Lawn Tractors for Snow Blowing: Main Characteristics!

The desire to find the best lawn tractor for snow blowing is normal. It executes easily. This survey opens 9 models with different options and opportunities.

All mechanisms divide into 2 classes:

  • single-stage
  • two-stage.

Single-stage variants are good for cleaning small areas. These models can have electrical or gasoline motor of relatively low level of power and can cope well with removing loose snow.

This model moves and works well if it is being pushed forward (all variants of this type can be named non-self-propelled).
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This unit has a plus because it is compact. It’s easy to use and can clean snow in hard-to-reach places without problems.

The gutter and ladle of single-stage snow-harvesters are mostly made of frost-resistant plastic – a practical and relatively inexpensive material.

Two-stage snow blowers are a little bit better and have an additional element. It’s a runner serving model as a kind of “intermediary” between the augers and the outlet trough.

Therefore, the speed of the screws can be small, which avoids premature wear and tear, but does not affect the rate of ejection of snow.

If you want to switch your current lawn tractor with any of the ones given in this list, then you might be seeing some financial investment coming up. So to lessen that burden, you can consider selling your used model on an equipment auction website such as Grays (click here to learn more). This can provide at least part of the capital you will require for a new machine and possibly any other purchases you have to make.


Here are the TOP-9 snow blowing machines

1. Earthwise SN71018 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Snow Blower

Convenience of use77%

This model is compact and highly efficient. It will help by saving your back and your time by sweeping away snow.

It cleans various areas. The model throws snow far and very quickly. Suitable price and free shipping help to save money.


The auger is created from metal covered with rubber, it isn’t plastic. It wouldn’t mark narrow stone walkway.

There is a rod going upward from the handle with a hook on the top that could hold the cord high and away, somewhat.

But it is an annoyance to continually reach down to pick up the cord and flip it away.


The power of this model is 13.5 Amp. It will spin 700 lbs. and clean any walkways fast and nicely.

Convenience of use

It removes snow in the depth of 12-inches. Cleaning of the snow can be comfortable. The movement of the chute consists of 180-degrees.

You can shift it anywhere because you can take it up to 16-feet height.

Additional characteristics

It has a classically designed handle. This model’s advantage is that it is quiet-running. You don’t have to be concerned about making a lot of noise. The model uses electricity.




2. Poulan Pro 961820015 136cc Single Stage Snow Thrower, 21-Inch

Convenience of use77%

The Poulan and Poulan Pro Company have produced snow blowing technique, tillers, and trimmers since 1944.. It represents four-cycle and two-cycle engines.

They say that this element helps to make snow blowing lawn tractors long-working and solid. It’s a reasonable variant for compact and paved areas and places where 2-4 cars can be located.

It can be the best tractor snow blower combination, so you’d better look at that model.


There are lasting rubber augers. They push the ahead and gather snow. It will be thrown into a chute.

Auger blades are the most reliable because of 4 layers. This model has a short handle. It makes leverage and cleaning easier and faster.


This unit has 136cc of power. The Poulan Engine also has 7.11 foot-pounds of torque.

Improved ground scraper provides a smoother process of cleaning.

Convenience of use

Snow Skirt was installed behind the scraper bar because it helps to remove blowback. You don’t have to set up too much. The chute should be affixed by you.

There is a time needed for warm up. It can take 45 seconds to 1 minute for preparing mechanism for productive work.

This unit throws snow to another side of a walkway from the middle, but not from all the way across.

But there is a con. The chute isn’t as solid as the other. This element sometimes starts turning on its own, especially when there is a heavy snow.

Additional characteristics

The oil and gas are detached. They aren’t mixed. And you will get this variant with the oil which is important for work.

A big part of the outside shell is made from plastic.




3. Poulan PRO PR111 – 21-Inch 179cc Single Stage Snowthrower

Convenience of use77%
The equipment produced by Poulan and Poulan Pro is useful for homeowners. Their lawn tractors for snow blowing combine power with longevity that every customer should come to expect.

It can make small work of cleaning snow from your yard. And it can be named the best 3 point snowblower.


This model has firm rubber augers. They execute dual duty by propelling mechanism ahead. And it also picks snow and swoops it via the chute.

It will be useful during the medium snowfall up to 6 inches. This unit has:

  • the height of 13-inch;
  • auger with 8-inch;
  • the manual chute that can turn for 180-degree.

You also get compound wheels with 7-inch by 2-inch. This model is comfortable in use by its manual start.


The Poulan PRO PR111 has a 179cc Poulan Pro engine. This strong engine helps the unit run smoothly.

But gas tube kept in the right position by two zip ties from the factory. And it’s a little bit floppy.

Convenience of use

It will be best to begin from the middle. That way of cleaning allows sweeping sweep away the snow to the edges.

It will be good to make a plan of attack before you start to incarnate plans of snow-cleaning. If you aren’t tall, you will also rearrange the unit of hose single-handedly.

Additional characteristics

It can produce a lot of noise. There might be vibrating noise coming from the discharge chute and gas tank. It can bring some difficulties.




4. Husqvarna 961830004 208cc Single Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower, 21-Inch, with Headlight

Convenience of use78%

The model becomes a good variant for snow storages of less than 6-inches. It’s simple to unpack and install engines. 30 inches of snow at the yard isn’t the problem. This model will cope with such amount. It is a little fast engine.

The Husqvarna ST151 start is provided by electricity and detailed instructions to all answers on setting up are provided.


There is a LED headlight which allows using it in the evening. It uses electricity to start work. There is a rubber auger with 4 stratums which makes the machine stronger.

This model can destroy the snow walls because of a manual deflector and a chute which can spin on 180-degrees.


This model includes a 208cc Husqvarna engine. It helps this unit to work during a few hours with a various quantity of snow.

Convenience of use

It’s important to fill the unit with oil and gas. After that, it will start from the first pull.

It pulls itself forward with the auger unless you will try to go through frozen slush.

Additional characteristics

You have to be attentive because it throws ice chunks too far. This model has 8-inch splints and controlled handle.


5. Husqvarna 961830003 208cc Single Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower, 21-Inch

Convenience of use89%
Convenience of use89%

This model will quickly remove the wall of snow under 6-inches. The Husqvarna 961830003 is a solid model for places with moderate snow level.

For people from the North it will be perfect to get a two-stage variant but not this one. But this unit has various pros.

It possibly can be the best riding snow blower because of numerous advantages.


The Husqvarna model moves with the 8-inch tires. This helps the mechanism to run sweepingly. Comfort is higher because of using an electric start.

The clearing goes up to 21-inches. This variant will remove all snow on this distance.


This unit can boast of a 208cc Husqvarna engine. So the time of work decreases to a few hours.

Convenience of use

Assembly of this unit is very simple and clear. It can take 2 passes to get through snowdrifts higher than 3 feet tall.

There is also a handle with over mold bail arm which you can regulate at discretion.

Additional characteristics

It’s better to be attentive with the muffler during the work because it can easily break off at the weld.


6. Snow Joe SJ627E 22-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow Blower w/Headlight

Convenience of use75%

This model can remove snow accumulations from the driveways and walkways. It has the most powerful and great clearing width among the variants of such electric units.

The Snow Joe SJ627E can mix the gas power with the capacity of an electric. It brings unbounded snow-shredding power.


It’s easy to set up. But to complete the handle mounting, you have to take the medium frame back and pull the upper frame higher.

The machine has 2 headlights. Their main purpose is to illuminate the forward way in the evening and in the night. It’s simple to use.

You have to turn on the light switch that is on the back side under the crank rod of the snow thrower.


This model can shift big amounts of snow that can go up to an incredible 25 tons per hour.

Convenience of use

If you want to use it safely and efficiently, you have to take only a UL-rated extension cord recommended for outdoor use.

It can take 10-15 minutes to assemble this snow blower.

Additional characteristics

It weighs just 34.8 pounds. That’s why you can easily shunt it through your property.


7. NorTrac 3-Pt. Snow Blower – 60in.W Intake, Fits Tractors with 25 to 40 HP, Model# BE-SBS60G

Convenience of use88%
Convenience of use69%
This model arrives in a steel packing crate which is well done. That provides a maximum level of safety.

Instruction for installation can help to combine all details during 30 minutes. But there can be problems with translation and some photos because they are too dark.


This unit has 60 inches width for cleaning. This characteristic means that it clears plenty of snow from all passages in accordance with that mark.

It throws snow a 40-ft. distance. And this variant will put snow where it needs to go because you can regulate this process.


The manual-crank chute will spin 340deg to blow snow in an exact way. And this unit can work for a few hours without stopping to reboot.

Convenience of use

The chute deflector can be regulated in 5 main positions. It will help to direct the snow where you decide.

If you decide to test it on the gravel drive is 2000ft. It wouldn’t be a problem for this unit because of its safe high speed. But during the 3 ft. drift it may cause deceleration.

It can be effective for tractors with 25 to 40 HP.

Additional characteristics

This model provides PTO drive shaft. It is made of very high quality. Drive system consists of chain and sprocket.


8. Husqvarna 531307169 42-Inch Two-Stage Snow Thrower Attachment For Lawn Tractors (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Convenience of use88%
Convenience of use66%
This unit is one of the most reliable among other two-stage snow blowing mechanisms. It assembles easily on the front of the tractor. That’s important for quick snow removing.

You will also get mounting and sheave frame brackets. And there are pros and cons of using this variant.


This model can go up or down through adjustment from the tractor seat. There are two serrated input augers with a 12-inch diameter. They are pulled in snow and the high-speed impeller moves the snow. It goes via the poly chute.

You can also control the discharge chute which can spin on 180-degrees.


This unit will clean promptly in the places with a medium level of the snow. It can work during the hour but you have to put it on pause.

Convenience of use

There might be difficulties with the setup. It can take almost 4-6 hours during a weekend days to install different sized bolts in their places.

But it will be worth the result. You can clean driveways and sidewalks in approximately 25 minutes even if there is a deep snow. And with the shovel, you will spend 45 minutes.

Additional characteristics

There are three controls which help to control snow removing: chute left/right, chute up/down, and blower raise/lower.


9. MTD Genuine Parts Two-Stage Snow Thrower Mower Attachment – 42-Inch Mowers

Convenience of use82%
Convenience of use74%

This unit will suit MTD lawn and garden tractors. It has larger than 42″ mowing deck. And also this model has an accurate fit, design, material, and construction.
This machine has such advantages as:
• 42″ large attachment;
• 12″ impeller;
• 20″ intake.


here is a 33″ chute which you can spin up to 220 degrees. It’s also possible to launch or to stop a machine from the tractor seat.

Only after 9 years of using, some surface rust can appear on the bottom where it scrubs the ground.


It can work for 30 minutes without pause and with the high efficiency.

Convenience of use

The arm on bolt design can cause swinging somewhere in the air. There is a blower running and runs it into cement steps but wait a few minutes when it warms up.

But there is one con. It is the length. You need an additional room to store when hooking up.

Additional characteristics

This model has in the kit snow thrower device and all hardware for assembling.

There was a list of TOP-9 models for blowing snow with comfort and without spending an overcast sum of money.

For small areas (up to 100 m2), electric variants or models of non-self-propelled devices are suitable.

Their functions are quite sufficient for collecting a small amount of snow, and relatively compact dimensions allow solving the storage problem.

These units can be used for regular cleaning of a compact layer of snow (for example, freshly fallen snow) on paths near the house and parking spaces.

Also, if you want to keep your lawn perfect, you definitely need to pick the best gas mower.

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