Cool 3D Printed Outdoor Tools

by Julien Raby
by Julien Raby
Last Updated: May 11, 2020

As 3D printing grows in popularity, all sorts of handymen, gardeners and designers have found a way to make 3D printing more functional. From the most functional tools to the more stylish tools, 3D printing has become one of the most time-saving, sustainable means of home improvement.

As such, we have put together this list of cool outdoor tools that anyone can find useful. Whether you are looking for gardening solutions or tools to ease your camping adventures, solidworks 3D designs likely have something for you.

3D Printed Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are key tools for any home gardener. The regular store-bought gardening tool set is reliable enough to get the job done, but 3D printing your own set of hand rakes and shovels has its own set of advantages.

3D printing allows you to adjust the size of the gardening tools for your liking. So you could easily 3D print out a hand rake and shovel that is perfect for your hand size. On the other hand, if you have children at home who have a green thumb of their own, you can design gardening tools that are the perfect size for them.

3D printing can also save you money if one of your tools happens to break. Did your regular size shovel break while you were shoveling snow? Just 3D print the replacement pieces. With this 3D printed handle and a wooden curtain pole, you can have a new shovel in no time.

Watering Can

Another gardening necessity has to be a watering can. This 13.5 ounce watering can is not quite big enough to water an entire yard, but it is the perfect size for watering some of your flower beds and planters. It is super easy to print and has quite a modern and unique shape that will look cute in anyone’s garden.

If you want an even niftier watering can project, try repurposing a 2-liter water bottle with a 3D printed watering spout. This watering spout can easily screw onto any 2-liter water or soda bottle, turning something that might have been trash into something incredibly useful.

The watering spout has ⅛” thick walls that is more durable than anything you would find at a hardware store. You will find that this watering spout is useful for caring for small plants and seedlings. Its size and raining water effect is perfect for evenly distributing measured amounts of water.

Camping and Backpacking Gear

For you campers and backpackers out there, try these 3D printed caribiners out on your next outdoor adventure. Granted, regular caribiners from your local outdoors’ store are likely stronger than these, but these caribiners can still hold their own.

These caribiners have a scalable 3D printing file that can be adapted to any size you need. You can also customize each layer’s height to bring a new tactile and visual design to the caribiner. They are perfect for attaching to your backpack and keys for your daily life and for lightweight camping needs.

If you have ever gone camping and accidentally broke your tent stakes, don’t rush out to Walmart. Just 3D print your own replacement stakes. This handy tent stake design is easily scalable to whatever size you need and it is arguably stronger than any other replacement stake you will find in store.

On that same note, 3D printing is a great way to build other replaceable parts for your camping and backpacking gear. Do your backpack buckles snap and break easily? Are the base mounts of your lawn chairs too flimsy? Take to your 3D printer and you can easily fabricate the parts you need.

3D Printed Lawn Sprinklers

The centerpiece of any well-kept yard is a lush green yard. However, maintaining perfectly green grass, free of any weeds and dry patches, can be difficult. It is even harder if you have a habit of forgetting to turn on your sprinklers.

This 3D printed lawn sprinkler attachment is a quick and easy solution. This simple printable attaches to the end of your hose and its fan-like top easily distributes water evenly around your yard. This way, you no longer have to worry about your yard being neglected.

Soil Moisture Sensor

On the note of plant neglect, knowing how often to water your plants can be difficult. No matter how talented you are at keeping plants alive, at some point, you have over watered your plants or completely forgot to water them at all.

As such, this low-tech soil moisture sensor is the perfect way to keep an eye on the moisture levels of your plants’ soil. Instead of trying to guess and estimate the moisture level, this device will let your plants tell you when they need water.

To make this moisture sensor, you will need two 3D printed parts combined with a few extra tech parts to make the sensor, and there you have it! This particular project is more advanced and might take some time, but your plants will thank you later for it.

Green Wall and Space Divider

If you are looking for a stylish, easy way to make your outdoor space look more polished, this 3D printed Macedonia Space Divider by Freedom of Creation is what you need. This space divider is constructed out of several easy to print hexagonal modules that can be constructed into a variety of shapes and designs.

It makes for a great alternative to privacy fencing in your outdoor space. Moreover, if you have natural crawling plants, this space divider is a great place for those plants to populate. It will keep the plants under control and create a gorgeous green wall.


While 3D printing has a place in producing fun novelty trinkets, it is also perfect for developing functional tools for everyday life. With a bit of planning and creativity, you could easily restock your whole toolshed with 3D printed tools.

Did we miss any cool 3D printed tool designs? If so, please let us know what cool tools and design ideas you have found.

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