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It’s time to clean your feet, and I present to you the 10 of the best doormats for this purpose. A good external doormat will be made of synthetic materials that can be washed with water and will retain their color for a long time. There are various materials that can make up an external doormat, and I review them at the end of this guide.

Top-Rated Outdoor Doormat List:

PhotoProduct nameFeatureProsMore info
1. Mohawk Home Mosaic Spice Doormat1. Mohawk Home Mosaic Spice DoormatThis is the Mohawk Home Mosaic Spice Doormat

  • sturdy plastic

  • cleans with a vacuum

More Information
2. Black Rubber Interchangeable Doormat2. Black Rubber Interchangeable DoormatThis is the Geo Crafts Rubber Scroll Interchangeable Doormat

  • made of biodegradable materials

  • eye-catching

More Information
3. Weather Guard™ 23-Inch x 35-Inch Argyle Door Mat in Medium Grey3. Weather Guard™ 23-Inch x 35-Inch Argyle Door Mat in Medium GreyThis is the Weather Guard™ 23-Inch x 35-Inch Argyle Door Mat

  • a classic doormat

  • easy to clean

More Information
4. Dog Gone Smart Runner Dirty Dog Doormat4. Dog Gone Smart Runner Dirty Dog DoormatThis is the Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat

  • designed for pet owners

  • advanced microfiber technology

More Information
5. Recycled Rubber Loop Doormat Rich LOOK Affordable5. Recycled Rubber Loop Doormat Rich LOOK AffordableThis is the Entryways Loop Recycled Rubber and Natural Latex Doormat, 18" X 30" X .50"

  • functional design

  • resists mold and defines color fading

More Information
6. Larry the Llama Doormat6. Larry the Llama DoormatThis is the Danica Studio Llamarama Doormat

  • coconut fiber

  • fade-resistant ink

More Information
7. No Trax Designs 169F0024CH Guzzler Sunburst Door Mat7. No Trax Designs 169F0024CH Guzzler Sunburst Door MatThis is the Notrax Guzzler™ Sunburst Runner

  • crescent or runner design

  • is made of commercial grade materials

More Information
8. Gone Surfing Coir Doormat8. Gone Surfing Coir DoormatThis is the Gone Surfing Coir Doormat 18 x 30 Inch Outdoor/Indoor Extra Thick Door Mat

  • natural fiber coconut fibers

  • capture moisture and dirt

More Information
9. Home & More 900223048 Gatsby Doormat, 2'69. Home & More 900223048 Gatsby Doormat, 2'6" x 4', BlackThis is the Home & More 900223048 Gatsby Doormat, 2'6" x 4', Black

  • classic grate designs

  • will stick to any surface

More Information
10. Wingate Monogrammed Entry Mat10. Wingate Monogrammed Entry MatThis is the A1 Home Collections First Impression Hand Crafted Geneva Monogrammed Entry Doormat

  • 100% pure coconut coir

  • environmentally friendly

More Information

When choosing a doormat, you have to consider the environment you live in, the frequency of use and how easy it is to clean and maintain. The style, color, and shape are all subjective to personal values, and this is something you can only decide upon by yourself.

Just remember this, when someone comes to the door of your home, the first things they see are your door and the doormat. This means that you should buy a doormat that reflects the mage of your home and your style. It is also something you want to be happy to see in front of your house and be functional, cleaning your shoes from debris, mud, and water, before entering the home.

Best Outdoor Doormat Review:

1. Mohawk Home Mosaic Spice Doormat

Mohawk Home doormats are recycled polyester that is set with heat transfer technology. These mats are precision cut to specific designs and provide a non-slip surface holding the mat to the floor.

The core product is a recycled tire. So, you get the best of two worlds, a sturdy plastic and a reliable 100% recycled environmentally friendly product. This perhaps one of the best outdoor doormats on the market today.

This 8.53 lbs., the doormat is 23” x 35” and cleans with a vacuum, choke or hosing down with water.


2. Black Rubber Interchangeable Doormat

This is perhaps the best doormat ever; it is made of biodegradable materials that are environmentally friendly and is designed to stick to any surface, even wet ones.

This is a rubber sole product, with a rigid coconut hair surface, and requires care to avoid the cumulation of mold and mildew. The best way to care for this doormat is to hose it down and let it dry.

Manufactured by Geo Crafts Inc, this doormat is 18” x 30” x 0.6” thick, weighing only 10 lbs.

The intricate rubber design makes this a perfect solution for cleaning off the muddiest of shoes, and you can change the coconut hair feature to suit occasions and seasons.

All in all, this is a wonderful eye-catching and efficient doormat.


3. Weather Guard™ 23-Inch x 35-Inch Argyle Door Mat in Medium Grey

The Weather Guard™ is a classic doormat with all the features you expect from the best inside door mat. The Weather Guard™ Argyle comes with a distinctive design and is made of easy to clean machine molded polypropylene with a commercial rubber base.

You place this doormat in your entryway, inside or outside, although it is great for the inside. It was warm to the touch and will not break down over time; it resists crushing too. The face is made of anti-static, anti-mildew synthetic fibers.

This mat is 23″ L x 35″ W, and the rubber underside is 100% skid-resistant.


4. Dog Gone Smart Runner Dirty Dog Doormat

the Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat™ is specifically designed for pet owners. Any home with a dog will want at least one of these mats placed around an entrance.

This is made of a super absorbent material that soaks up to seven times its weight in water and mud. The core content contains 50% more microfibers, and it dries 5X faster than all competitors. The undercoat is a super gripping rubber, and the surface is a plush, velvety soft brush.

This is a machine washable mat, that is made of an advanced microfiber technology, where millions of soft microfiber strands are compacted together creating an extra-large super-sponge like material.


5. Recycled Rubber Loop Doormat Rich LOOK Affordable

The Entryways Loop Recycled Rubber and Natural Latex Doormat is a feat of engineering art and provides both a durable and functional design to clean the hardest of muddy boots while remaining stylish.

This mat is made from a recycled rubber mix compound with natural latex, making this a flexible, and rugged mat that resists mold and defines color fading.

The dimensions are 18″ by 30,” and it is 0.25″ thick. You clean it by hosing it down with water, and it dries as fast as water evaporates. This model is sold in packs of four units each.


6. Larry the Llama Doormat

If its unique you want, then you won’t get more unique than a 100% Coir Fiber Danica Studio Llamarama Doormat. This doormat is printed in fade-resistant ink, so you get longer wear over time. The coconut fibers are extremely hard, and the design is for practicality as much as style.

This mat’s design is hand drawn and is part of a larger set with similar lines and colors.

The dimensions of this mat are 18” x 30” and is a perfect inside and outdoor mat. Since it is coconut fiber, you will need to vacuum it, and also treat it against mold.


7. No Trax Designs 169F0024CH Guzzler Sunburst Door Mat

The Notrax Guzzler™ Sunburst doormat is a crescent or runner design and is the product of a commercial grade company. Notrax specializes in large projects, and this doormat is designed for malls and commercial use. With this in mind, any home would benefit greatly from using a Notrax product.

The core concept of this design is to allow heavy-duty wear without damaging the features or the surface, and it sucks up water like a sea sponge.

This model is a crescent shape version, but you can get a runner too, and it is made of commercial grade materials with a raised pattern that facilitates the scraping and drying process, making this the perfect indoor or outdoor mat, and possibly the world’s best outdoor mat.

The high-low channel design is engineered to trap and hold moisture and debris, and the rubber backing is molded cleats that reduce mat movement. The overall thickness is 3/8,” and the tuft yarn is 26oz.


8. Gone Surfing Coir Doormat

The Gone Surfing Coir Doormat is made of natural fiber coconut fibers. This is one of the top-rated outdoor doormats in the review. It is made of 100% pure natural coconut coir; these are strong natural fibers that capture moisture, dirt, and from any footwear and bare feet.

This model is highly resistant to fungus and bacteria, and it Is super absorbent, capturing water and ruing over time. This is a low maintenance doormat.

The underside is made of a non-skid vinyl backing that provides maximum grip to prevent slippage. What stands out is that this is a 1” thick doormat, and is 18” x 30”, it weighs just under 7 lbs., and the design is a plain dark navy blue “Gone Surfing” text printed across the mat in bold letters.


9. Home & More 900223048 Gatsby Doormat, 2’6″ x 4′, Black

When it comes to classic grate designs, like those old cast iron grates from the Victorian Era, nothing beats the Home & More 900223048 Gatsby Doormat. It is made of recycled tire rubber and is 100% impervious to all elements (except fire).

This amazing doormat will stick to any surface and is designed to clean the worst-case scenario shoes and boots. It is also designed for easy cleaning, and a hose and water is all you will need.

This model is 2’.6” x 4’ and weighs 15.5 lbs.


10. Wingate Monogrammed Entry Mat

The A1 Home Collections First Impression is made of 100% pure coconut coir, making this a very sturdy and rough surfaced doormat that will defeat the worst muddy shoe and boot.

This doormat also acts as a natural bug repellent; it sheds natural coir fibers with use. Since this is an all-natural product, it is extremely environmentally friendly. It has a PVC mat undercover, and the pile is ¾” thick.

Since this is coconut fiber, you get some natural resistance to bacteria and fungi, but with all-natural materials, you still have to fight them by proper maintenance. Make sure you clean and dry it frequently.

Doormat Materials 101

Deciding which doormat, you need for your home or business requires you to consider three things: the frequency of the entrance used, the level of dirt expected to cover the mat and the design or style you want to maintain for your home or business. Just take into account that external doormats must be synthetic, or coir. No other natural fibers are relevant, nor are they desirable for such an application.

Rubber Doormats

Today, most rubber doormats are made from recycled tires and other plastics that are used to create a tough and slip resistant surface. Tire based doormats resist a lot of wear and tear and can be formed into a myriad of designs, from the thin filigree mats you see adorning restaurants and homes to the thick mats found in front of malls and businesses.

Rubber doormats are perfect for all weather conditions and thrive in wet and muddy environments. They are all heavy grip, and easy to clean and are perfect for frequent usage. They are easy to clean, requiring in only a hosing down or wipe with a wet cloth.

Rubber doormats are perfect for rear entrances and in very wet and muddy climates.

Synthetic Carpet Doormats

Carpet doormats are made of various materials, for outdoors you want only a synthetic fiber. This means a recycled or new polypropylene material. Anything else, and you are asking for mold and other issues. These carpet textured mats provide both a stylish finish that comes in any color and design you desire, as well as being easy to wash with water and mold free. For indoor mats, they can be vacuumed quickly and are maintenance free.

Synthetic carpet doormats come in an infinite variety of colors and designs, and they do not lose their color in direct sunlight.

Coir Doormats

Coir is a fiber created from the husk of a coconut. These fibers are hard and durable, although being natural have two natural tendencies. They dislodge from the mat undercoat, and they can lead to mold and other issue fi not cared for properly. On the up died, they are the only natural finer used in outdoor matting. These mats are tough, the hair is hard enough to scrape off the worst-case scenarios, and they are easy to clean.

Coir doormats are the best solution in hot, and dusty environments.

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