Best Outdoor Curtains Reviews In 2020

If you recently hired someone like Mr Verandah to install a new verandah, pergola, or desking to your property then you’re probably spending a lot more time outside. However, if you’ve been having issues with the glaring sun or windy weather then curtains may help you out. Outdoor curtains have the potential to enhance the appearance of outdoor situations dramatically. But, it is only possible when you become able to choose the best outdoor curtains. You want them to complement your outdoor space as well as the patio doors they are attached to. However, if your patio doors are looking a bit run down and are peeling then it would only make sense to check out some experts who do replacement Patio Doors In Richmond VA or similar services near you, to get the old ones chucked out and the new ones ready to be adorned with these beautiful curtains that you’ve picked.

There are all types of drapes available. They may have a variety of styles, fabric, or color themes. By taking care of a few aspects, you can entirely change the game just by using a pair of the curtain.


What are the best outdoor curtains to choose from?

Are you confused about selecting the drapes for your open-air area but don’t have time to go through the full list? Exclusive Home Curtains are the best outdoor curtains because they are made up of 100% Polyester. The fabric is waterproof and effortless to clean.

Read on to find the in-depth review of the best outdoor curtains.

The Top Best Outdoor Curtains Reviewed

Find the right Best Outdoor Curtain for You

#1 Exclusive Home Curtains Solid Cabana Curtain Pair

The first curtain on our list is from Exclusive Home Curtains. It means we have a product from over a decade-old manufacturer. They are known for delivering excellent quality curtains, and we can expect the same from this item.

It is made up of 100% Polyester that makes this pair perfectly suitable for outdoor use. Nevertheless, you can also use it indoors. These curtains are further protected from outside components by making them water-resistant and mildew resistant.

On the opacity meter, it falls on level 2. That means it will provide single layer room darkening while filtering out some of the natural light.

Each panel contains 8 matte silver grommets that are made up of stainless steel. This grommet material is again great to use at outdoor locations. This curtain pair is available in 54″ W x 84″ L size. However, the inside diameter for the curtain rod is the size of 1-5/8″.

For maintenance, you can spot clean them or wash them with hands. So, these are very useful for the home with kids. As you can clean them conveniently, you won’t be worried about children putting dirty hands on them.


  • Resists outside components like water and mildew.
  • Attached grommets make adjustments easier.
  • Effortless maintenance.
  • The fabric is not see-through.


  • These curtains can blow in strong winds.

#2 NICETOWN Outdoor Curtain

This item on our list is again from a reputable brand, NICETOWN. These waterproof curtains would let you divide any location, be it indoor or outdoor.

It is manufactured using Triple weave Blackout fabric. Thus, this product has three layers. The top of them provides a good shading effect. The second one feels good to touch, and the last one is a healthy and environmental layer.

So, this curtain is capable of providing multiple benefits. Regarding opacity, it can provide 99% darkness for its dark-toned curtains and 85% for lighter ones.

Moreover, both sides of the curtains are the same. So, you can just hang them without worrying about which side to face people. Also, to withstand an outdoor environment, its material is waterproof. Its fabric can bear rain, wind, and sunshine without losing its beauty.

As its material is thick, it is going to provide complete privacy. As these are blackout curtains, blocking sunlight would be its major trait.

It comes with attached hand-press plastic grommets. They have a benefit over metallic ones, as they are quieter and smooth to slide. They offer durability as they are constructed using high-quality plastic. Reinstalling its rings is also an effortless task.

What’s more? You won’t find it difficult to maintain these curtains. Because they are machine washable. However, the temperature shouldn’t exceed certain limits.


  • Grommets are rust proof and durable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It provides complete privacy.
  • Good for dividing any place.
  • The fabric is waterproof.


  • In the stronger wind, you’d need to add weight for stability.

#3 Sun Zero 53088 Valencia Curtain Panels

These Sun Zero outdoor curtains provide fashion with performance. You can see some stunning pieces in their collection, and 53088 is one of them.

This curtain is manufactured using 100% polyester that makes it capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. This material is water-resistant, fade-resistant, and stain-resistant. So, you will stay worry-free about getting any stains or marks on your curtains.

Its vertical cabana stripe design can give a coastal touch to your outdoor stations. It provides light blocking with UPF 50+ UV protection. So, it could be a great option to add a cooling effect to your gazebos or pergolas.

It comes with attached grommets. These are rustproof. So, you can expect them to last longer without fading their beauty. They fit on the rods up to 1.5″ in diameter. Thus, if you are looking for privacy or sun protection, these curtains are going to work perfectly.


  • Durable fabric.
  • Shows resistance against stains, water, and fading.
  • Grommets are rustproof.
  • Provides UPF 50+ UV protection.


  • It is only a one-sided curtain panel.

#4 RYB Home Indoor Outdoor Deck Curtain

This curtain on our list is the RYB Home product. It is again one renowned product for producing excellent outdoor curtains and other accessories.

This curtain panel contains 100% polyester as its construction material. This curtain blocks out sunlight and gives thermal insulation. Thus, it could be a good choice if you are looking for something to prevent harsh weather effects.

Also, these curtains are good for providing privacy. It completely blocks the view while providing a good means of partitioning. It blocks 85-95% of sunlight. Moreover, as its material is specially treated, it shows good resistance against water.

It has the same color at its both sides. It comes with attached grommets that are rustproof. It adjusts well on a rod with 1.6″ inner diameter. Besides all its remarkable features, this curtain is mildew resistant, fade resistant, and germs repellent too.


  • Easy to maintain.
  • It offers complete privacy.
  • 30 days return policy.
  • It provides thermal insulation and weatherproof effect.


  • Its width might feel less to some users.

#5 Elrene Home Fashions Matine Indoor/Outdoor Curtain

This curtain panel is from Elrene Home Fashions. This brand is working for decades to deliver quality products to its customers. We believe this Matine curtain is one of them.

Just like any other good outdoor piece, this one is also made up of 100% Polyester. However, it is capable of providing you complete protection. It gives UV protection of UPF 50+. Moreover, it is water-resistant, fade-resistant, and mildew resistant.

All these facts make it perfectly suitable for your gazebos, sunroom, porch, or any outdoor extensions.

Furthermore, instead of having grommet, it has a tab top header that gives Velcro-like fastening. It makes things quite easier for you. Thus, you won’t have any difficulty while hanging these curtains up. Its tab top can fit in any 2 inches rod.

Not only does it resist stains, but it is also very convenient to clean as well. It is completely safe to wash in the machine. Also, to ensure your satisfaction, the manufacturers provide a return policy. In case you don’t get satisfied (it’s hard by the way), you can return the panel.


  • Gives sunlight protection.
  • Effortless maintenance.
  • It has mildew and water resistance.
  • A Velcro-like tab top makes it easier to hang the panel.
  • You can use both sides


  • The curtains might feel heavy.

#6 Cross Land Outdoor Waterproof Patio Curtains:

Cross land curtains will add an extra touch to the patio and make it more vibrant. Made of high-quality oxford fabric, these curtains are the best among outdoor curtains.

These curtains protect your outdoor area from Ultraviolet rays, extreme heat, and wind, thus making it the perfect option for outdoor decoration. In the hottest days of summer, these curtains will maintain a good temperature and protect furniture from the impact of heat.

The fabric has a rich texture with the anti-wrinkle property. It adds beauty to the surrounding. There are many color variations with 5 size dimensions available based on customer needs. The grommets are of stainless steel, with rush proof technology. It lasts much longer than indoor curtains and withstands harsh weather conditions. It blocks noise and provides a calm environment for outdoor sleepers.


  • Water repellent.
  • Protect against fading.
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Durable stainless steel grommets.


  • Need constant washing.

#7 TWOPAGES Outdoor Waterproof Curtains:

Few outdoor curtains can block sound as efficient as TwoPages curtains. Noise-reduction is the most sought-after feature of these curtains. Multi-layers construction of curtain block noise entering the patio thus makes the tranquil condition for sleeping.

The fabric also blocks water droplets in the form of rain and mist. Besides sound waves, these can block 85-99% of sunlight. It fully blocks harmful UV rays. TWOPAGES curtains covert outdoor spaces like garden, balcony, and perches to more elegant living space. If space is more exposed, then this curtain will serve as a shield from outside factors.

The fabric is made of heavyweight 100% polyester. Innovative Triple-Wave construction blocks heat from fully entering the patio, resulting in temperature conditioning. Moreover, the fabric is soft, breathable, and skin-friendly. This makes it fully integrated with nature.

Stainless steel grommet comes in high-quality packages. They are rustproof and last longer. Grommets have 1.6″ inner diameter with 2.7″ rim diameter. It can easily fit in a 1.5″ rod.

There are 11 major color variations available with 11 different sizes as well. You can choose from a variety of options according to your place’s dimension and décor.


  • Better noise-proof experience.
  • More size and color variation.
  • Delicate fabric.
  • Perfect privacy curtains.


  • Not feasible for long summers.

#8 StangH outdoor Curtains:

Privacy is an important aspect of our personal life. If even we are in our home, we need a disturbance-free environment. StangH outdoor curtain uses the technology of damping out light to ensure no one is seen inside your home-based outdoor space.

It will block 100% external light entering your extended outdoor private space. This way, you are not going to be disturbed by the outside world. Besides light, the thick fabric can bounce back sound waves, reducing noise as well. The noise-isolating technology used in the fabric is the specialty of StangH curtains.

The fabric material is crafted with high-quality soft voile with blended polyester and cotton. The package comes with 1 curtain panel that can fit a rod of 1.8″. The grommets are of rustproof quality made of plastic. There are two kinds of pocket available for rods, based on the décor you want to enhance. StangH offers these curtains with 5 sizes and 4 unique texture variations.

These curtains give a luxurious look to your gazebo, garden, patio, and any other extension of your home. If you prefer your privacy over other factors, then these curtains are made for you.


  • Quality soft & silky material
  • Best for avoiding disturbance
  • Perfectly matched panels.
  • Block sun rays better than other curtains.
  • Equally good for indoor décor as well.


  • Need a regular machine wash.

#9 Rose Home Fashion Blackout Outdoor Curtains:

Rose Home Fashion takes the blackout curtain games to the next level. With ‘New Sandwich Technique,’ these curtains stop 99.8% of direct sunlight.

It is quite remarkable if compared to other curtains, which an average blocks 95% of the light. Babes in specific feel unrest when a scorching sunlight beam keeps entering the area. These curtains provide a soothing experience to enjoy deep sleep and privacy.

Due to sunlight blocking, the temperature of the enclosed area remains normal. This feature becomes more important when there are hot summers. Outdoor spaces are more likely to heat-up more than indoor areas.

The best part of buying Rose Home Fashion curtains is the affordability. These curtains offer the best experience at a lower price. Also, you don’t need to spend extra money on panels. These panels are heavy-duty in its contrast providing durability against winds and other weather conditions.

Consists of 8 nickel grommets, you can easily adjust and install it. 30-days money-back guarantee is available for the customers to try out this amazing product. You can machine wash it easily. Ironing is recommended to erase wrinkles.


  • Thermal insulating.
  • Best shading experience.
  • Easy to install
  • Best for shoppers seeking insulating
  • 30-days free trial period


  • few color choice available

#10 PRAVIVE White Patio Sheer outdoor Curtains:

The Pravive curtain is of a unique design than many other curtains. The end of the curtains has a special 2″ hem pocket design to add extra weight in time of need. This outdoor curtain is made of 100% high thread polyester.

Fabric arrangement is of white voile sheer, heavy-duty in nature. With master stitching, curtains are wrinkle-free. This design gives a porch, deck, pergola, pool, gazebo, and balcony a nice elegant ambiance to it. On special occasions, you can try colorful LED string lights.

The package includes a complete set of accessories to place it nice and easy. There are 2 curtain tiebacks and two panels. With 7 extra tabs top, the curtain panel measures 108 inches long and 54 inches wide. These nice sets of curtains provide privacy by cutting out extra light. You can still enjoy the morning or evening breeze inside your open space.

The premium quality fabric used in these curtains is water-repellent in case of rain and dewdrops. The material is perfectly adaptive to outdoor weather conditions. The best part is easy-to-do maintenance. All you have to do is to wash the fabric under 30 degrees Celsius without adding any bleach. Ironing on low heat is recommended to press wrinkles.


  • Best fabric material
  • Glamorous design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Readymade accessories for installing
  • Fade-resistant


  • Need extra weight in wind

Best Outdoor Curtains Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying Best Outdoor Curtains

The fabric of the curtains, their sun-blocking property, and the ability to enhance the outlook of your patio are the top things to consider. In this section, we are going to discuss fabric, sun-blocking, and other factors that you should consider before buying outdoor curtains.


Fabric is the critical factor that can define the worth of your curtain. As these curtains are going to stay at outdoor locations, they need to possess certain features. They should be water-resistant and wind-resistant.

Also, there are a few curtains that are germ and mildew resistant too. This trait can enhance their life and keep them protected. You would also see certain drapes with the fade-resistant attribute as well.

Though nothing can stay protected against the blazing sun, these curtains can somehow retain their original color.


Some people purchase outdoor curtains to do some kind of partitioning or attain privacy. If this is your major concern, you should pay special attention to the material and opacity level. There are a few types available that are translucent.

They only prevent people from seeing the exact picture. However, they can see the distorted images. If you want to separate your area, you should see curtains with lining or certain material that completely hinder the outside view.


Outdoor curtains are available in different styles. You can have a tab top, grommet, or sleeve top. The grommet style is easier to manage. Also, they look neat and well-partitioned.

On the other hand, the tab top provides strength to the curtains while giving a neat and tidy appearance.

The third, sleeve top, is difficult to hang. It feels like an arm of the jacket. Though they are hard to hang, it makes your space look fuller while keeping the curtains securely at their place.

Sun blocking

One of the major reasons for putting an outdoor curtain is to block out sunlight. Different curtains provide sun blocking at different levels.

There are a few who don’t block sunlight at all. However, you can get a variety of curtains that block the light too. The one who can completely block out sunlight is made up of double or multiple layers.

Besides, the color tone also plays a significant role in sun blocking. If you choose lighter shades, the more light you will allow entering the space. On the other hand, the darker tones will block sunlight more.

If the sun or light-blocking is not your concern at all, you can go for sheers. It will also allow adequate airflow.


Grommets are rings placed on the header of curtains. They make it easier to hang the curtain on the pole. There are various headers or attachment types available.

However, we find the grommet relatively convenient. But, you need to consider a few points regarding grommet. They should be made up of rust proof material. Otherwise, they would make the whole curtain appear uglier within no time.

Also, they should be strong enough to withstand the curtain’s weight. Stainless steel is usually considered a good material for grommets.


The minimum quality of your curtain should have it to fit its place perfectly. If you fail in getting a right-sized curtain, it’s better not to hang them at all.

Because you might not believe, size has the potential to alter the whole appearance. Thus, consider the size properly before choosing anyone.

Enhance beauty

It is another crucial factor, no matter for what purpose you are buying the curtain. The curtain should complement your outdoor location. You can see huge varieties that come in different styles and designs.

In our above-mentioned products, we liked the pattern of Sun Zero curtains. The coastal striped design can complement the location beautifully.

FAQs for Best Outdoor Curtains

What fabric is best for outdoor curtains?

The 100% Polyester is usually considered as the best fabric option for outdoor curtains. Moreover, solution-dyed Acrylic is also used for making outdoor curtains.
Besides, certain treatments can make them water-resistant and capable of withstanding the outdoor environment.

Should outdoor curtains touch the ground?

It depends on personal choice. But, it’s better if the outdoor curtain stays slightly or just a bit above the ground. It is because when it rains or there is water on the ground, your curtains can get wet.

How do I stop my porch curtains from blowing?

As we all know, outdoor curtains can be exposed to heavy winds, rains, and other similar factors. What if your curtains keep blowing all the time? They won’t be able to fulfill their purpose completely.
Thus, you can attach stabilizing grommets with them. They are small, half an inch grommets that are present at the bottom of the curtains. You can tie down the panel with them.
You can also add a small weight at the bottom of the curtains using string. It will keep them at their place.

So, which ones are the best outdoor curtains?

People use outdoor curtains to attain various benefits. Some use them to have privacy while others want to get protection against harsh weather. There are varieties of curtains available that are suitable for outdoor places.

In this post, we have reviewed a few best outdoor curtains. They have distinct attributes. We hope, by looking for them, you’ll get a clear idea about what exactly you want.

The winner of this best outdoor curtains product roundup is Exclusive Home Curtains, and NICETOWN Outdoor Curtain is the runner up.

So which one of these outdoor curtains do you like? Do you have your favorite other than these? Leave your favorite curtains name below!

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