Best Outdoor Deck Lighting Reviews in 2020

Are you wanting to improve your backyard? Have you been looking on backyardtoolshed for ideas? A lot of homeowners love outdoor living and want to install decking, pools, pathing, kitchens and seating areas to allow them to spend as much of their day outside as possible. Of course, it’s usually only sunny locations that have pools but it depends on how well covered the area is. Decking is the most popular installation homeowners make and good lighting is just as important as the stone they use.

Smart deck lighting solutions can really bring a special touch to your garden or patio. They are the perfect addition for anybody that loves spending evenings outdoors, BBQ aficionados, or romantic dinners on the outside deck. Plus, they’re now easier to install than ever before. LED lights work well outdoors, and plug sockets can be placed on any outside wall that you want. Just talk to one of the best electrician in Manchaca, or one closer to where you live, and they’ll be able to install your lights in less than a day!

Outdoor lights can represent a strong investment and there are hundreds of options on the market for any user. Lately, neon lights are one of the most popular outdoor light options. People are visiting Neon Filter to create their own neon signs to light up their outdoor areas. Perhaps that’s worth looking into. Of course, there are other options too. To pick the right one for your needs and outside areas, check out these reviews of the best deck lighting solutions on the market.


Our Top Pick

Greluna Solar Wall Lights Outdoor

The Greluna Solar Wall Lights have been installed successfully in the gardens and patios of over thousands of users. They are characterized by a unique design that will make your outside area a special place to spend time with your family or friends. These lights are solar powered better energy use, weather-resistant and extremely easy to install.

The Comparison Table

PictureProduct nameFeature 1 (Power Source)Feature 2 (Kind of Light)Link
GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Ground LightsSolar chargeWorks 10 hours with 4 hours of chargeCool white lightView on amazon
G40 Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs6″ tail with female connectorWarm white light.View on amazon
JSOT 12 Pack Solar Powered Deck Lights Wireless Bright LED StairSolar-powered through panels on the top.Cool white light.View on amazon
Greluna Solar Wall Lights OutdoorSolar-powered, wirelessWarm white or color changing mode.View on amazon
Brightech Ambience Pro – Waterproof LED Outdoor String LightsPlug-inwarm white light (3000K).View on amazon

Product Reviews

1. GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Ground Lights

The Gigalumi Solar Ground Lights come in packs of 8 and they are perfect to illuminate large gardens. They are completely easy to use on grass, even during garden maintenance, mowing, or playing. Since they are completely wireless, these lights are incredibly easy to install in any garden or grassland. The buried base makes them the perfect minimalist addition to your outdoor area.

This lighting solution is resistant to any kind of weather and tested for breakage under more than a 100kg standing body. They are also completely waterproof, and the lamp frame is made out of resistant stainless steel.

The lamps are solar-powered and can guarantee up to 8 hours of lighting with 4 hours of charge during the day. These estimations depend on specific weather conditions. They also turn on and off automatically during the different times of the day.


  • Easy to install in any garden and pathway.
  • They have a minimalistic look that fits any exterior nicely.
  • Completely safe to handle.
  • Solar-powered, so they can help you save energy
  • They turn on and off automatically.
  • They have been tested to resist any weather, water, and weight up to 100kg.


  • Some users experienced difficulty charging the lights during overcast days.

2. G40 Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs

These bulbs are among the best-looking lighting solutions on the market. They are perfect to hang on patio ceilings or indoor, as the light they produce is warm and uniform. Each box contains 25 bulbs on a 25ft string, including the connector.

Since they can be mounted and relocated easily, they are perfect to cover large outside areas. Some users have also been found them great for weddings and evening ceremonies.

Moreover, this is a great solution for long parties or events as they have been tested to be in use for over 48 hours at a time.

They come with a 1-year warranty and multiple threads can be connected to each other for even better illumination. The bulbs are made of glass, but they don’t heat up during prolonged use, which makes them safe to handle.


  • Made of glass, but don’t heat up.
  • Made for prolonged use.
  • Safe to handle and easy to mount and relocate.
  • Perfect for both outdoor decks and inside.
  • Multiple strings can be connected for better lighting.
  • Warm and uniform light for a better atmosphere.


  • Some users have experienced trouble with the durability of this product.

3. JSOT Solar Powered Deck Lights Wireless Bright LED Stair

The JSOT Solar Powered Deck Lights have a discrete and minimalistic design perfect to illuminate every outdoor area or staircase. They are completely solar-powered and have low-key panels mounted on the top to be both environment-friendly and appealing.

They can be in constant use for over 8 hours on one single charge and perfect to illuminate your patio during evening gatherings.

They are extremely easy to mount and handle and there are two ways to be installed for better customization. The light is projected at a 31-degree angle which makes it more efficient.

These lights are completely waterproof and tested against any weather conditions for longer durability. For resistance, they are made out of silicone and stainless steel. They are completely automated, and they switch on and off depending on the outside brightness level.

For any users that need a little extra help with those lights, JSOT offers a 24-hour customer service and warranty.


  • Environmentally friendly and can help you save energy.
  • They are fully automated and switch on and off depending on the level of brightness in the area.
  • They can work for around 8 hours on a single charge
  • They are easy to mount and relocate.
  • They are safe to handle, completely waterproof and weather resistant.


  • Double-sided tape to fix them on flat surfaces not included.

4. Greluna Solar Wall Lights Outdoor

The Greluna Solar Wall Lights holds surprises for any user! They are perfect to discreetly illuminate your party or BBQ area with their soft warm light. However, just by switching to the color changing mode, you will have a great solution for festivals and large gatherings.

They are completely wireless and solar-powered or smart energy saving. Through the elimination of all wires, they are entirely safe to use, handle and relocate. They are also incredibly easy to mount in any available surface of your patio.

These lights are designed to be completely waterproof and they are IP45 certified. This versatile Greluna product not only projects a warm romantic light, but it also works for over 10 hours with one charge.


  • Completely wireless to be safer to use and install.
  • They are easy to mount and relocate, they can be attached to any surface.
  • IP45 certified to resist all kinds of weather and rainfall.
  • They are powered through the larger than usual solar power mounted on top of the frame.
  • They work on two light modes: warm white or a romantic atmosphere or colorful for larger events.


  • These lights need to be switched on and off manually.
  • Multiple lamps have to be switched on and off individually.

5. Brightech Ambience Pro – Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

This Brightech Ambience Pro product is designed to gift your patio with a retro and appealing atmosphere for any gathering. They have been used by bistros and businesses to create a dreamy atmosphere for customers and family members.

They feature old-school Edison filaments within the bulb, however, the technology used prevents them from overheating. They are so completely easy to use, relocate and handle and they can be installed anywhere easily.

These lights are commercial-grade waterproof and tested against any weather conditions. Moreover, the frame is made of heavy-duty material and they come with a 3 years warranty.

They are powered through a plug-in system, but they use LED technology, which can help you save up to 85% on energy use compared to standard light bulbs.


  • Offer a retro atmosphere similar to old-school Italian bistros.
  • The light bulbs feature Edison filaments which gives them a unique look.
  • They can be hung anywhere easily, and they can be relocated.
  • They are completely safe to use, and the technology used to reinforce the bulbs prevents them from overheating.
  • Each thread is 26ft long, enough to illuminate large outside areas.
  • For better lighting, multiple strands can be powered at the same time.


  • Some users have found the LED bulbs to last not as long as expected.


If you are planning on bettering your already good-looking patio or outside deck, you can’t miss out on one of these lighting solutions. They represent only a small investment and they are a long-lasting addition to any outdoor area.

Moreover, if you are looking a maintaining your patio clean while redecorating it without a great commitment, dumpster rental services can help you out.

Do you like spending your mid-summer evening on your patio? Did you find these reviews helpful or would you like to suggest another product? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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