Best Outdoor RC Helicopter Reviews in 2020

Having a radio-controlled helicopter to play with on sunny days it’s not only a kid’s dream! Today there are so many products on the market to accommodate any age, skill-set, and different ideas of fun!

However, these toys can represent an investment and it can be very difficult to pick the right one for you if you are not an expert! Let’s have a look at the best outdoor RC helicopters that will make your inner child rejoice!


Our Top Pick

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

This incredibly appealing drone represents one of the best value-for-money RC helicopters on the market. With its 6-axis gyro stabilization system, it guarantees enhanced performance and it is easy to maneuver even for beginners. However, if you are looking for a drone instead of a helicopter, they may be some better options for you, like this DJI Mavic Air 2 drone, so do your research before buying. The Holy Stone drone takes only up to 60 minutes to charge fully and it comes ready to fly!

The Comparison Table

PictureProduct nameFeature 1 (Flight or running time))Feature 2 (Level of expertise)Link
Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter6 to 8 minutesBattery charges in 45 to 60 minutesBeginner, perfect for drone trainingView on Amazon
JEYPOD Remote Control Car, 2.4 GHZ High-Speed Racing Car30 minutesBattery charges in 90 minutesAny level, safe to use for kids.View on Amazon
1:20 Scale RC Cars 30+ km/h High Speed – Boys Remote Control Car 4×4 Off Road Monster Truck Electric40 minutesBeginner to expert. Not suitable for children under 8 years oldView on Amazon
Blade 230 S V2 BNF Basic RC Helicopter: Brushless CP Heli with Safe Technology10 to 15 minutesIntermediate to expert View on Amazon
Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro 7 to 10 minutesBattery charges in 20 to 25 minutesBeginner View on Amazon

Product Reviews

1. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

The Holy Stone RC Helicopter Drone is perfect for anybody that wishes to learn how to fly a drone like a pro. It offers the best value for money on the market and it is designed to be easy to fly and maneuver, even for beginners.

It is characterized by a 2. 4GHz technology that helps reduce interference and enhance the control range to up to 50 meters. The 6-axis gyro stabilization system makes it wind resistant and more stable during flight time. This added bonus helps the drone recover from sudden movements or hits in no time, which makes it easy for any pilot aged 14 or older to fly it easily.

The flying time is limited to 8 minutes, but the battery only takes around 45 minutes to charge fully. Allowing for a cooling break between flights, this helicopter guarantees for high, powerful, and ultra-responsive performances.


  • Easy to fly, even for beginners.
  • Guarantees enhanced performances with little training.
  • Perfect for anybody learning to fly drones.
  • Easy to charge, through USB ports.
  • Comes ready to fly.
  • The control range is over 50 meters


  • Not suitable for kids under 14 years old
  • Some parts might heat up during flight time. Cooling down breaks necessary.

2. JEYPOD Remote Control Car, 2.4 GHZ High-Speed Racing Car

By far one of the best products for outdoor fun on the market, the Jeypod RC Car is anybody’s dream toy. It comes ready to drive, with 4 rechargeable batteries, and can be taken to sandy lands, grasslands, and tracks.

This car is extremely flexible and sensitive to movements. However, its sturdy construction, makes it shock and crash-proof and perfect for any beginner to drive it on difficult roads without worrying about breaking the new toy.

The remote controls a range between 50 and 80 meters and, through the anti-interference systems installed in the Jeypod car, you will be able to drive multiple cars in a limited area without problems. Perfect to organize races with multiple players.

The Hi-Q anti-skid rubber wheels and the simulation system embedded in this toy create an enhanced and real driving experience. The powerful motor reaches the speed of over 20km per hour and the charge can be driven for over 40 minutes with a 90 minutes charge.


  • It offers a fast, reliable, and precise driving experience.
  • Charges in 90 minutes for over 40 minutes of fun.
  • Perfect for any driver, from beginner to expert.
  • It comes ready to be tested.
  • Made of non-toxic but sturdy materials.


  • Some users experienced limited durability.
  • The controller is weaker than the rest of the car.

3. Boys Remote Control Car 4×4 Off Road Monster Truck Electric

It’s not a helicopter, but it goes as fast as one! It comes ready to use with two LI-Po rechargeable batteries and it is a great present for any driver, beginner to expert.

The controller has a remote range of over 60 meters and the anti-interference system embedded in the car makes it perfect for more players to race against each other. This 1:20 scale offers enhanced and real performance for over 40 minutes.

This scaled 4×4 guarantees durability and grip, as well as a refined driving experience. The four-wheel independent transmission and the metal shock suspension system make it perfect to be driven through any sort of off roads.

It is suitable for kids above 8 years old due to the various protection systems installed in this car. The overcharging and discharging security system and the thermal protection added to this car help maintaining this product in perfect conditions over time.


  • Suitable for kids over 8 years old.
  • The components and materials of this product make it extremely durable.
  • The anti-interference system is perfect for controlling more than one car at once.


  • The instructions that come with the package have been found not helpful by some users.

4. Blade 230 S V2 BNF Basic RC Helicopter: Brushless CP Heli with Safe Technology

The Blade 230 is among the best products for intermediate to expert pilots. It comes in two different packages: either a ready-to-fly option or a fully assembled helicopter for which you will have to buy your own transmitter, battery, and charger). This allows for a degree of customization that many other RC helicopters on the market don’t offer.

This model is perfect for anybody looking at improving their piloting skills. With a safe progressive flight technology and different speeds, you can become an expert in flying RC helicopter with just some practice.

Moreover, it offers a panic recovery mode that brings the helicopter back to a safe altitude in case of malfunctioning or low battery. Through the three different settings available, this drone can help you practice aerobatics as well as inverted flight. By switching between the agility, stability, and 3D mode, you can have a different experience every flight.


  • It is a durable and safe-to-handle product.
  • The recover, agility, stability, and 3D mode are perfect for different flight experiences.
  • High-speed and powerful technology.
  • It can fly for over 15 minutes on one charge.


  • Some parts need to be bought and assembled by the users.

5. Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

The Syma RC Helicopter is great for beginners or kids and comes in a variety of different colors. It comes ready to fly and with batteries included. The gyro stabilization system helps non-experts to deal with unexpected movements and sudden hits.

The latest version of this model comes with a reinforced metal frame for durability, infrared control, and strong external parts to withstand crashes. Its small size guarantees agility and speed. It is incredibly lightweight, which makes it perfect to be carried with you on all of your outdoor adventures.

While the flight time is fairly short compared to other models, the batteries that come with it need only 15 minutes to be charged fully. It does not need a cooling break between times, so it can be flown constantly.

These models offer a great value for money, which makes it perfect to be gifted. They have been found appropriate especially for kids of a young age, as they are durable but easy to handle models.


  • Easy and ready to fly, especially for beginners or kids.
  • Durable but lightweight.
  • Supports infrared control.


  • Some users experienced issues with the battery that is provided with the model.


RC helicopters are a great present for both adults and kids to play outdoors during sunny days. For the diecast model lovers that can’t renounce speed, RC cars are perfect to race your friends on off roads and tracks.

Have you found these reviews helpful? Is there any other RC model or drone that you have tried and would like to recommend? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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