Best Outdoor Sauna Reviews in 2020

Using a sauna is a great thing; it’s a chance to rest and sweat out the days’ stress. And when they look as amazing as the ones we found, you will be excited to enhance your home’s decor and make the backyard an oasis of relaxation. Come check out our top picks!


Our Top Pick

Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna with 6 Carbon Heaters, Chromotherapy Lighting, Oxygen Ionizer

We chose the Radiant Saunas 2 Person Infrared Sauna as our top pick for the best outdoor sauna as it is not too big, features beautiful Canadian hemlock and inside gets up to 141 degrees F. There is also a 7-year warranty to bring you extra peace of mind on this big investment. Plus, users rated it very favorably at 4.5 stars. Check it out here.

PictureProduct nameMaterialSeating CapacityLink
Radiant Saunas 2 person Hemlock Infrared SaunaHemlock2View on Amazon
Dynamic Saunas Barcelona1-2 Person Sauna Hemlock2 View on Amazon
JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2 Person Infrared Sauna Hemlock2 View on Amazon
3 Person Hemlock Corner Infrared SaunasHemlock3 View on Amazon
Radiant Saunas 4 Person Cedar Corner Infrared SaunaCedar4View on Amazon

The Products

Ready to take a look at our favorite products? Get started with our list below!

1. Radiant Saunas 2-person Hemlock Infrared Sauna

This great sauna makes for a super way to relax. It is very soothing inside, complete with chromotherapy lights, infrared heat and oxygen ionizer. The beautiful Hemlock construction will look classy and stylish in your home. Safety is also a big part of this sauna as the glass is tempered for safety.

Buckle connectors make this a very easy structure to assemble, too. There are six carbon heaters included so that you are treated to warm, even air that is soothing and healing. The dimensions measure in at 49″W x 39″D x 75″H Interior: 43″W x 35″D x 67″H.

One cool touch is the music player with AUX. You can plug your phone right in and listen to whatever music you want-or pop in a CD and relax to your favorite songs. Controls are also very easy to learn, and you will have no trouble setting the sauna just how you like it.


  • Easy to clean with a steam cleaner
  • Assembly is very easy to complete.
  • Fits 2 people comfortably.


  • Radio loses power when the main power plug is disconnected, losing pre-set channels.
  • Instructions are included but they are somewhat poorly written.

2. Dynamic Saunas Barcelona 1-2 Person Sauna

Coming in at a very competitive price, this max-2-person sauna was constructed with Mother Nature in mind. Reforested Canadian Hemlock was used in making it, but it is still a very sturdy object. The sauna walls are nice and thick, and the heat really stays put once you get inside the sauna and heat it up.

The sauna features 6 low EMF heating panels plus a foot heater. These are heated by ceramic tubes and get into the skin at a greater percentage-40%-so that your therapy is the absolute best you could ask for.

This is a very easy sauna to use and will make any beginner happy and confident when they use it. You can listen to your favorite music using the aux inside, and this plugs into any standard 110v outlet-no special wiring job required. With over 75 reviews, and the majority of them positive, it’s a great buy.


  • Works great indoors, too
  • Very easy to set up and use in the same day
  • Plugs into a standard 110v wall outlet


  • Sauna advertises room for two; only one can fit comfortably.
  • Instructions could be written a bit better; some parts were confusing.

3. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2 Person Infrared Sauna

With a beautiful futuristic look and plenty of favorable reviews, this sauna will leave you feeling happy with your purchase and your health. There is double-layer Canadian Hemlock to look forward to, and easy assembly as well. No chemicals were added, and no cheap plywood is used in the construction of this great sauna.

The door is designed with special safety glass which will withstand the high temps inside of your sauna. The glass also keeps the heat inside, and you can easily see outside of the sauna, too. The assembly is a real treat; it is totally “tool free” and all you have to do is buckle the panels together. You can have this set up in a day and already to enjoy!

Plus, it’s easy to break down in the event you would like to take it with you to a temporary living arrangement, camping or anywhere else. You will absolutely love the sound system included with the sauna. There are two great speakers along with a 3.5 mm aux plug.

There are beautiful LED interior lights included, and LED lights last a long time-so you don’t need to worry about changing the bulbs as often. Plus, controlling things is easy as pie when you use the digital control panel-things will be set up just as you want them to be for ultimate relaxation.


  • This sauna heats up very quickly and gets users a good sweat.
  • Users report excellent customer service when they needed it.
  • The quality of the sauna is very great for the price paid.


  • Only features a 2-year warranty; shorter than some other warranties we have featured.
  • One user reported that the EMF rating for this unit was 2-4 mG when 4″ away from the sensor. This may be high for some users’ taste.

4. 3 Person Hemlock Corner Infrared Sauna

Made once more of that beautiful Canadian Hemlock, this sauna will be enough for three people to sit comfortably and melt away the day’s worries. Seven carbon heaters give you steady, comfortable heat.

There is also a chromotherapy system included whose infrared lights can be changed to fit your mood. There is also a nice AUX connection so that you can connect a phone or tablet and listen to music, watch TV or catch up with the news. The sauna is also equipped with a seven-year warranty, so buy with confidence.

Dimensions come in at 53-in W x 53-in D x 75-in H for exterior. Meanwhile Interior dimensions are 49-in W x 49-in D x 68.5-in H. The roof vents are adjustable if need be. This sauna also features low levels of EMF, so they are very safe to use and good for your health and well-being. Aches and pains are long gone, and toxins get removed through your sweat.


  • Very easy to assemble.
  • EZ-Touch controls make it easy to set things as you want them in your sauna.
  • Air always stays clean thanks to the oxygen ionizer.


  • Size advertised is for three-however tall people may have a hard time getting in comfortably.
  • Some users reported the radio did not have good reception.

5. Radiant Saunas 4 Person Cedar Corner Infrared Sauna

Probably the greatest thing about this particular sauna is the beautiful cedar wood. Hemlock is pretty in its own right, but the beauty and the smell of cedar is amazing when relaxing. You can close your eyes and imagine being in a forest surrounded by trees.

Cedar, by the way, is a great wood when it comes to insulation. Your heat will stay in longer and you reap the benefits of the sauna in a much more efficient way. The construction of this sauna is great too-it goes into a corner with ease.

This sauna features chromotherapy lighting and features LED lights that are a cinch to operate. You will also enjoy the CD player when it’s time to kick it old school or use the AUX for your devices. There’s also a towel hook and a rack for storing magazines, too. Backrests as well as an ionizer are also included.

A family of four can relax and detox in this with ease. Or, have some friends over and de-stress-everyone can fit. The sauna features microbial properties that are natural to cedar, this makes for a sanitary experience. There’s no better way to feel your best!


  • You can fit four people comfortably.
  • The smell of cedar is wonderful when relaxing.
  • Comes with a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Thanks to the size, this costs a bit more than other saunas.
  • It is easy to assemble but recommended that you have two people to help.


Having a sauna in the backyard is a great, healthy way to relax. Loans are available to help you finance this and other home improvements; after all things like this add value to your home. You could also search for an outdoor sauna ireland or elsewhere for some inspiration on what sauna might work in your home.

It may also be a good idea to research and read well before you make your choice, and don’t be surprised if the neighbors come over asking to use your beautiful sauna!

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