5 Best Outdoor Event Tent Reviews in 2020

There are plenty of events you can hold in an outdoor space. It could be an engagement party where you celebrate saying yes and show off your engagement rings, it could be the wedding itself, or a simple but big birthday bash. Perhaps you are an event planner hosting a charity or sports event. We could name more, but then we would never get to the meat of today’s post.

Whatever the occasion or event, an outdoor event tent is a perfect place for attendees to sit and relax inside. Whether to offer meals and refreshments or offer a place to shelter from sun and rain. A tent is a perfect addition to an event that you can rarely do without.

Welcome to our reviews about the best event tents in 2020. If you are an event planner or just a person looking to have a great time in your backyard, we can help. Read on and we will show you the best of the best Outdoor Event Tents!


Our Top Pick

We think this one is the best because it is available in a variety of great sizes and you can choose from two colors, too. The material is sturdy and will stand up to wear and tear. Also, there are “windows” in the tent so you can see the action outside and still sit in the shade. This one is perfect for engagement parties and weddings.

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Product Comparison Table

PictureProduct nameMaterialsSizeLink
Goutime 10×20 Ft EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent PolyesterSteel10’x20′View on Amazon
Quictent 10×20′ Party Tent Gazebo Wedding CanopyPolyethylenePVC Steel10’x20′View on Amazon
Quictent 20’x40′ Upgraded Galvanized Heavy DutySteelPolyethylene20’x40′View on Amazon
LeisureLife Heavy Duty 10×10′ Pop UpSteel210D SilverCoated OxfordCloth10’x10′View on Amazon
DOIT 10ft x 20 Ft Pop Up Canopy 210D Silver Coated Oxford ClothSteel10’x20′View on Amazon

The Products

1.Goutime 10×20 Ft EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent

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This tent is super easy to pop up so long as you have some friends to help you! Just three people minimum is all you need for most sizes. In just a few moments you get a nice place to hang out and have a party, and it requires no tools to do so.

The windows on the outside are easy to see out of. The material is durable and is easy to spray off and clean with nothing more than a garden hose in the event of a spill or some mud.

This particular size we reviewed gets you 200 big feet of space, so you can fit many people inside on a hot day for some shade or just for a place to cool down.

The price is right, and you will love the quality. You can use this tent for all your family events, whether they take place at home or in your local park. It’s easy to take down and put in the storage bag.


  • Nice large area, you can fit the whole family in here.
  • Comes with removable side walls for three sides, and you can connect them via the handy hooks included.
  • This tent will save your parties-everybody will stay and hang out a little longer when they have a nice cool place to sit down or at least get out of the rain in case of a storm!


  • Tent only comes in 2 colors.
  • Tent is not ideal for use in very windy conditions.
  • Some users said they needed to use weights to hold it down.

2. Quictent 10×20′ Party Tent Gazebo Wedding Canopy

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This is a pretty white tent at a great price that makes for a lovely place to sit if you are at a wedding. It is lovely also for engagement parties, graduation, baby showers, and any other event thanks to the clear windows and varying sizes you can buy. The price is very competitive for this tent.

It is also waterproof, so if rain hits your gathering, your guests can rest under the tent and the party can go on. The top-quality polyethylene construction can be cleaned up easy with a garden hose, and the steel frame will make sure this tent stays wherever you put it.

It is also easy to take on the road and mostly any size you buy will fit in a car trunk for easy transport, except for the larger tents in this brand. This tent circulates air very well, so don’t worry about getting too hot on summer days. It is made of not only that great waterproof fabric, but also resists the sun’s UV rays.

You will also love the strong frame and the powder-coated steel tubes that are stable, do not bend and ensure your tent stays standing. Combine this with the great PE connectors, and you have yourself a real winner.


  • A variety of sizes available for your party needs
  • The prices are really good on this tent
  • The steel poles do a great job of holding this up.


  • Some users reported the directions were unclear.
  • The tent does not come together at the seams; may need to tape it shut.
  • Users in high-wind conditions reported the tent did not hold up.

3. Quictent 20’x40′ Upgraded Galvanized Heavy Duty Gazebo Wedding Party Upgraded Wedding Tent Canopy

This is a pretty huge tent, after all it requires eight carry bags to transport it around! That being said, you can be sure your whole gang will fit inside this cool tent. It looks absolutely stunning with the windows positioned where they are.

One really great thing about this particular tent is that there is a free lifetime replacement for any poles, connectors, elastic ropes and other parts that you need to get this tent up. The steel tubes are really a wonderful thing here; we have 38mm galvanized steel tubes that are resistant to rust and super strong.

The roof is made of the same great UV resistant material you expect of a quality tent, and the structure is also waterproof. Your party won’t be rained out with this tent. You can absolutely buy this in a variety of sizes if you don’t need a terribly large tent, so check it out for the greatest in quality, appearance and protection while having fun outdoors.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes for your party needs.
  • The steel poles for this tent were the strongest we’d seen.
  • Comes with a warranty or replacement on all parts of the tent.


  • Large size requires 8 carry bags to transport it.
  • Requires extra anchoring to stay up in very windy conditions.
  • The larger size tents will require more than one person to set up in a reasonable time.

4.LeisureLife Heavy Duty 10×10′ Pop Up Canopy Tent With Sidewalls

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Here is a fun tent great for kids’ parties or just if you really love colorful tents at your family gatherings! These tents are rather small, but sometimes they are just right for camping, small gatherings, or a shady spot for the beach or backyard.

The tent, although small, has a lovely window on the side, perfect for keeping an eye on kids or pets while you relax. The sidewalls are made of quality Oxford cloth, and it helps keep the sun off you while outdoors. The tent itself comes with a nice rolling bag, and that makes it easy to take along wherever the party will be held.

It is a nice size to take to local parks; you can have a shelter without imposing on others. The tent is easy to set up and take down, with the product description stating that “it only takes a minute” to take it away.


  • Tents are available in many colors.
  • Users report the tent was easy to install.
  • You can open the windows using the Velcro openings.


  • Product indicates it is not for windy conditions.
  • One user reported that one metal pole bent during a windy day outside.
  • Tent may be too small for some get-togethers at only 10’x10′.

5. DOIT 10ft x 20 Ft Pop Up Canopy Tent Gazebo For Party or Camping

Here is a great tent that requires no tools to set it all up. You can pick from a variety of sizes and colors. This one would make a great tent for family parties, but also for business applications like company cookouts, job fairs or charity events.

It provides shade but looks very professional when put up. The steel poles used to hold this tent up are great quality and very sturdy, powder-coated poles are rust resistant and you can even adjust the height settings too!

The material is made of UV resistant cloth that will keep the sun off everyone’s back while they work, eat or rest. There is also a wheeled carrying bag, so no matter where you are setting up shop, you can roll the tent out and put it up in just minutes, all by yourself.


  • Comes in many colors and sizes.
  • You can set up the smaller ones by yourself.
  • Material is waterproof.


  • Elastic bands that hold tent on may break.
  • No sidewalls on these tents.
  • Not ideal for very windy conditions.


There are lots of different event tents are available that can perform perfectly outside. But whatever tent you purchase, always make sure that you know how the set-up works.

We hope this article was helpful for you and gave you some ideas about which one is perfect for your outing. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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