Best Outdoor Trampoline in 2020 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Trampoline is a real fun activity for both adults and kids. But it needs to be in good shape and designed to take a toll. The best trampoline is the one that works for everyone in your home, and it should correctly fit the space available. You want to be able to have other fun equipment in your yard too like Outdoor Swing Sets and slides so your trampoline can’t take up the entirety of your area and there is more stuff for your child to play with.

Good quality trampolines come with decent weight capacity, and you can also place them out in the open without any issues. There are different types of trampolines available on the market, and making the right choice is a tough job. Merax trampoline is one of the best on the market that money can buy because of its durability and reliability. 

But if you want to explore further, we have compiled the best trampoline reviews to assist you in finding the right product for your outdoor space. 

So read on to find all the information that you need to get the best bang of your buck!


The Top Trampoline Reviewed 

 Product's nameMaterialDimensionsMore information
[amazon fields="B082WZ12CZ" value="thumb"][amazon fields="B082WZ12CZ" value="title" title_length="50"]Polyurethane mat, and stainless steel frame.10’ x 10’
Best Overall
[amazon fields="B082WZ12CZ" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B07DJ5NH8V" value="thumb"][amazon fields="B07DJ5NH8V" value="title" title_length="50"]Polyurethane mat, and stainless steel frame.10’ x 10’[amazon fields="B07DJ5NH8V" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B015KN8558" value="thumb"][amazon fields="B015KN8558" value="title" title_length="50"]PP mesh mat, and galvanized steel frame.12’ x 12’[amazon fields="B015KN8558" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B085RV8DZ1" value="thumb"][amazon fields="B085RV8DZ1" value="title" title_length="50"]PP material mat, and steel frames.15’ x 15’
Higher End
[amazon fields="B085RV8DZ1" value="button"]
[amazon fields="B0865TBDYF" value="thumb"][amazon fields="B0865TBDYF" value="title" title_length="50"]PP material mat, and galvanized steel frame.12’ x 12’
[amazon fields="B0865TBDYF" value="button"]

Find the right Trampoline For You 

Merax Trampoline

Merax trampolines come with all the accessories that you need to set them up. It features a basketball hoop too. Your purchase will also include a ladder along with a backboard net.

The w-shaped legs of this trampoline add to the overall stability, and there are six of them. You can introduce your kids to a fun lifestyle allowing them to burn their energy off and improve their coordination skills.

The netting of this trampoline is of high quality. Your kids will remain safe playing on the trampoline. The frame is made of galvanized steel, and it has a very sturdy construction. The springs that this trampoline has are also made of galvanized metal.  

It is a good quality trampoline that can stand the test of time. You can conveniently place it outside, and don’t worry about it being in the sun for too long. It is made of high-quality materials. The enclosure net won’t break due to the sturdy stitching.


  • Comes with an enclosure net.
  • Fully safe for children.
  • High quality galvanized springs.
  • The frame is also made of galvanized steel.
  • 2 sizes are available.


  • Not designed for adults.

BestMessage Trampoline

BestMessage is another good quality trampoline that is built for strength, and anybody can use it. If you are interested in buying a trampoline with good weight capacity, go for this one. The enclosure net is included in your purchase. 

It meets all the safety standards and features u-shaped legs. The stitching of the mat with the net is down in a way that it doesn’t break apart easily no matter how you use it. 

There are 60 different springs present around the trampoline covered with upright foam. Skywalker has also installed padding on the poles, and the netting has a safety enclosure. It is entirely made of soft materials. 

The enclosure net of this trampoline is very sturdy, and it won’t break. You can jump as much as you want, but the net will stay in place. It is one of the safest trampolines that you can find on the market. 

This trampoline also features excellent elasticity to provide you with high jumping. You will experience zero gravity with this trampoline. 


  • Experience the zero-gravity with a high elastic mat.
  • Weight capacity is more than 330 lbs.
  • Foam basketball included.
  • High quality enclosure system.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Features high-quality T-sockets and springs.


  • Assembling takes a bit of time.

Lonabr Trampoline

Another great design for people of all ages! This trampoline is very durable and features very strong and protective netting. This trampoline has a frame that features a very strong galvanized steel that resists rust.

It does feature 60 5-inch springs, and they are also covered with foam for safety. Lonabr has also kept the poles covered with foam, and the netting features safety enclosures. The trampoline is designed for the outdoors, and it is effortless to assemble. Due to its size, you can place it in your basement. 

The trampoline is designed to take a decent amount of weight because of its all-metal frame construction. With a max weight capacity of 600 lbs, this trampoline is undoubtedly made for the entire family to jump around in. 

There are no extra gaps between the mat and the net for added safety. Most of the modern trampolines come with this kind of design, which is very safe for anyone. 


  • Durable and good quality trampoline.
  • Designed and developed for kids and adults.
  • Enclosure netting included.
  • Easy to move and set up.
  • High-quality galvanized steel makes this trampoline extremely reliable.
  • More than 600 lbs of weight capacity.


  • Only available in 2 sizes. 

ORCC Trampoline

This trampoline is designed for kids and adults alike. You can choose from three different sizes. 15-foot, 14-foot and 12-foot options are available and you can make your choice based on the space available and other requirements. 

It features enhanced springs and a rust-resistant steel frame. Plus, it can easily take a weight of 400 lbs at a time. It is due to the six strongly constructed steel w-shaped legs and padded springs. It also has a unique design to cover the bounce mat and rubber caps. The trampoline doesn’t make any noise, and you can conveniently use it indoors.

Assembling this trampoline is no big deal, either. You don’t need any technical expertise to set this trampoline up. Moreover, it comes with a rain cover. It meets all the safety standards set by ASTM.

Due to the spring construction, this trampoline is best for a range of different activities and you can use it for basketball too. Your kids will love it and you can indulge them in different kinds of outdoor physical activities.


  • Available in 3 different sizes.
  • Max weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • Complies with ASTM safety standards.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • W-shaped legs for added sturdiness.


  • Its ladder is pretty flimsy. 

Minikoad Trampoline

Minikoad is well-known for its long-lasting trampolines. These trampolines are premium quality products, and they are designed for a full-scale trampoline activity, including multiple participants at the same time.

This tramp is made for kids, and it is available in 12-foot size. It is great for your kids’ outdoor fun time in the summers. The tramp has a solid steel construction. With galvanized metal, there are fewer chances of rusting and corrosion. 

The ground poles are sturdy as well. The max weight capacity of this trampoline is 442 lbs. Furthermore, this trampoline is extremely easy to assemble.

All the trampolines from Minikoad go through strict quality tests for safety and reliability, and this one is no different. It has also gone through strict TUV safety tests. The HD galvanized steel frame with a PP material pad makes sure that the trampoline lasts for many years to come.


  • Very easy to assemble.
  • High weight capacity (442 lbs).
  • Sturdy construction with galvanized steel frame. 
  • Excellent ground stability.
  • Good jump lift with highly stretchable PP material.


  • It does make some noise. 

Best Trampoline Buying Guide

You need to look for various features when buying a trampoline for your open space. This way, you can make a wise decision and get the most out of your investment.


There are different types of trampolines available on the market. And they all serve different purposes.

Round trampoline

It is the most common design, and there are different qualities available. They can range in size from eight feet to 16 feet. This design is quite commonly available.

Oval trampoline

These are oval in shape, and they are great for large spaces. These are truly large trampolines, and more than two kids can comfortably play on it.

Rectangular trampoline

These trampolines are excellent for the narrow yards. They don’t take much space if you compare them with the round model. These trampolines offer a great bounce.

Springless trampoline

The springless trampoline is not sturdy enough, and they don’t come with the high max weight capacity. These are designed for kids and offer good value. These trampolines are great for safety, and for this reason, many of them come with a high price tag,

Square trampoline

This trampoline has more surface area as compared to the rounded trampoline and offers more value for your investment. You can either go for a sprained square trampoline or a spring free version

Octagon trampolines

It is another space option, and it offers a lot more bounce. But they also take a lot more space as compared to other shapes.

Easy to assemble

The design of a trampoline must be in such a manner that you can easily assemble it on your own. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to find out how to set up your trampoline. Granted, the fact that most of the time, your trampoline would be out there lying around in your backyard. But still, you should be able to pack it all up when the time calls.


You need to pick the right size of the trampoline according to the space available. Don’t go for a trampoline that is too big for space, so you won’t have a good time with it. 

There are different sizes available, and you can choose according to your preferences and requirements.

Safety features

Whether you will be using your trampoline for yourself or your kids, it needs to meet all the safety requirements. The metal components should be properly padded and covered. 

Plus, your purchase must also include an enclosure net. The materials used in the construction of a trampoline should be of high quality too.


Another characteristic that goes hand in hand with the safety features is weatherproofing. Your trampoline is going to be outside in the open all the time. It will be exposed to various elements. Therefore, it needs to come with proper waterproofing and UV resistance to last for many years.

FAQs for the Best Trampoline

What is the weight limit of different trampolines?

Different trampolines have different weight limits. Rounded ones ranging in 8 to 10 feet have a weight capacity of 250 lbs. 12 feet rounded tramps can hold 300 lbs, while those with a size ranging from 14 to 16 feet can hold up to 400 lbs.
Rectangular tramps of different sizes have weight limits ranging from 200 lbs to 450 lbs. Oval and Octagonal trampolines of all sizes can hold up to a weight ranging from 300 lbs to 450 lbs.

How long should a trampoline last?

Trampoline durability is defined by the quality of the materials that are used in the construction. Top Brands use high-end materials that can tolerate elements and last longer. However, average quality trampoline can last up to 7 years. If you take care of your tramp properly, it will last longer than that.


There are different types of trampolines available. You need to pick the right one according to the space that you have at your disposal and the number of people that will be joining in. Make sure that you identify your purpose and then buy a trampoline accordingly. This way, you will be able to extract more benefits from your investment.

So which one of these trampolines do you think is the best? Do you have any of your recommendations for us? Have your say by leaving your comments below.

Happy jumping!

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