Best Outdoor Storage Shelves Reviews in 2020

In the modern world, most of us live in compact apartments. It is troublesome to adjust every utility within the four walls of your house. So, one may find them out of space and hence it leads to cluttering and disorganization. To avoid such congested atmosphere, why not use the space you have outside your homes like the yard or the corridors? Hence to save the day, we have safe, compact, and well-furnished outdoor storage shelves. You can store your basic utilities like toilet necessities, gardening equipment, car cleaning requirements and other tools one uses time to time.


List of the Best Outdoor Storage Shelves

Product ImageProduct NameItem WeightProduct Link
Keter Space Winner Tall Metro Storage Utility Cabinet24 poundsView on Amazon
Sandusky Lee PS361856-4B Plastic ShelvingNo Information AvailableView on Amazon
Sterilite 01553V01 5 Shelf Unit27.8 poundsView on Amazon
Hardware & Outdoor Heavy Duty Garage Shelf Steel Metal Storage 5 Level Adjustable Shelves UnitNo Information AvailableView on Amazon
Gracious Living 4-Shelf Light Duty Shelf Unit7.9 poundsView on Amazon
Muscle Rack DNS191254-4T Plastic Shelving4.8 poundsView on Amazon
Origami General Purpose Foldable 3-Shelf Storage Rack with Wheels6.87 poundsView on Amazon
3-Tier Metal Mesh Utility Rolling Cart with Removable Handle and Plug15.65 poundsView on Amazon
C-Hopetree Pot Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor Display Shelf14.1 poundsView on Amazon
Trinity Epoxy Coated 5-Tier NSF Heavy-Duty Adjustable Outdoor Wire Shelving Storage RackNo Information AvailableView on Amazon

The Best Outdoor Storage Shelves Reviews

To help you buy the most efficient outdoor storage shelves, we have listed down the top 10 best outdoor shelves of 2019:

1. Keter Space Winner Tall Metro Storage Utility Cabinet

While purchasing an outdoor shelf, one is concerned mainly about a few elements. These elements could be- space efficiency, good tensile strength, well designed and long life. The Keter Space winner Tall metro storage utility cabinet promises all of these things and hence is top rated.  One of its main quality lies in its long life and durability. It is designed to fit in compact and narrow areas easily. It can easily store your utilities and has four divisions for maintaining them in an organized fashion. It has a modern look and great texture.

Standout Features:

  • The material used is top quality plastic polypropylene resin, hence provides it a long life and tensile strength
  • One need not worry about the coating layer to get rusted, peel off or dented
  • The texture is similar to blinds and hence it looks trendy
  • Compact and tall, can be adjusted anywhere in one’s house easily
  • Space and compartmentalization are appropriate and well managed

2. Sandusky Lee PS361856-4B Plastic Shelving

Some of you would prefer a storage cabinet that allows your contents to breathe and be more visible. Keeping dirty shoes in a closed cabinet is always a bad idea. Also, some utilities get damaged in moist conditions. Hence this Sandusky Lee Plastic shelving fulfills this very necessary requirement. It is made of heavy-duty Resin and hence one may not fear to rust or dents on the shelf. It is easy to clean and keep. It can easily be kept in space-challenged areas and can be shifted quite frequently due to its compact size.

Standout Features:

  • Open design helps free ventilation
  • Made of robust material Resin
  • Can store up to 70 Kgs/150lbs

3. Sterilite 01553V01 5 Shelf Unit

The Sterilite shelf unit is another compact well-built shelf. It has several design options and accessories for the user to choose, it includes a 4 shelf cabinet, 4 shelf unit, 5 shelf unit, 25-quart tote and 50-quart tote. The 4 shelf cabinet has 4 compartments but is enclosed and has a lock system available. The 5 shelf unit is an open shelf that allows free ventilation and helps easy storage of utilities.

Standout Features:

  • The material prevents rusting, dusting, staining and peeling off
  • Adjustable units and hence one can modify the units as per need
  • Indoor/outdoor use doesn’t damage the cabinet/shelf
  • Prevents mildew formation
  • Lightweight and compact

4. Hardware & Outdoor Heavy Duty Garage Shelf Steel Metal Storage 5 Level Adjustable Shelves Unit

If one is looking for an outdoor shelf that can store heavy loaded material, this is the perfect shelf for you. This heavy duty and rigid shelf that has beautiful black polished finishing. The shelves are adjustable and can hold weight from 360kgs or 800 lbs per unit. It has 5 shelves and hence the volume tendency to take care of your utensils and utilities.

Standout Features:

  • Good for heavy loaded material
  • Has high tensile strength and durability
  • Adjustable shelves that can be moved up to 1.5 feet up or down
  • Has a good black finish

5. Gracious Living 4-Shelf Light Duty Shelf Unit

True to its name, this shelf has all the grace to make it a worthy buy. This is a lightweight shelf that can be assembled by your hands with very little requirement of tools. The storage capacity is average but it can be increased by interconnecting the units side by side. The well-furnished and subtle look of this shelf makes it even more desirable.

Standout Features:

  • Easy to assemble and shift. Modifiable shelve units as per need
  • A clean polished black look
  • Lightweight and compact

6. Muscle Rack DNS191254-4T Plastic Shelving

The muscle rank plastic shelving is a Plastic Resin net designed shelf that is a great buy for both indoor and outdoor use. The design and structure of this rack are so subtle and easy that one can assemble this shelf within a few minutes and one would require no tools. Hence, one can quite often modify it and shift it as per the needs. It is good for products that need ventilation and the netted design helps keep the shelf cleaner and the texture appears stylish.

Standout Features:

  • Heavy-duty plastic resin used as a construction material
  • Won’t rust or peel off
  • Easy to remove stains
  • Easy to assemble and transfer
  • Netted design that allows free ventilation

7. Origami General Purpose Foldable 3-Shelf Storage Rack with Wheels

As suggested by the name ‘Origami’, this model is a highly innovative shelf. Not only is it compact but it has wheels and can be folded when not in use. This innovative shelf is easy to assemble and requires no tools. The wheels help in moving it from time to time. The capacity may be average but the plus points are that it can be moved around and will work efficiently well in space-challenged places.

Standout Features:

  • Can be folded and rearranged
  • For assembling one requires no tool, it is easy to assemble
  • Has wheels that can be locked and unlocked as per use

8. 3-Tier Metal Mesh Utility Rolling Cart with Removable Handle and Plug

This shelf is as mechanical as a shelf can get. From having rollers to help it move in and around the house to being modifiable in nature, this shelf is every buyer’s sure shot choice. It can be adjusted and modified from time to time. One can even remove the handles and plug in the pipe orifice as per the convenience of the user. The middle shelf is movable and hence the user can increase or decrease the gap as per the storage needs. The shelf will appear like units of net boxes. This stylish look ensures safety and proper ventilation for the utilities.

Standout Features:

  • Easy to move and shift due to wheels
  • The stylish design makes it look subtle and authentic indoors and outdoors
  • The handles can be removed as per needs
  • The middle shelf is movable and can be adjusted
  • It is easy to assemble

9. C-Hopetree Pot Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor Display Shelf

After a number of searches, one may get tired of watching tall slender and compact shelves. Here is a shelf that won’t disappoint. Perfect for your love for gardening, this shelf normally acts as a home décor appliance. It can be used to store your books, the towels in the bathroom, the pots, your footwear, and even other basic utilities. It is small in size but has a beautiful design. It has a well-polished black touch and hence it can complement any setting- indoor or outdoor. The shelf is easy to assemble and transfer from one place to another.

Standout Features:

  • Beautiful design that can be used as home décor
  • Small in size and black polish finish
  • Fairly good storage capacity of 25lbs

10. Trinity Epoxy Coated 5-Tier NSF Heavy-Duty Adjustable Outdoor Wire Shelving Storage Rack

The trinity epoxy coated wire shelving storage rack is a rigid outdoor shelf that is made with steel wires that have a coating layer of epoxy. This shelf is 5 layered and has adjustable features and optional wheels that one can opt for. This heavy duty shelf can hold 300kgs or 800 lbs of utilities. It is often used as an outdoor shelf due to its robust look and can hold heavy materials. Hence, this beautiful shelf can help store your tools in the yard or garage.

Standout Features:

  • Heavy duty construction with steel wires coated with epoxy
  • The good storage capacity is 800lbs per unit
  • Has adjustable features along with optional wheels


Buying home décor or utility material always requires extra thought. One is always perplexed around several factors like space-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, construction material, worth utility ratio, and maintenance cost. An outdoor shelf helps reduce space congestion and improve organizing one’s utilities as per needs and usage. However, while buying an outdoor shelf one necessarily has to keep in mind that the storage shelf is aptly compact, has a good storage capacity, long life and can be easy to shift and clean. After all, a good purchase is one that gives you more than it costs.

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