Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews in 2020

Are you wanting to treat yourself? Have you been looking for the best inflatable hot tub? At some point, everyone wants to experience its spa-like nature, but ideally, not for the massive ticket price.

Fortunately, there are inflatable hot tubs that are low maintenance, easy to install, and affordable without risking any luxury and comfort. However, if you actually are looking for a staple hot tub for your backyard, then you may want to do take a quick look at the Hot Tubs For Sale in your area so you can get the best deal for your complete relaxation.

Anyway, for now we have gathered a list of some of the best inflatable hot tubs in 2020. So, take a look and see which one you might want to try!


Our Top Pick

Intex 77 in. PureSpa

The Intex 77-inch PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set brings an industry standard spa experience to your house. Not only is it made with durable materials, it is easy to set the temperature and the power of its 120 bubble jets to your preference.

Moreover, it is easy to set up and maintain, and its lightweight construction makes it portable as well. (View On Amazon)

Comparison Chart

PictureProduct nameFeature 1(Capacity) Feature 2 (Inflated Size)Link
Intex 77in. PureSpa 4 people77″x28″View On Amazon
Coleman SaluSpa 4 people71″x 26″View On Amazon
SaluSpa Miami Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub2-4people71″x26″View on Amazon
Bestway SaluSpa Paris Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub4-6 people77″x26″View On Amazon
Goplus 4-6 Person Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub4-6 people71″x26″View On Amazon

Intex 77 in. PureSpa

The Intex PureSpa portable hot tub provides one of the best at-home spa experiences. With the ability to fit up to 4 people, this inflatable hot tub provides an industry-standard spa interior that is made up of lightweight but strong fibers that provide durability and comfort.

In the same way, where there are hot water heat pumps for swimming pools, this garden hot tub features an easy-to-use control panel to control the heat to meet your preferences and to activate 120 high-powered bubble jets for a soothing massage. Additionally, the hot tub’s built-in hardwater treatment system will ensure the water is gentle on your skin.

Each hot tub comes with 2 easy-to-replace filter cartridges and an inflation hose for easy installation. And when it is time to put the hot tub away, there is an insulated cover and lock that protects the hot tub as well as a bag for easy storage and transport. So, if you move houses, you can take your hot tub along with you.

Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to assemble and materials are well-made and durable.
  • Blow-up cover is great for preserving heat and protecting anyone from falling in.
  • It is portable and low-maintenance.


  • Some users claim the pump is not strong enough to maintain pressure in the tub walls.
  • If the ambient temperature is less than 80-degrees, the hot tub will not heat up.
  • Some users report that after 2-3 months of continuous use, the hot tub motor and tubing starts to break.

Coleman SaluSpa

The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub can support up to four people with soothing warm water and an air jet system with the power of 60 air jets. With its 2-handle design, it is super easy to move and assemble this hot tub anywhere in an efficient manner.

The soft-touch digital control panel easily controls the 60 massage air jets and can easily heat the water up to a steamy 104-degrees. Also, do not be fooled by the inflatable walls of the hot tub.

The walls are actually made of durable 3-ply PVC and I-beam construction that ensures the structural integrity of the hot tub.

The Coleman SaluSpa Hot Tub also comes with a chemical floater, two filter cartridge replacements and an inflatable cover. Not only easy for you to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub, it is also easy for you to maintain the quality of the hot tub. Either way, this hot tub will be an all-around treat.

Pros & Cons


  • Set-up is straightforward and easy.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Easy to drain and refill.
  • The pump is very quiet.


  • It cannot be used in ambient temperatures lower 40-degrees.
  • It can take almost a whole day to heat the hot tub.
  • The filters clog up easily.
  • Heater and pump shut off automatically after 72 hours.
  • The jets are more like bubbles.

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub

As one of the world’s premium hot tubs, the SaluSpa Miami Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub is a portable spa that can be set up indoors or outdoors in minutes.

In addition to accommodating up to 4 people, the SaluSpa Miami has a tri-ply external construction that that ensures superior strength and durability.

Additionally, the hot tub features a puncture-resistant, I-beam construction that ensures the walls of the hot tub do not buckle, bend or break.

The SaluSpa Miami also benefits from a super easy-to-use control panel. From there, you can control the temperature of your hot tub and activate 120 bubble jets, all without leaving the tub.

Thanks to water filtration system and a chemical floater, your spa water will always be fresh and clean. Lastly, along with the hot tub, you also get a cover. This helps trap the warmth when you are not using it and to stop any debris from gathering in the water.

Pros & Cons


  • No tools are required for assembly.
  • Super sturdy construction.
  • Pump’s display screen is simple and easy to use.


  • The jet for the massage bubbles can be loud.
  • If the ambient temperature is below 40-degrees, it will not work.
  • Some users find that the capacity is only for four relatively small people. Otherwise, it is a tight fit.
  • Seams inside the tub are prone to leaking.

Bestway SaluSpa Paris Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub

Much like the Miami Air Jet Hot Tub, the Paris Air Jet Hot Tub features a tri-ply exterior for extra durability and stability to support from 4-6 people. The Paris Air Jet Hot Tub also comes with a cushioned air pad floor.

This is an added cushion that sits underneath your hot tub and provides comfort to your feet and backside as well as insulation.

Also like the Miami Air Jet Hot Tub, this hot tub requires no tools for assembly. A user-friendly digital control pad makes it easy to control the hot tub’s temperature.

Also, the Paris Air Jet Hot Tub comes with an automatic time-controlled heating system. So, for your peace of mind, safety, and electric bill, the Paris Air Jet Hot Tub will shut itself off.

Lastly, this hot tub knows how to set the ambience. The Paris Air Jet Hot Tub features a remote-control LED light strip. It cycles through 7 different colors to tie your spa experience up with a relaxing light show.

Pros & Cons


  • Assembly is quick and easy.
  • The external lining is thick and durable.
  • The LED light show definitely elevates the spa experiences.


  • Users also found that the external material is also prone to leaking.
  • The cushioned mat is prone to decompose.
  • Cover has extra buckles that make it hard to maneuver.

Goplus 4-6 Person Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Another potential great addition to your open-air entertainment is this Goplus Outdoor Spa. This inflatable hot tub seats four people and is completely portable.

Equipped with a built-in hardwater treatment system, the water will be gentler on the skin for a more relaxing effect.

Additionally, the hot tub’s soft touch digital control panel makes it easy for you to set the hot tub to your ideal temperature. So, after a hard day’s work, you can let this hot tub’s soothing warm temperature and massage jets help you unwind.

With its easy to replace filters, it is easy to keep your spa water clean and healthy. Moreover, it is easy to preserve the longevity of your hot tub.

Additionally, the Goplus also comes with a cover to keep the water heated and to prevent any debris from getting into the hot tub.

Pros & Cons


  • The 360-degree bubble design provides a thorough massage experience.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Tub is made of a sturdy material.
  • Bubbles are vigorous, but not too loud.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • 4 people in the hot tub would be a tight fit.
  • Some users found that it took a full 3 days to heat up.
  • There is no information on how much energy or electrical power it uses.
  • Filters need to be cleaned regularly unless you want to constantly fork out money for replacements.


Evidently, inflatable hot tubs come with their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, you have to find the hot tub that best matches your circumstances and thermal experience.

As you decide, feel free to refer back to our own review to see what standards you should look for in a hot tub.

If you have any questions or comments, please share them with us.

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