Best Decorative Landscaping Stone Reviews for 2020

Is your yard looking a bit dull? Are you thinking of hiring a landscaping contractor Richmond? Are you looking to improve your curb appeal? Then this article may be able to help you spruce up your landscaping.

The decorative landscaping stones have been a major attraction in the recent past. These stones have been used by the best landscaping companies for the beautification of various resorts, hotels, and many businesses. There seems to be a rising trend for people to use these landscaping stones to decorate their homes and living areas these days. They may even be a great option when thinking about landscaping for your above ground pool. More and more people are attracted towards these decorative stones because of its long-lasting properties, its soothing touch to the eyes and the mind, and its natural dust resistant properties.

The feasibility of these decorative landscaping stones has also increased due to its synthetic production and availability, which in turn has reduced its price and made it extremely cost-effective for everyone to experience its magnificent form. If your landscaping needs a bit of a tune-up before you can start placing your stones, you may want to look at tree trimming jacksonville fl services, or similar, to give a tidier and more put-together look to your area.


Types of Decorative Landscaping Stones

There are six major types of decorative landscaping stones, which are briefly described below:

  • Pea Gravel: These decorative stones are a beautiful creation of Mother Nature with its tiny stature and imperfectly rounded edges. These stones are feather light to be placed as a barricade for your flower beds and miniature to fill crevices between broken slates.
  • River Rocks: These stones are very similar to Pea gravel stones, with rounded edges, polished and colorful presence, but bigger in size. These stones can be used to make wall and barricades by stacking them on top of another.
  • Lava Stones: These stones are formed on the volcanic domes and are very versatile in nature of use. There use popular in the areas of dry climate with scarce rainfall. Lava rocks can be used as substitutes for grass as well.
  • Flagstone: These stones provide a very modern yet authentic ancient touch to it. Flagstones can be used as a magnificent walkway or a stepping stone.

Limestone: Limestones are very light and soft; therefore, it can be used as a patio and walkway. Limestones are a perfect entity to make drainage systems with.

Sandstone: These rocks are sandy in nature. The sandy nature and surface provide a great outlook and architecture to the house.

The Best Decorative Landscaping Stones Reviews

Since there are a variety of decorative landscaping stones available in the market, we have come up with the 10 best options covering almost all the types of stones described above to buy online. Let’s check them out here:

1. Royal Imports 5lb Large Decorative Ornamental River Pebbles Rocks

These rocks are river rocks and therefore they are eco-friendly, long-lasting, and very smooth with round edges. Their natural characteristics prevent them from deteriorating quickly and make them the perfect cost-effective element for decoration.

One of its many uses is to use it solely as a decorative and beautification agent (i.e. interior and exterior design), apart from making aggregated walls and floors, swimming pools, and many various areas. The smooth and round nature of the stones makes them great flooring material and stepping stones. The innate black color makes it a great material for décor.

Standout Features:

  • Naturally polished with a distinct charcoal black shade.
  • Smooth with round edges.
  • Very relaxing and calming to walk on it bare-foot.
  • Moderate in size with length ranging from 2.00″ to 0.75″.

2. Southwest Boulder & Stone Landscape Rock and Pebble

These gravel rocks are comparatively inexpensive and very easy to install. These natural landscaping stones are a great addition to the beautification of the gardens and aquarium, potted plants and many more.

These rocks are mostly found and used in areas of minimal rainfall and consistently dry areas. These rocks are not as smooth and rounded as river pebble rocks and hence do not make good walkways and flooring, whereas decoration and aggregates on walls can be easily carried out. These pebbles are cent percent natural with no additives at all.

Standout Features:

  • The River rocks are rough-edged with an uneven shape due to moderate weathering.
  • These pebbles posses a variety of textures, shades, and sizes.
  • The length of the pebble ranges from 0.40″ to 0.50″.

3. Mexican Beach Pebbles | 20 Pounds of Smooth Unpolished Stones

These pebbles are handpicked from California peninsula and are cent percent natural. These pebbles are comparatively minute in size and are used as a premium pebble for various décor works. One of the key features of this stone is that they’re precisely similar and accurate in their texture, shape, and sizes, making it a premium material for various décor work. The beautiful earthy and natural texture of this rock gives it a great contrast to the plants and flowers root beds.

These pebbles are extremely water absorbent and hence retain water to prevent soil erosion and weathering. These qualities deter these pebbles from being used near fire or in fire pits.

Standout Features:

  • Naturally polished and even stones
  • Smooth and consists of a variety of shapes and textures
  • Provides a very authentic yet rustic look to the decorated subject
  • Water absorbent and hence retains water
  • The length of the pebble ranges from 2″ to 3″.

4. Rainforest 1″ to 2″ Medium Margo Decorative River Polished Pebbles

These natural pebbles are nature’s one of the most beautiful creation with its colors ranging from pitch coal black to dark grey. These pebbles are naturally polished and are very smooth. They can be used as a great decorative flooring material due to their smooth edges and decent grip.

They are mostly used for wall décor, aquarium, and floor decorations. These pebbles in the house would make heads turn and would give your neighbors something to be jealous about. It can also be used as a replacement for grass and mulch.

Standout Features:

  • Exuberant and classy pitch black color that ranges to dark grey
  • Smooth, even and make a magnificent element for décor.
  • The stones possess a variety of sizes but mostly moderate.
  • They are not broad and smooth enough for walkways but are useful elements for aquarium and wall decorations.

5. OUPENG Pebbles 2 Pounds Polished Gravel, Natural Polished Mixed Color Stones, Small Decorative River Rock Stones

These pebbles are natural with a polished smooth effect and are fade resistant, resulting in a long-lasting decoration period. It can be used in both interior and exterior designing including aquarium, wall, and floor aggregate décor (for interior design) and garden and swimming pool décor (for exterior design).

For people who tend to spend less, Oupeng pebbles would work wonders as these pebbles are comparatively inexpensive yet very beautiful in its existence.

Standout Features:

  • Purely natural stones are available in a variety of colors, textures, and shades.
  • These pebbles are fade resistant and very glossy, making them long-lasting and shiny for a longer period of time.
  • The length of the pebble ranges from 0.30″ to 0.60″.

6. Decorative River Rock Stones WINOMO Natural River Pebbles Colorful 0.5-1cm 500g

These pebbles are perfectly round with smooth edges and are vibrant with various bright colors. It can be used for surfacing for various crockery, shafts, and floors. The unique and ideal shape of the pebbles has resulted in the use of these pebbles for pottery. The smooth surface of the pebbles makes it ideal for an aquarium and swimming pool décor.

Standout Features:

  • These pebbles are eye catchy with vibrant and bright colors.
  • They have smooth and evened out edges.
  • The walkways and floorings can be covered by these stones due to their smooth edges and broadened sizes and bases.

7. UNIME Glow in The Dark Garden Pebbles Stones for Yard and Walkways Décor

These photoluminescent rocks glow in the dark and make a great sophisticated décor material for your home or workplace. These rocks do not require electricity or battery to charge but absorb sunlight to radiate later during the day. These rocks are very soothing to the eye and calm you done. It is also a jaw-dropping point of discussion among people who visit your place.

These pebbles can also be used in the garden or on the path towards your home as it provides an out of the world look to your surroundings and keeps the ambiance around you cool and unique. These pebbles last for years and still do not lose their luminescence.

Standout Features:

  • These stones glow in the dark due to their photoluminescent properties.
  • Keep the ambiance cool and calm
  • Smaller in size and hence can be used as great décor
  • Long-lasting and uses sunlight to maintain its photoluminescence
  • Provides a therapeutic ambiance around you

8. Southwest Boulder & Stone Porcelain White Pebbles for Potted Plants, Gardening, Succulents, Aquariums, Terrariums, and More

These white and off-white pebbles provide a very classy and minimalistic look to your environment. It provides a serene touch to your home and portrays you as an outgoing, open-minded, and cheerful person, who tackles life head on.

They are dust repellent and hence keep the plants healthy (if used in the garden). They’re also used for landscaping and providing a boundary and barricade to various flowers and plants. These pebbles do not absorb water resulting in the fewer requirements of watering plants.

Standout Features:

  • Minimalistic white texture for a serene home décor
  • Comparatively less expensive and is a boon for people who plan to spend less but do not want to compromise on quality.
  • Keep the ambiance serene and calm.
  • A great contrast to the colorful flowers and plants, if used in the garden (exterior design).

9. Colored Ceramsite Garden Resin Pebbles Landscape Rock and Pebble Decorative Stones and Gravel for Landscaping Gardening Potted Plants 500g

These pebbles have naturally formed color patterns that are so long-lasting that it doesn’t fade away with time. They’re perfectly round, colorful, and easy to clean. These pebbles are also used for landscaping and interior and exterior designing and decoration. They might turn out to be a great addition to the collection of other rocks and pebbles that you might possess. These pebbles are cent percent natural and real.

Standout Features:

  • Naturally round and edge-free yet a bit rough
  • Comes in a variety of colors and textures
  • Easy to wash off dirt from them
  • Smaller in size and hence can be used as great décor

10. Venetian Princess Lava Rocks – Decorative Landscaping Rocks or Gas Fire Pits Rocks

These stones are formed from the volcanic domes and are very versatile in nature of use. They can be used in fire pits, fireplaces, and for decorations also. These stones are found in black and red color. They can be used as substitutes for grass as well.

They efficiently retain heat and are extremely lightweight. The magnificent black or vibrant red makes it very attractive to use as décor material.

Standout Features:

  • Very uneven and rough, therefore makes magnificent and useful bathroom tiles
  • Extremely lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Large in size and makes a great substitute for grass and mulch.


The series of eye-catching and jaw-dropping collection of these decorative landscaping stones and pebbles have been cost-effective and worth the money spent. It is not only about décor but also about the positive ambiance that it creates in your place.

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