Best Outdoor Daybed in 2020 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

If you have a house with plenty of outdoor space like a patio or a poolside, then it’s time to amp it up! One of the best things to help you through this is getting a daybed. Daybeds are a great option to help you relax in the summers with a book. It is also great for people that host a lot of guests all the time. For those of you that have just had a beautiful new pool deck renovation, why not consider buying a daybed to sit on the new deck? It’s the perfect piece of furniture to go by a swimming pool.

There are many different outdoor daybeds out there but Homall Outdoor Daybed is the best for your patio. The round design is versatile to use and ideal to use anywhere outdoors to bring life to your house.

We have sifted through hundreds of products and compiled the best outdoor daybed reviews. Check out which one suits your outdoors the best!


The Top Outdoor Daybed Reviewed

Find the right Outdoor Daybed for You

#1 Homall Outdoor Daybed

The Homall Outdoor Daybed is the perfect furniture for your patio. It comes with a retractable canopy to make it suitable for some shade reading, or even some sunbathing. The retraction is with help from a telescopic pole that makes it smooth and easy to use.

The steel frame is durable. The rattan design adds an oomph factor to the daybed. PE Rattan is all-weather and is very lightweight. It is usable without the cushions as well for a pool party.

On top of this outdoor daybed, you get padded cushions. These cushions are easy to clean and are very comfortable. It comes with a buckle to keep them in place with the frame as well. If the amount of cushions isn’t enough for you, you can try Fotokissen bedrucken (printing photo cushions) with a picture of your face on it, to add a touch of personalization to the daybed.

This outdoor daybed can hold up to 300 pounds with ease. This feature allows it only to use it in a party as well.


  • It comes with a buckle to lock the cushions.
  • Rattan is PE material for all weather.
  • Cushions are washable.
  • Canopy is retractable smoothly.


  • Available in only one beige color.

#2 Tangkula Outdoor daybed

The Tangkula outdoor daybed is one of the best that you will find. The modern and unique design brings dynamism to your patio. There is a certain level of comfort in this daybed. Perhaps it is because of the versatility.

The daybed is usable as a sofa, and it joins to make a round bed as well. That makes it more useful on any patio. There is no need for clips and other hefty locks; a simple system joins them both.

The frame is metal, which increases strength. It is usable even by the pool without chipping, breaking, or swelling up because of the humidity. The cushions come with a removable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. Inside the cushions, you find pure cotton to make this soft and long-lasting.

There is a top canopy on this daybed as well. This canopy serves a great purpose on a hot summer’s day. The canopy easily collapses and rises as per desire. With a weight capacity of over 300 pounds, this bed works great for everyone!


  • Easy to collapse canopy.
  • Detachable from a sofa to a bed.
  • The metal frame gives it strength and durability.
  • The cushion is easy to clean with the cover.


  • The cushions are not washable.

#3 Modway Taiji Outdoor Daybed

The Modway Taiji is an absolute must for any home. This daybed will amp up your modern house’s outdoors and modernize your vintage house.

It has a sturdy aluminum frame with a powder coating. That makes this frame perfect for all weather and increases durability. It comes in many different colors. However, the color of the frame is the same in all of them.

The Rattan brings a very stylish look to this daybed. The Rattan is a synthetic wicker weave. It also has protection against UV light, which reduces the chances of color fading.

As a whole, this daybed is a circular structure. However, it parts way in the middle to separate it for a sofa and an ottoman. The versatility just adds up when you want to accommodate many people together.

The cushions on this daybed are also very durable. They are four inches thick and last a lifetime without fading. The weather resistance allows their color to stay intact! The cushions’ top fabric is easy to remove for washing. This daybed also comes with seven back cushions with the same properties.

One of the best parts of this daybed is that it comes with an attached side table. You can keep your drinks, magazines, and all other things on this.


  • Attached side table.
  • All cushions are weatherproof and easy to clean.
  • Rattan is weather resistant.
  • Separates to make a sofa and ottoman.


  • Cushions are not waterproof.

#4 M&W Outdoor daybed

The M&W outdoor daybed is one of the most versatile daybeds out there. It is modern and perfect for your patio or poolside. It is bright in color to bring out the outdoors to a more modern look.

This outdoor daybed comes with a retractable canopy. The canopy uses the telescopic rod to make the canopy use easier and smoother than with others.

It is not just a bed on its own. The bottom half separates into a D shape ottoman. It further divides into two more for more sitting space. Hence, you can easily use this for more room when you have guests over.

The Rattan is handwoven and in PE material. This material is resistant to all the weather for the perfect long life and sturdiness.

The cushion is 3-inches in thickness and is effortless to clean. The covers remove easily for cleaning and slide right back on. This outdoor daybed comes in three different combinations to choose the one for your outdoors.


  • Easy to clean cushions.
  • Retractable canopy.
  • Separates into three seating places.
  • Rattan is handwoven in PE material.


  • It does not have a cushioned clasp.

#5 Devoko Outdoor Daybed

The Devoko outdoor daybed gives a modern and classy edge to your patio, poolside, or outdoors. The contemporary style gives enough space to host guests as well as spend your time alone outdoors.

There is a canopy that makes it perfect to sunbath or even get some shade when in the hot summers. This retractable canopy has a pneumatic rod, which makes it easy to open and close.

The rattan gives a very modern touch to the daybed. However, unlike many others, this rattan is very light in weight. It is resistant to all weather without ruining it. One of the best parts is that the rattan is very comfortable on its own as well. If you want to use this without the cushions, you can!

The upholstery is impeccable. It has the material of PE wicker with high elasticity. The material does not crack or fade with time. The cushions are easy to clean and maintain. The material is also breathable to enjoy on a hot day without getting stuffy.

The cushions stay in place without moving with the help of the buckles. The best part is that this daybed splits in the center to create one sofa and ottoman. This daybed holds up to 330 pounds in weight.


  • The upholstery is wind and waterproof.
  • The canopy is retractable.
  • Rattan is light in weight.
  • Splits to make into two.


  • Assembly takes time.

#6 Modway Quest Outdoor Daybed

Midway’s Quest Outdoor Daybed is another type of Modway daybed. This contemporary style comes with several different and useful features. One of the best parts of this daybed is the different colors. You can choose anyone that suits your outdoor furniture.

The frame is an aluminum frame with a powder coating. The coating helps in keeping the frame weather resistant. The rattan is a synthetic weave. It is UV protection, which makes it last longer and resistant to fading.

The cushions are also resistant to fading and water. They are perfect for all weathers. The fabric is comfortable to remove and washable as well. There is a white canopy on the daybed as well. The canopy is retractable too.

This Daybed splits to make one sofa, two ottomans, and one center footrest. Overall, it’s great to relax around the pool or even on your patio for a relaxing day.


  • Cushions fabric is easy to wash.
  • Rattan Fabric is UV and weather resistant.
  • It splits into four different parts.
  • Retractable canopy.


  • The canopy remains white regardless of other colors.

#7 Tangkula Patio Outdoor Daybed

There is another Tangkula outdoor daybed. This one is slightly different from the previous one. However, it is better than several others out there because of the features. The elegant style and versatile appearance help make it the best furniture for outdoors. The frame is a substantial steel material for better durability.

The rattan material weave is perfect for keeping it lightweight. The material is also PE wicker to ensure that it withstands all kinds of weather, including wind and rain. There is a canopy as well, which collapses very easily when you require it.

Coming to the cushions, they are incredibly comfortable. This daybed comes with a back cushion as well. The cushions are also easy to separate and more convenient to wash.

One of the most versatile parts is that this bed splits into four pieces. One sofa, two ottomans, and one footrest. Once you remove the cushions, you can use this as well. The center round footrest works as a coffee table as well.

The versatile daybed is perfect for adding to your outdoors for comfort and leisure.


  • Splits into a set of four.
  • The cushions are easy to clean.
  • There is a retractable canopy.
  • Lightweight.


  • It only comes in one color.

#8 GDF Studio Outdoor Daybed

The GDFStudio outdoor daybed is different from its contemporaries. It is compact, so if you do not have a lot of space, you can still accommodate it. It is also perfect if you are generally looking for something small.

The material on this outdoor daybed is faux wicker and an aluminum frame. Both these make for a very durable material for your daybed. There is no canopy, but you can add shades on this because of the D shape.

The cushions are in two parts. The cushions are resistant to water to stay weatherproof. It is stylish, and the fabric is easy to remove for cleaning. The material is 100% polyester for comfort and style.

Overall, this GDF studio is the best to have outdoors and to make a stylish statement for your patio.


  • The material is an aluminum frame.
  • The faux wicker helps keep it lightweight.
  • The cushion cover is comfortable to remove and clean.
  • The cushions are waterproof.


  • No canopy.

Best Outdoor Daybed Buying Guide

Just so that choosing the best outdoor daybed is not an issue for you, we present our buying guide. Check out the features that you have to focus on when buying one primarily.


The best frame to choose from is Aluminum. Aluminum is light in weight, and it resists corrosion, rust, and is weatherproof. However, some in steel frames too. You need to ensure that it has ample coatings to make sure that it remains durable.

Most of them come in some sort of weave. The weave material should be lightweight and have resistance to weather.


Having the right fabric is essential for the cushions. The best material is polyester because it is resistant to all weather and mold as well.

However, one of the important things is that the cushion has breathable fabric. The outside fabric does not matter. However, make sure it is easy to remove and easy to clean. A bonus of fade-resistant will add to durability.

Canopy or no Canopy?

Having a canopy is the most critical part of the day bed. It will help you through the sunny days when you want some shade.

But, a significant aspect of this is where you place the daybed. If you put it in a place where you always have shade, then you might not need it. It is best to go for a retractable canopy to have options.

Matching Decoration

The decoration starts with loose cushions to almost anything. However, it depends on you to make it as usable with beauty as possible.

Easy to clean material

When you put something outdoors, you should expect it to get dirty. Of course, you cannot fight nature. However, you can look at materials that are easy to wipe off or even easy to clean. These fabrics do not make a massive difference in price.

Speaking of the frame, you choose a material like aluminum or stainless steel to help you clean the whole bed with or without water. These materials usually do not react to water or cleaning agents.

Stable and Durable

Most of the daybeds come unassembled. It means that stability compromises if there are too many parts. The best way to keep it steady is to ensure that the assembly instructions are straightforward. Moreover, there are lesser parts.

The best way to have a durable daybed is to have weather resistance. That will disallow the bed from rotting with the weather and will last long.


One of the essential things is privacy. The canopy provides some privacy. But if you want something entirely covered, then there are options as well. Some of the beds have soft and breathable fabrics all around them for privacy and protection against bugs.

Style and Size

There are many different styles of outdoor daybeds. Perhaps the most popular is a round shape daybed. It seems to have the most impact and beauty on the users. The best part is that these tend to split to make a sofa and ottoman sets.

Before making your purchase, make sure to check the space you have. The right size is an important factor to consider.

Enhance beauty

To enhance beauty, you have many options. You can add side tables for secure holding of stuff.

Cushions are an option too. They have outdoor-friendly material to help you through cleaning and maintenance. For the ultimate beauty, choose bright colors that match your house.

FAQs for the Best Outdoor Daybed

Can a daybed be used as a regular bed?

Of course, you can use a daybed as a regular bed. You can sleep on it. However, there are some reservations. A night mattress keeps your body in a relaxed posture from head to toe. It gives you support and comfort for healthier sleep. These daybeds are just for relaxation.

How do I make my daybed couch more comfortable?

Of course, you can use a daybed as a regular bed. You can sleep on it. However, there are some reservations. A night mattress keeps your body in a relaxed posture from head to toe. It gives you support and comfort for healthier sleep. These daybeds are just for relaxation.

What kind of mattress do you use for a daybed?

Most daybeds come with their mattress. They depend on the type of day bed. If you have an outdoor daybed, then these mattresses are weather-resistant and easy to clean.


For us, the best outdoor daybed is the Homall Outdoor Daybed. It has all the features that make it the perfect day bed. One of its best features is the washable cushions. These will keep it hygienic and clean all the time. We sure hope it soon comes in more colors.

If you have some space outdoors like in your patio, then the best way to beautify is to get an outdoor daybed. These are very comfortable and give you a sense of serenity. They are also great for guests and outdoor seating arrangements.

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