Best Outdoor Movie Screen Reviews in 2020

Watching your favorite movies outdoors with friends is a huge treat. But what’s the best screen to go with? Read our reviews so you can have the best movie night on the block!


Our Top Pick

EasyGo Products 14’ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

We love this one the best because the price is right, the screen is huge, and the setup is so easy. Even if you wish to show a movie and it’s a bit breezy out, the tie-downs included make it so that your screen stays put!

PictureProduct nameSize Setup TimeLink
EasyGo Inflatable MovieScreen14’2 minView on Amazon
Vamvo OutdoorIndoor ProjectorScreen10’5 minView on Amazon
Abdtech Indoor/Outdoor Wrinkle Free Movie Screen8’5 minView on Amazon
Visual Apex Projector Screen-PortableIndoor/Outdoor9’5 minView on Amazon
TaoTronics Indoor/OutdoorProjection Screen8’2 minView on Amazon

The Products

1. EasyGo Inflatable Movie Screen

This is no doubt the coolest movie screen we have ever seen! It inflates to give your guests the magic of a 14-foot screen. Imagine cool action flicks or awesome fantasy films on this beast of a screen! You will love how easy the setup is on this particular screen. It only takes 2 minutes, but a helpful guide comes in case you need some help. The lovely white display is detachable, and so it is easy to keep clean and store. It should also be noted that the fan that powers the screen is quiet and will not affect how your audience hears or experiences the movie.

Another thing we really liked was the inclusion of the tie downs as well as the ground stakes for this particular screen. Your movie will be safe and fun, and you won’t need to worry if there’s a breeze in the air on the night you decide to show it. It’s like having your own personal theatre! In the event that rain comes, rest assured the fabric of the screen and frame, which is polyester, is waterproof and you needn’t worry about how it will affect your item.

The picture on this particular screen is fantastic! Football, movies, funny Internet clips and more can be broadcast on this and you will see it just the way it was intended.


  • Comes with a great carry bag so the fun goes where you do.
  • The screen weighs only 11 lbs.-easy to carry around.
  • This screen is enormous.


  • This is really only rated for outdoor use-you would need a huge room to show it indoors.

2. Vamvo Indoor/Outdoor Projection Screen

On the lookout for a screen that is easy to set up, comes in three great sizes, and makes your movies look crisp and clear? This is the one. The setup is easy, and you can use it indoors or outdoors.  One other great thing we liked about this particular screen was the manufacturer’s warranty. Should anything be broken, you can just contact Vamvo and get a refund or replacement.

The projector itself is very well-packaged. It comes in a small box, and the rods that support it are broken down into small pieces and you put them together when it’s time to watch. The screen is made with Velcro and to set it up, you wrap it around the pole. The screen is constructed of fabric that you may iron in case of wrinkles. There is even a bungee cord inside the rods that have to stay together so they do just that, and you don’t have to look for them.

Even though some of our other screens featured here had a fabric carry bag, we noted that this one featured a storage box that is about the size of a briefcase. This is easy for most of us to store and won’t take up much room at all.


  • Users loved the clear, sharp image on the screen.
  • The setup is very easy on this portable screen.
  • The fabric of the screen is great quality and feels tough when you hold it.


  • The screen is likely to come wrinkled and will need to be ironed.

3. Abdtech Indoor/Outdoor Wrinkle Free Movie Screen

This is a screen that’s ready to go right out of the box-no need for ironing. The screen is made of polyester and spandex and is very sturdy. You can easily fold up the screen and store it away when it’s not being used. The screen itself will make your videos and movies look spectacular, it supports 4K video and makes your media great.

It takes only five minutes to set up the screen. There are no screws or other tools needed to set this up-just get a friend and you will have it done in no time. The rear projection screen has a weight of just 6 lbs., and you can easily carry it using your own hands or just put it inside the convenient carry bag that comes with it.

The projector itself stands on legs with both a front and a back. Most of the products we featured had tripods-so this is a great way to keep things upright and sturdy even if there is a breeze outdoors.


  • Very easy setup and takedown.
  • The screen is machine washable.
  • Instructions for setup are printed on the carry bag.


  • The screen has no back, so there will be some lost brightness from your projector.

4. Visual Apex Projector

This cool product snaps right onto the frame so wrinkles are never anything you have to deal with. You will notice the item is 110” high, and this translates to about 8 feet. Sure, compared to some other products it is not as large, but once you get this outside you will see just how big it is!

The material is PVC, specifically Cinema Matte White. 4K Ultra HD, 3d and 2d look great on this particular screen. And when you have to take this on the road, there is an easy carry bag that everything folds into. If you are in a place that does not require the use of the sturdy frame feet that are already included, there are hanging grommets that enable you to hang this right from your wall. Great for indoor use, too!

Users report this is really easy to put and they really liked the portability of the screen. It is not too heavy but not so flimsy that you question the quality of the product. One user even put the Super Bowl on this screen and reported that it looked great while being shown on there.  Plus, if you feel that 110” is too short, other options that are bigger are available to you!


  • Very easy to transport, set up and take down.
  • You can choose from a variety of screen sizes to suit your needs.
  • The screen is built to support today’s 4K film quality.


  • Some users felt the aluminum screen was very lightweight and not very sturdy.

5. TaoTronics Indoor/Outdoor Projection Screen

This is a super value of a projection screen and it’s a favored product among users who bought it! You can look forward to a fast setup, it takes only two minutes to put this together and start showing off your stuff to your friends.  The tripod setup is a favorite among people who love projection screens, it works and keeps things stable. The screen itself is a great 1:1 gain with a 160-degree viewing angle. Glare is minimized and the screen will be nice and clear for all your viewers.

One thing we noted about this particular product is that it is okay for outdoor use, but we noted that the product itself does not come with any particular tie-downs for keeping this secure during a windy or breezy day. You can use ropes and ground stakes to keep it tied down; however, this would require a separate purchase.  One user even put sandbags down to keep this product stable.

All in all, this is a great value for a nice screen that will show off all the movies you want, and on a screen that won’t diminish the quality of your movies. The storage bag is well-built and will keep your purchase safe when not in use.


  • Users loved the clear screen display.
  • Setup is very easy and fast.
  • The screen is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • The product description states components are fragile.
  • Storage of this particular screen is rather difficult as it does not collapse.

That’s A Wrap!

Whether your goal is to show off the best movies you own, or even the best movies you have ever made, the best way to do it is on one of these amazing projection screens. After all, the pros really outweigh the cons when it comes to getting your hands on one of these cool outdoor movie screens.

Now the only thing to do is get some popcorn and soda, relax and enjoy!

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