for people with pacemakers;
  • high price.

Useful Features:

  • 26 pockets;
  • RFID-blocking technology;
  • Teflon treated fabric (100% polyester).



2. SCOTTeVEST Women’s Q.U.E.S.T. Vest


The vest is designed for tempered weather.

It is good for photographers, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

It is equipped with 42 different pockets for multiple essential stuff.

An internal pocket (Padpocket) is big enough for an iPad, tablet, laptop, camera, any large electronics. Other pockets can accommodate lenses, cables, batteries, etc. For example, a clear touch pocket for touchscreen devices is available.

You can use them without removing from the pocket.

The weight load is well-balanced. So, you can avoid carrying a bag and prevent back and neck pain. A hood is stowed within a zippered compartment that is useful in case if it rains.

The fabric is Teflon treated, stain and water resistant. Additionally, it is wrinkle resistant that is convenient in field conditions. So, I recommend this lightweight women’s travel vest for all busy travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Multiple video reviews are available online. Meanwhile, I recommend the one that is shown on the Seller’s site, as it’s the most credible and uncommitted.

2 colors are available: black and beige and 9 sizes are offered: from X-small to M4. Please, use a convenient size chart if you experience difficulties in selecting the right size.


  • versatile;
  • comfortable;
  • well-known brand;
  • stylish;
  • multiple pockets for everything;
  • top-quality.

  • common zippers issues;
  • not good for hot weather (because of the hood);
  • collects dust;
  • looks worn;
  • a bit pricey.

Product information:

  • package dimensions: 16*12*4 in.;
  • weight: 1.5 pounds;
  • fabric: 65% cotton; 35% nylon.

Useful features:

  • 42 pockets;
  • Teflon treated fabric;
  • weight management system;
  • Padpocket;
  • stowable hood;
  • wrinkle resistant clothing.



3. Coatology Women’s Long Vest


The vest is made in China by Coatology Women’s Outerwear Company.

Meanwhile, it is lightweight, but warm, comfortable and stylish.

The material is tech, innovative and machine washable.

It comes with zippers, travel pouch and handy back pockets.

The vest is available in 13 bright and fashionable colors, 5 standard sizes (from X-small to X-large).


  • long and warm;
  • lightweight material;
  • machine washable;
  • stylish.

  • runs small;
  • not too many pockets;
  • excessive price.

Product information:

  • package dimensions: 1*1*1 in.;
  • weight: 1 pounds;
  • fabric: 100% nylon;
  • body length: 32-1/4 in.

Useful features:

  • machine wash;
  • lightweight fabric;
  • two way zippers;
  • packable;
  • 5% feather; 95% down.


    4. SCOTTeVEST Men’s Q.U.E.S.T Vest


    The vest has 42 pockets.

    It can carry all the necessary stuff, everything you need.

    Therefore, it is recommended for photographers, hikers, fishermen, dog walkers, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

    The pockets are customizable, but each of them is designed for the special stuff.

    There is a pocket for documents and credit cards (RFID-blocking one), for an iPad or tablet, for pens, eyeglasses, batteries, cameras, touchscreen and USB devices. 6 Handwarmer pockets are available, and some secret ones.

    The fabric is anti-static and Teflon-treated, lightweight, stain and water resistant. It is wrinkle resistant. Additionally, the load is well-balanced. Therefore, the vest is comfortable and very good for travelers and all active people.

    Please, visit the product page on the Seller’s site for the most credible information.
    Some video commercials are available within the same page and on YouTube. For example:


    • reputed brand;
    • balanced;
    • a lot of pockets;
    • comfortable;
    • solid zippers;
    • stylish.

    • bulky;
    • heavy;
    • thick;
    • looks worn (especially in black color);
    • common faulty stitches issues.

    Useful features:

    • 42 pockets;
    • Teflon treated fabric;
    • 35% nylon/65% cotton;
    • stowable hood;
    • easy access panel (the Q.U.E.S.T);
    • weight management system;
    • Padpocket;
    • wrinkle resistant clothing.



    5. SCOTTeVEST RFID Women’s Travel Vest


    The travel vest looks really fantastic!

    It is functional, lightweight and garget-friendly.

    The vest is good for biking, traveling, hiking and other outdoor activities.

    One interior pocket is big and reliable for safe electronics carrying.

    One more pocket that is RFID-blocked is the most suitable for carrying credit cards, passwords and other documents. Your information is secure, protected against skimmers and thieves.

    The weight load is balanced, so you can carry heavy and bulky stuff without a bag.

    The material is breathable, quick drying and lightweight. It is wrinkle resistant; it doesn’t require the special storing conditions. Additionally, machine wash is allowed as it doesn’t spoil the fabric.

    Meanwhile, cold delicate cycle wash and cool iron is recommended in order not to lose the color. Polyester fabric dries fast and it’s beneficial for travelers.

    So, I would recommend the product as the best summer travel vest. It can be bought for Christmas or another holiday, resented as a gift, used for international trips or for urban outdoor activities. It looks really good, being stylish and fashionable.

    The vest is available in 5 standard sizes and 4 great colors: black, grey, red and khaki.
    Studying the product page that is presented by the Sellers can be useful if you want to verify any information.


    • enough space for extra stuff;
    • stylish;
    • secure for international trips;
    • lightweight;
    • comfortable;
    • excellent design.

    • common zipper stucking issues;
    • small sizing (runs small);
    • the second zipper would be useful;
    • not good for extremely hot summer weather.

    Useful features:

    • 18 pockets;
    • 100% Teflon treated polyester;
    • weight management system;
    • RFID-blocking pocket;
    • wrinkle resistant clothing;
    • an interior Padpocket.



    6. LE3NO Womens Vest


    LE3NO Company is based in CA, Irwin.

    It’s convenient for American people to get California style clothing shortly.

    The vest can be bought as a small Christmas gift or for any occasion.

    It is lightweight, comfortable and tenacious.

    The vest is military style; it matches skinny jeans or maxi dress perfectly.

    The zipper closure is hidden and an adjustable waist drawstring is available. The vest is equipped with large snap buttons for your convenience. Additionally, the travel vest is very affordable, and it is recommended for everyday use.

    Hang dry or cold machine wash is allowed to keep the color bright. Only 3 sizes are available and it’s advisable to study the size chart attentively, as sizing issues are very common.

    But the vest is offered in 10 great colors (camel, burgundy, medium blue, navy, olive, light olive, blush, khaki and pink) that let the vest look really stylish and fantastic.

    Please, check the Seller’s website for your information.


    • lightweight, soft and durable cotton fabric;
    • affordable;
    • comfortable;
    • no fading;
    • warm and suitable for several seasons;
    • nice color.

    • the hood is not detachable;
    • the vest runs short;
    • too big for short people;
    • only 4 pockets;
    • it looks wrinkled.

    Product information:

    • fabric: 100% cotton;
    • length: 26 in.;
    • 4 pockets;
    • a hoodie.



    7. Rothco Travel Vest


    Rothco Company is a well-known supplier of tactical, military and outdoor products.

    The family-owned business was founded in 1953.

    Nowadays it serves more than 10,000 dealers, being proud of perfect selection and top-quality products.

    The vest is designed for the professionals and tactical travelers.

    But it’s suitable for everyday use.

    The vest is made of durable and soft material that is good for long days of traveling or outdoor activities.

    12 pockets are available: an internal one is big enough for a tablet or electronics.

    The vest is also equipped with several pen pockets, a wire pass through port, some deep, well-hidden pockets to carry batteries, cameras, spare lens and other professional photographer’s or traveler’s stuff.

    The vest is comfortable, discreet and functional, so I can recommend the men’s lightweight vest with pockets for any professional or hobby use.

    Please, read more about the vest’s features on the supplier’s site or watch a video review:


    • lightweight;
    • comfortable;
    • plenty of deep pockets;
    • functional;
    • discreet.

    • the vest fits large;
    • a bit heavier than the clothing made of polyester.

    Useful features:

    • outer fabric material: 45% Polyester; 55% Cotton;
    • internal fabric material: 35% Cotton; 65% Polyester;
    • 12 pockets;
    • zipper closure;
    • shipping weight:590 g.;
    • ports for headphones.



    8. Foxfire Travel Vest


    Foxfire Inc. is a reputed manufacturer and distributer of fashionable and functional apparel for children, men and women.

    The company was founded in 1985.

    It supplies top-quality products to the well-known retailers at competitive prices.

    The Thunder River Vest that is designed for Hiking, Traveling and Safari is a highly recommendable item.

    It comes with 19 various size pockets. 3 of them are inside; 16 ones are external ones, equipped with zippers or Velcro fasteners. Some of them are large enough to carry professional cameras and lenses.

    The cotton fabric is environment-friendly, good for hot summer weather, spring and fall coming with proper ventilation thanks to the mesh back.

    The vest is available in 6 standard sizes and 3 colors: black, khaki and stone.
    Please, see the Thunder River Vest brochure provided by the manufacturer.


    • high quality;
    • many pockets;
    • suitable for everyday use;
    • washes well;
    • durable;
    • comfortable;
    • affordable price.

    • small internal pockets;
    • a bit heavy;
    • it runs short.

    Useful Features:

    • fabric: 100% cotton;
    • zip front;
    • 19 pockets;
    • waist adjusters;
    • mesh back.



    9. MDSTOP Fly Fishing Vest


    The product is comparatively new.

    However, it already became quite popular.

    The vest is designed for fishing and hunting applications.

    But it’s also suitable for multiple other outdoor activities, such as traveling, hiking, photography, etc.

    It is made of lightweight and drying fast polyester (oxford +mesh) material. It is padded, but breathable.

    So, the travelers and outdoor enthusiasts feel comfortable, cool during fishing, wearing the jacket. It is suitable for summer, spring and fall seasons.

    It is equipped with 14 extremely large pockets that are suitable to carry cameras, fishing and hunting equipment, electronics, etc.

    10 pockets are external, zippered. 2 pockets are inside the vest. The smallest mesh pockets are 5” *4.5”.

    The travel vest is of universal size. It comes with adjustable waist and shoulder straps.


    • lightweight;
    • top-quality;
    • a lot of handy pockets;
    • affordable;
    • strong stitching;
    • adjustable shoulder strap.

    • a bit bulky;
    • durability is not proven yet;
    • the vest may need altering, as it doesn’t fit all people quite well.

    Product Benefits (Features):

    • weight: 495 g (1.1 pounds);
    • 14 large pockets;
    • universal size;
    • mesh fabric (polyester);
    • color: green/grey.
    • great camouflage capabilities.



    10. Outdoor Safari Vest


    Nate’s Leather Company was established in 1958.

    It specializes in manufacturing and selling reliable, durable leather clothing for law enforcement and civilian application.

    That’s why its products are proven to be really convenient, handy and top-quality.

    Only a few items are in its range.

    Thus, the product may be not standard, but custom-made. The vest is designed for fishing hunting, traveling, photography, birds watching, safari applications. It is equipped with 14 zipper and Velcro pockets.

    They are suitable to keep your lenses, wallets, keys, electronics, optics safe and secure. The fabric is really durable, weather resistant, but breathable. The weight is evenly distributed.

    The vest is available in 2 quiet colors: black and tan. Meanwhile, it is offered in 8 different sizes, including 6XL and other large sizes.

    Please, visit the manufacturer site for your information.


    • really durable material;
    • reliable zippers;
    • made in the USA;
    • reputed manufacturer.

    • runs small.

    Useful Features:

    • 14 large pockets;
    • weather-resistant, ultra-durable design;
    • YKK zippers.


    Thus, I have highlighted 10 travel vests herewith. They are certainly different by look, durability and material.

    Meanwhile, all of these products are popular, comfortable and lightweight. They can be used for multiple applications such as hunting, safari, fishing, traveling, birds watching or photography.

    Most of these products are made in China. However, they are not the most affordable, but lightweight, innovative by design and comfortable.

    Selecting the best travel vest to present it as a gift or for your own needs, consider the vest application, the season, frequency of use and your preferences.

    Some products are the best for fishing; other ones are suitable for international traveling. All of them are equipped with large, handy pockets for essential stuff.

    So, please, read other informative reviews that are listed below if you need additional information and select a good, lightweight and comfortable vest for yourself or for your loved one.

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