Best Outdoor Pool Table Reviews in 2020

Playing a game of pool with your friends and family is a great way to pass the time and have fun. That’s why you must have an outdoor pool table so you can relax and chill with your loved ones. Playing a game of pool can stretch your muscles, keep you alert, and have a good time. 

We have a list of some of the best outdoor pool tables to help you make the best of your day and have an awesome time with friends.


The Top Outdoor Pool Table Reviewed

Find the right Outdoor Pool Table  for You

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Table

Mizerak is 6.5 feet in size and comes with leg levelers. They provide a perfectly even playing surface. Plus, it has a mechanism of automatically returning the balls. So that makes it easy to reset a game. It won’t take long to set up the game again.

It has a sealed MDF play-bed that provides a consistent roll. Plus, there is a green nylon cloth covering the table, giving it a classic look of the parlor. 

It has a 6.5 feet space-saver design, which makes it easy to take it upstairs. If you’re looking to have an outdoor pool table for an upstairs attic space, Mizerak is a perfect size.  

Stacey N Pastore, who purchased the product from Amazon, had this to say regarding this outdoor pool table: “This table is as smooth as you want it to be. Sometimes I kept on playing for hours at a time”!


  • Cross support increases rigidity.
  • Bamboo laminate exterior.
  • Ball return system.
  • MDF play-bed.
  • Disc-style leg levers.


  • There is no holder for the triangle.

MD Sports Billiard Table Set 

This pool table is for everyone, whether you are only starting to play or are an expert at it. This pool table will fulfill all your needs. 

It is ” thick, providing the perfect ball balance, roll, and reaction. They are built to last for a long time. They can bear an extensive amount of wear and tear, which extends its life. This table is supported by sturdy legs and customized levers. 

Moreover, it has protective rubber feet and a scratch-resistant finish. All these features make it last for a long time. It will be years until you will require another pool table. Plus, it has a beautiful burgundy style cover, which makes it all the more gorgeous. 

They have extra deck support in the form of K-818 safety burners. Plus, there are rubber protectors for the legs of the table. It prevents them from scratching or marking the surfaces of the floor. 

That is a one-stop-shop for all your pool table requirements. It has an arcade-style pool table, 7.5 feet premium quality surface, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and has safety bumpers and rubber protectors. That makes it a great pool table.

Plus, it is a multi-purpose table. With it, you will receive a set of billiard balls, two cue sticks, a triangle, a felt brush, and chalk. All in all, it provides everything you may require so you won’t have to spend extra money purchasing anything. 


  • Designed for all skill levels.
  • Arcade-style.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Rubber protectors for legs.
  • Premium construction.


  • It is a bit heavy. 

Triumph Sports Rotating Combo Table:

In small families, there is no extra space to accommodate more than one sport table. The only solution to this problem is to go for combo tables. With Triumph Sports USA 4-in-1 Rotating Table. 

You can enjoy playing four different games on the same table. Featuring an air hockey playfield on one side and billiards on the other, you can play air-hockey, billiard, table tennis, and football.

Triumph Sports table has rotating property to switch sides of the table. The overall design is pretty compact and can even fit in the smallest of spaces. The wooden material is durable, and the legs are more stable than it seems. 

The table measures 72 inches in length and has a total weight of 143 pounds. You can use it without any fear of damage to the legs or any other parts.

Only two players can manage to play with this table. The playing area of air-hockey is relatively smaller than standard boards. 

Similar is the case with billiards, but the core construction is solid. The bumpers and rails are the perfect fit. The package includes all the necessary accessories for you to enjoy the experience. 


  • This table lasts much longer than others.
  • Light and compact.
  • Fully equipped for all four games.
  • Smooth rotation for switching games.
  • Ensures more safety.  


  • Only for two players.

Imperial Outdoor Pool Table:

Many people love to play outdoors at night. Imperial Outdoor is the best product for this case. Made of completely water-proof aluminum, the durability of this table is off-chart. It is another 8-feet table made with extra ten layers to last longer.

The design of the table is simple yet elegant. With silver coating, playing with the Imperial outdoor table is satisfying. It is very easy to maintain. Silver texture prevents dust on the table and makes it less apparent. 

The board consists of 140 layers of Formica sheets. The rubbers are of K66 standard, and the railed are made of aluminum too. This table is easy to assemble as compared to other 8-feet heavy tables. But you are going to need an extra man to turn and flip the table for you while placing it. 

With the table purchase, you will get all the necessary accessories to start with. Two pool cues, polyester balls set, chalks, triangle, and covering sheet are included in the package.


  • Highly durable.
  • Resist harsh weather conditions.
  • Stable surface area.
  • Easy to set up.


  • The triangular rack is a bit flimsy. 

Mizerak Donovan II Billiard Table:

Mizerak Donovan II table will take your indoor game experience to the next level. With modern design and color combinations, this table can be another addition to your gaming room. It can blend perfectly with the inside décor of the room, giving the player a sense of extra luxury.

Talking about the dimension, Mizerak Billiards Table is 72 inches long, 47 inches wide, and 9.5″ in height. With the assembled weight of 117 pounds, the table is stable, well-leveled, and firm with the surface. All accessories are included, and there is a 90-days warranty from the producers.

The performance of the table is one thing: satisfied customers always talk about it. The smooth surface and the slate top provides better speed and accuracy. The sides of the tables are made with great details, using K66 standard rubber. From all sides of the table, the rebound is uniform, ensuring accuracy in the game.

The assembly of this table is different from that of others. There are 472 components to put together before you play on it. It is more than normal, 5-6 pieces tables. If you enjoy DIY things, you can assemble it yourself alongside your kids. Professional assembly is recommended for better results.


  • High-quality material.
  • Made for accuracy.
  • Elegant design.
  • Ninety days money-back guarantee. 


  • Assembly takes time.

Playcraft Extra Outdoor Pool Table:

Among top skilled pool enthusiasts, Playcraft tables hold a special place in their fun life. It is one of those 8-feet tables, with a total weight of 1100 pounds. With Marine-blue felt, the look is amazing. 

The slate is 1 inch thick, made for durability. With all sides leveled, the stability of this table is another great quality. The table comes with a modern ‘ball return’ mechanism, which prevents balls from getting stuck in the pockets.

As the size of the table suggests, you need a considerable amount of space to place it. If you find your room a bit smaller, there are other Playcraft tables of lower dimensions to consider. The table package comes with disassembled parts. The help of professionals is recommended to install it for you.

The table is designed with great attention to the details. The wooden work and the cherry finish make it an excellent choice when going for a glamorous table for your game room. It will enhance the overall appurtenance of the room. 

The design combination is versatile. It can match with a modern house decoration. With all these extra qualities, this table is not expensive at all. If you think you have a budget problem, think again. You can get a better deal with this table.


  • Modern design.
  • Fairly economical 
  • Best for pool experts.
  • Ball return technology.


  • Need a large space to place.

Best Outdoor Pool Table Buying Guide 

There are a lot of things that need to be considered before you buy a pool table. These factors will help you determine which the best pool table is for you according to your requirements. 

Consider Environment

You have to consider the environment for the pool table. If it is to be kept indoors, then it won’t be much of any problems. Just that you have to select the size according to the room carefully, you will be placing it in. Make sure that there is enough space so that after placing the pool table, you can easily play there as well.

If you want to put the pool table outside, then you need to make sure that the material is not something that will erode because of the weather. Plus, you need to keep it covered, so you have to get the covering materials for that, which will cost more.


The qualities of the pool table should consist of premium quality material, rubber protected legs so that they do not harm or scratch the surface they are put on. 

The quality of the material should be long-lasting. It should be able to go on for years without a scratch or wear or tear. That is the sign of a good pool table, and all these qualities should be present so that it is durable.


An outdoor pool table should not be hard to assemble or require a lot of people for the job. Because most of the time, due to heavyweight, it makes it difficult to carry on your own. 

Furthermore, the pool table should add aesthetically pleasing looks to your outdoor place. The size of the pool table should be 6.5 feet if the room is small, and if there is enough space, then it can be eight or even 9 feet for professional players. 

Plus, the pool table should be suitable for all players, whether they are professional or beginners.

Extending the Life

The pool table should last for a long time. As it is not cheap or something that can be bought again and again. So it should have a long life and should not wear or tear in a few months.

It needs to be durable so that people can take advantage of it and play pool for a long time and take its pleasure and enjoy the game for a long time to come.


The style of the pool table can be that of a traditional billiard or an arcade-style. Most people prefer the green-colored cover of a traditional billiard, but the arcade-style makes the pool table look aesthetically pleasing. Those who wish to recreate the arcade vibe probably are also fans of slot machines that one might find in an actual arcade or even a casino. Luckily that same buzz that you get when playing them can also be found when playing online – read this for some tips and strategies you could use.


The size of the pool table will depend on the place you are putting your pool table. If it is outdoors, then it can be as large as 9 feet, but if it is inside, then you need to see the area of your room and then buy the pool table. If the room is small, the size of 6.5 feet is enough. But if there is more area than it can be of 7 or 8 feet depending on your choice. 

FAQs for the Best Outdoor Pool Table

Can a pool table be kept outside?

Yes, a pool table can be kept outside, but some problems come with it. The sunlight, wind, cold conditions, moisture, and heat can all damage the material of the pool table.
However, you can protect it by covering the pool table. So it’s up to you what conditions you are facing and what can be done.

What is a normal size pool table?

The normal pool table should be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. That is the regulation standard. Nine feet tables are used by professionals usually.

How far does a pool table need to be away from the wall?

The table should be placed in the center of the room to create equal space on all sides. But if you have a small space, then you must put it at least 5 feet away from the wall. If you don’t do that, you will have a problem positioning the cue stick at the correct angle without hitting the wall.


The best outdoor pool table out there is the MD sports billiard table set. It can be used by all sorts of people, whether it is experts, beginners, for entertainment purposes or professional use. It is available in various styles. They are durable and scratch-resistant. 

Plus, they have safety bumpers and rubber protectors that are not present in the other pool table. It is in arcade-style, and the burgundy cover makes it look pleasing to the eyes as compared to classic green. That is why it is the best outdoor pool table.

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