Camping Beds – Buyer’s Guide!

A camping bed is not just a bed you take with you camping; it’s a foldable, compact sleeping solution that can be used anywhere and anytime. There are a number of options to choose from, and each one has a specific application and is designed for different surfaces and conditions. The sizes and weights differ, and the life expectancy of each one is dependent on the category of bed you choose. It is the same for the type of mattress you choose – and shopping for the right mattress in general is a difficult task. Everyone experiences different levels of comfort, and there are different practicalities as well as depth, material, etc. You can find an example of an Aldi mattress Review here, something that is always a wise choice before investment. Looking at opinions of previous customers can help you to determine the right pick.

List of Top-Rated Camping Beds

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
1. Zinus Roll Away Folding Guest Bed Frame with 4 Inch Comfort Foam Mattress, Narrow Twin / 301. Zinus Roll Away Folding Guest Bed Frame with 4 Inch Comfort Foam Mattress, Narrow Twin / 30" x 75."More Information
2. InnerSpace Standard Folding Bed2. InnerSpace Standard Folding BedMore Information
3. SLEEPLACE 04TM01S Multi-Layer Tri-Folding Memory Foam, Topper/4 inch, Grey3. SLEEPLACE 04TM01S Multi-Layer Tri-Folding Memory Foam, Topper/4 inch, GreyMore Information
4. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress4. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air MattressMore Information
5. Cushy Form Tri-Fold Folding Mattress w/Storage & Carry Case [75 x 31 x 4 inch]5. Cushy Form Tri-Fold Folding Mattress w/Storage & Carry Case [75 x 31 x 4 inch]More Information

Now let’s take a look at the five best camping bed options.

The Best Camping Beds Reviews


1. Zinus Roll Away Folding Guest Bed Frame with 4 Inch Comfort Foam Mattress, Narrow Twin / 30″ x 75.”

This is the Zinus Roll Away Folding Guest Bed Frame


The Zinus Roll Away is a standard folding bed that comes with a powder-coated steel frame that sits on plastic supports preventing damp surfaces from damaging the integrity of the metal. This frame comes with caster wheels for easy rolling and storing and folds in one central hinge.

The frame comes with a 4″ mattress consisting of 3″ HD memory foam with a 1″ fiber padding topping. The mattress is supported with springs on a sturdy frame, as such you get a soft springy feel that protects you from hard surfaces.

This is an inexpensive model that is perfect for camping and home use and is easy to set up and store when not in use.


  • Steel frame
  • 4″ Polyurethane Foam with Fiber Padding mattress
  • 31″ x 75″ x 18.”


This is a lightweight folding frame camping bed, to some it might seem flimsy, but it is actually a great bed that will last for many years of use.

2. InnerSpace Standard Folding Bed

This is the InnerSpace Standard Folding Bed


The InnerSpace is an Italian made a folding bed that is designed to protect the sleeper from fire too. The 4″ high-density foam comes with their flame watch protection that acts as a flame retardant material. The base of the mattress is a flexible metal linked mesh that delivers a soft surface for your sleep.

This model is made from a powder coated steel frame with one hinge and has small casters for rolling and easy storage.


  • 4-inch high-density foam mattress
  • Flamewatch protection
  • Flexible metal mesh base
  • Single hinge fold


This is one of the least expensive metal frame folding beds that is perfect camping and home use companion.

3. SLEEPLACE 04TM01S Multi-Layer Tri-Folding Memory Foam, Topper/4 inch, Grey

This is the SLEEPLACE 04TM01S Multi-Layer Tri-Folding Memory Foam camping bed


When it comes to dry surface camping solutions, nothing beats a solid all foam folding bed. This exceptional model is made from a combination memory foam that is split between a 2.5″ Dura HD foam later and a 1 ” Dura I gel topping covered in polyester jacquard. The cover is removable and washable; there is a zipper on each module for easy uncovering.

The dimensions of this model are 25″ x 75″ x 4″ and are designed as an individual sleeping unit.


  • 2 Hinged foam bed
  • 4″ Memory foam with gel


A perfect solution for all surfaces, and is a great budget friendly folding mattress.

4. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress

This is The Shrunks Toddler Outdoor Tuckaire™


The Shrunks Outdoor Tuckaire™ is a child bespoke mattress designed specifically for camping. This model comes with the Shrunks Maxaire™ Bellows Foot Pump that helps pump up the bed easily and fast. The bed is made from two separate units, a solid nylon frame that acts as a rail protector preventing your child from rolling off the bed, and a warm, soft individual bed solution that is waterproof, protecting your child from the floor elements.

This model is fit for children aged 6 and above and can support up to an amazing 300Lbs of weight. The unit itself measures 74 x 35 x 8 (inches), 188 x 89 x 20 (cm) when inflated and weighs 9.5Lbs.


  • Premium protection and comfort in inclement weather conditions.
  • Sleeping bag plus air mattress
  • Signature tuck feature
  • Compact, space-saving, patent pending slim taper design
  • DWR (durable, water-resistant) outer shell
  • Soft, cozy fleece lining inside
  • The removable zippered top layer
  • Phthalates-safe, BpA-safe, and Lead-safe
  • Includes Bellows pump, repair kit and carrying bag,


When it comes to children and camping, nothing proves better than the Shrunks sleeping solutions, the price is exceptionally budget friendly, and the materials and integrity are perfect. This is the best and top rated child camping bed on the market today.

5. Cushy Form Tri-Fold Folding Mattress w/Storage & Carry Case [75 x 31 x 4 inch]

This is the Cushy Form Tri-Fold Folding Mattress


Sometimes you just want a fast mattress solution for a quick sleep in the wild, or on the beach. This is where the Cushy Form compact tri-fold mattress comes into play. This mattress is 75″ x 31″ x 4″ and provides a perfect camping solution for any environment.

The material is a hard foam that is designed to protect you from uneven surfaces, and the material cover is removable so you can wash it after use. The hinges are protected by triple stitching and use a crossover band rather than a direct module stitching.

The design is very clean, with white surfaces and green tints.


  • Tri-Folding pattern
  • Two strap hinges
  • 4″ thick foam
  • Removable cover for washing


While this is a simple model, it’s made of very durable materials and is a very easy to use, easy to clean and lightweight foam camp, sport, or home bed solution.

What Is The Best Camping Bed On the Market?

Roll Mats

Roll mats are the most basic form of camping bed. These are made from foam or fibers and can be thick or thin. The different materials and sizes make prices vary, and you can find mats for the beach to mats for rough rocky surfaces.

Air Beds

These are inflatable beds that come with a thicker skin so that they do not get punctured or torn easily. Air beds come in a few sizes and shapes and are very popular as a fast and easy camping bed solution for just about any surface and location. Consider that the larger the bed, the more air you need to pump it up, and therefore have a hand pump or compressor as an accessory will increase the viability of this type of bed.

Folding Beds

These are the most versatile and popular of the camping bed categories. There are many types of folding bed options, and these include standard steel or plastic frame beds with mattresses to foldable foam mattresses.

In most cases, you will find double or triple folding frames, and these are useful at home, camping and for the beach. The foldable foam group is a sensation and can be used anywhere anytime, just make sure your version is waterproof and comes with a rugged material that is perfect for outdoor surfaces.

Self-Inflating Mats

Self-inflating mats are made of an airtight outer fabric with a foam filling. To inflate them, you open the valve on the mat, air is drawn in, and the mat inflates. These are usually the most compact to carry and provide the warmest of sleeping solutions.

Folding Bed Factors

When you decide to buy a folding bed consider the following factors before making a final decision.


Consider how many people will sleep on a bed, and configure the bed to the different number of people that are sleeping out. This means that you can buy king-sized beds that are great for two or even three people to individual beds, or children sized beds for one person. A Queen sized bed is perfect for sleeping up to four small children too. Just make sure you have a railing along the side to protect from falling off.


Make sure that the frame is rugged, and made of a corrosion resistant material. Camping beds are exposed to damp surfaces, and as such, will start to rust and rot from the base. Check the legs and the feet for water resistance. Make sure the springs or lattices are also made from a rustproof material and check out the hinges and folding joints too.

The best materials for a folding framed bed are aluminum or plastic. If you buy a folding mattress type bed, then make sure the seams are reinforced and that the material used to cover the foam is a waterproof and tear resistant material.

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