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Here you can find five best predator hunting lights for 2020. Clear and precise descriptions, highlighted features and advantages comparison – all that you need for the right choice. This review helps you to make a decision in a few minutes!

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It’s a well-known fact that coyotes, foxes, and wolves are mostly nocturnal predators. They all are quite clever and careful. However, they will approach human property too closely when they are hungry. While looking for the food, these animals can be really dangerous not only for domestic livestock like hens and sheep but also for your family.make sure that your wife or kids have the best pepper spray to ensure their safety not just against the wild animals but to protect themselves from aggressive people as well.

Once I was attacked by a wolf, but that’s kind of another story. One thing that I have learned when hunting coyotes and wolves is that your rifle is important, but so is a flashlight. If you’re looking for a rifle, know the difference between each type and then invest in one according to your needs. Once that’s done, check for a hunting light.


Here you can find the list of Top predator hunting lights:

PhotoProduct's nameDimensionsFeatureMore information
1. Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Light KitPredator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Light Kit11" x 9" x 3"Wall/Vehicle Charger SetView on Amazon
2. Orion Predator Night Hunting LightOrion H 30 Predator Hunting Light6.1" x 1.43" x 1"IPX-8 water resistanceView on Amazon
3. Orion M30C 377Orion M30C 3776" x 2.5" x 1"Brighest predator lightView on Amazon
4. Streamlight 69219 HPL Flashlight KitStreamlight 69219 HPL Flashlight Kit7" x 4" x 4"50,000 hour lifetimeView on Amazon
5. Predator Tactics Nightmare Predator & Hog Gun LightPredator Tactics Nightmare Predator & Hog Gun Light11" x 9" x 4"550+ Yards of Target IdentificationView on Amazon
OUTRIGGER OUTDOORS RED EYE Hog Pig Varmint Predator Coyote Bobcat Crappie Hunting Fishing LightOUTRIGGER OUTDOORS RED EYE Light3.5" x 4" x 1"Easily mountedView on Amazon
Below you may find best coyote hunting lights that will fit both farmers who want to protect their property and professional hunters who are specifically contracted for predators population decrease.

1. Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Light Kit


PThe Predator Tactics Red Coyote Reaper hunting light kit is a great choice for any hunter. Either you prefer to carry a light in your hands or to mount it on a rifle – in both cases, you’ll appreciate how lightweight and comfortable this one is to use. It also can work with both red and green LED.

This was my second device after I tried coyote hunting and it definitely met all my expectations.


Coyote Reaper model features matte black finish. But what is more important, it is made from high-quality materials. The product is lightweight and fits good in the hand.

If you prefer attaching it to the rifle, you can use the 5-point adjustable rail mount. A plastic case and battery extension tube is included as well.


This device provides a clear identification at the 500+ yards distance in a green LED mode. Choosing a red light, you would be able to spot a predator in 400 yards or even a bit further. It also allows to make the beam wider or, alternatively, tighten it (if you are preparing for a long-range shot).

Please, keep in mind that you need to take into account many conditions when hunting with lights. Not only device characteristics, but also your eyesight, optics quality and such factors as humidity, mist, fog, rain, snow… animal identification definitely depends on all mentioned points.


If you appreciate precise hunting then you will like this high-quality mount for 1-inch and 30 mm scope tubes.

Adjustable focus is another feature desired by many hunters. And there are also some features to improve user experience: push button tail cap, on/off remote tail cap switch, wall/vehicle charger and two rechargeable batteries.

2. Orion Predator Night Hunting Light


Orion Predator H30 is quite popular among professionals and amateurs, who hunts hogs, fox, and coyotes. However, its power characteristics are not as good as in the previous one, though many hunters consider this item to be a very good light for hunting. Well, let’s check out its benefits.


This is considered to be a well-built hunting light. Its durable aviation-grade aluminum construction is worth such description. Covered with the matte anodized resistant material it can withstand scratches or impacts.

It has 4.76 oz weight, and it is for you to decide if it is too heavy for your arm… As for dimensions, they are friendly both for the hands and for the rifles: 6.1-inch length, 1.43-inch head diameter and 1-inch body diameter.


This Orion model can reach up to 273 yards. The latest Cree XP-E2 Red LED bulb produces the red beam, which is sharp and focused.

Actually, it can’t be adjusted for different width. As for the battery life, you can choose the following brightness levels: 300 lumens (4 h), 190 lumens (5h), 50 lumens (approximately 17h) or 6 lumens (up to 120h). Ordering this item, you also get the rechargeable battery and charging mini-station.


First, I would like to single out resistance features – this Orion model is waterproof and impact-proof. It also includes a useful set for the rifle: rail, barrel, and scope (1inch or 30mm) mount.

According to my friends’ experiences, Orion H30 demonstrates great durability and reliability. Most of them even tried to ensure me that this is the best red light for coyote hunting. Actually, they may be right if the distance is enough for you.

3. Orion M30C 377


Another good choice for the fans of Orion. Although the latest brand’s release costs a bit more expensive than a previous model, M30C is believed to be one of the best lights to use at night for coyote hunting for the price.


Of course, this baby is mostly designed for the rifle. But it can be easily detached and used as a hand-held unit. With 7.6 oz and 6-inch length, it doesn’t affect mobility. It is rather small, and, at the same time, solidly built, so, whether you prefer hunting hogs within mountains or hills, you wouldn’t be disappointed.


Get your eagle eye prepared for the exciting adventure! Would you be able to hit the aim at 377 yards? Oh, yeah. Orion M30C is able to provide you with a bright (700 lumens) beam up to the distance mentioned above, so all the rest depends on your gun, fingers, and mainly your eyesight. If your eyesight isn’t well-tuned out for it, get them checked at an eye clinic like SharpeVision (find the website) and be ready for the hunting!


Both red and green light modes are available. I told you about 700 lumens (they are provided by Cree XP-E2 color LED), but you may decrease this rate using three-level brightness switch (there also 400 and 75 lumens).

The product includes a special mounting kit for the rifles, where you can find rail, barrel and scope mountings (if you’re unsure what the best type of mount would be for you, you may wish to have a look at this article). One more outstanding feature is a remote control for the push button, which is useful when you need to focus on a target. In addition, MC30 is characterized by IPX-8 waterproof rate.

4. Streamlight 69219 HPL Flashlight Kit


Streamlight is a well-known brand, first of all, for their weapon lights. They are widely used by sheriffs and rangers. Some of the hunters I’ve known for years are satisfied with this product too.


Probably you wouldn’t be surprised with anodized TLR 1 aluminum material, which is used in this light’s body construction.

But what about mounting, which comfortably applies to all Picatinny type rails and guns supplied with Glock-style rails. You would also appreciate length (4.83 inches), which allows carrying a rifle in any suitable way.


If you prefer long distance shots, this bad boy is the one you are looking for. Are you ready to hit the target located in 450 meters? The 775-lumen beam will provide you with a great opportunity to do that.

Meet the peripheral illumination and excellent down-range performance by C4 LED technology. High-quality lenses for an outstanding brightness and 2 3V CR123A lithium batteries for a long lifetime (50,000 hours)… what else do you need?


Orion H30 features a battery door with a latch mechanism, which protects batteries from los, when replacing them or in case the light falls down. If you are interested in settings, you would be happy to know that with this model you can easily make the system get turned on/off or to make use of the flash spotting technique.

I have also found out that Orion H30 is not only waterproof (1 meter underwater up to 30 mins) but also fireproof. To be precise, it is able to work within temperature -40F to +120 Degree (by Fahrenheit).

In addition, it is important to say that light’s polycarbonate lens are covered with a scratch-resistant coating and are really hard to break.

5. Predator Tactics Nightmare Predator & Hog Gun Light


Nightmare model by Predator Tactics is a patented product. Although many experts have found out that predators are not sensitive to green and red light, the manufacturer decided to add blue and white also. However, this can be also used for hogs and deer.


The light is built-in halo-shield and has a matte black finish, which means it should be pretty durable. If you appreciate comfort, a removable splash-killer halo-shield extension is the one that you would definitely like. Another thing that is worth attention is an adjustable mounting with windage and elevation options, which allows mounting a light to rails or scopes in a half a minute. As for the dimensions, this model has the following: 9.5 inches long.


With this powerful device, you can easily identify a target up to 550 yards. However, blue light is not so powerful. Anyway, I would suggest using only red or green lights for predator hunting (they show great performance in this Predator Tactics model).

It is a well-known fact that these colors don’t affect coyotes or wolves, so they wouldn’t be scared to run just after you scanned them. You should be also ready for carrying a few additional batteries because one battery has only 3 hours of lifetime.


Four colors in one bulb seem to be the main feature. However, there are other interesting options. For example, Nightmare light has silent on/off button with a tail cap. Intensity control switch can be also adjusted without any noise.

Although there are not many settings, this model features built-in memory function. Adjustable focus, which comes with a non-slip grip, can be considered as an additional bonus. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t define this light as waterproof, but they allow to use it for the rainy days.

6. OUTRIGGER OUTDOORS RED EYE Hog Pig Varmint Predator Coyote Bobcat Crappie Hunting Fishing Light


As a hunter intent on making a kill in the dark, the kind of light you choose impacts the success of your expedition. Some hunting lights are visible to animals, thus scaring them off and impeding the successful completion of your mission.

The Outrigger Outdoors Red Eye Predator Hunting Light comes in a design which allows you to spot predators, hogs, and varmints without exposing yourself to the animals. Features of this light include a bright LED which is controllable by the use of a remote. As such, you can increase or reduce the light emitted, depending on your preference.

The remote control

You can quickly adjust the light emitted to suit the hunting conditions. As you scan the area, the red light will pick up animals’ eyes in the surroundings. You can adjust it up to 6,000-lumens as well as dim the brightness to levels more comfortable for you.

With the touch of a button, you can also change the light from red to white and vice versa when need be. You can also control multiple red lights simultaneously.

Ease of mounting

The light depends on a 12 Volt battery for it to operate. You can use deer feeder batteries to power it. We recommend them because of their compact nature. You can also opt to mount it on car batteries which work just as well.

Thus, no matter your reasons for the expedition, you have an assurance that the task will be made simpler with this hunting light. The package comes with a mounting bracket for convenience.


The light comes encased in anodized aluminum. Aluminum in itself is a very sturdy material, with the ability to withstand impacts and protect the inner components.

In suitable conditions, you can use the predator hunting light from distances up to sixty yards. Thus, the next time you need a reliable hunting light, go for the Outrigger Outdoors Red Eye Predator Hunting Light.

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I believe you would find your personal best coyote hunting light with the help of my review. I know, all of them – red hunting light, or other – are great products, but if you compare beam power, mounting specifications, and resistance features, you may easily make a choice. If you are also interested in fishing, you are welcome to my best fishfinder GPS combo review.

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