Outdoor Toys for Kids: A List For Your Convenience!

What makes a great outdoor toy, great?  Well, that depends on what are your children age, and also, how much focus and concentration they have for one game. The best outdoor toys for small yards have to give the child or children a lot of excitement to maintain their focus. Otherwise, they will lose their concentration and end up coming back inside or wandering off.

Top-Rated Outdoor Toys for Kids List:

PhotoProduct nameFeatureProsMore info
1. Slackers Ninjaline Ninja Net1. Slackers Ninjaline Ninja NetThis is the Slackers Ninjaline Ninja Net

  • made of a heavy duty polyester

  • large climbing frame

More Information
2. Step2 Skyward Summit2. Step2 Skyward SummitThis is the Step2 Skyward Summit

  • safe climbing experiences

  • technologically designed toy

More Information
3. Vortex Spinning Ring Swing for Multiple Kids Outdoor Play Equipment for Tree or Stand3. Vortex Spinning Ring SwingThis is the Vortex Spinning Ring Swing for Multiple Kids Outdoor Play Equipment for Tree or Stand

  • provides hours of fun

  • can hold 300 Lbs

More Information
4. Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row4. Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a RowThis is the Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row

  • toy to develop the imagination

  • made of water-resistant wood

More Information
5. KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse5. KidKraft Modern Outdoor PlayhouseThis is the KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse

  • easy to construct
More Information
6. Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall Playset6. Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall PlaysetThis is the Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall Playset

  • allow parts to be changed around

  • it's double-sided

More Information
7. Sportspower Inflatable Soccer Field7. Sportspower Inflatable Soccer FieldThis is the Sportspower Inflatable Soccer Field

  • rugged polyester base

  • an air-filled surround

More Information
8. Summerstone Cedar Summit Playset8. Summerstone CedarThis is the Summerstone Cedar Summit Playset

  • swing set with two belt

  • designed to look like a real house

More Information
9. Backyard Discovery Castle Grey Metal Swing Set and Outdoor Playground9. Backyard Discovery Castle Grey MetalThis is the Backyard Discovery Castle Grey Metal Swing Set and Outdoor Playground

  • fully-featured activity center

  • is made of metal and plastic

More Information
10.Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse10.Little Tikes Endless Adventures PlayhouseThis is the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse

  • constructed out of long-lasting plastics

More Information

There are many unique outdoor children’s toys, and these include outside toys for 4-6-year-old kids as well as cool outdoor toys for tweens, who seek totally different levels of excitement and engagement. When you have children of different ages, choosing the best toy is much harder than choosing an outdoor toy for an only child.

This is why I have compounded a list of some of the best outdoor toys for 2020, and this is far from complete, there are many more. However, the toys that feature in this list are all proven for child safety, they are all proven to retain children’s attention for long hours, and they are all multi-age compatible.

Let’s dive in and check them out.

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids Reviews:

1. Slackers Ninjaline Ninja Net


  • 3’ x 7.7’ foot cargo net
  • Polyester webbing strap with double nylon stitching

This is a big net of fun and is a large climbing frame with a difference. This is a cargo net, that children cling onto and climb, just like in Ninja or war movies. This model is made by Ninjaline, a children’s sports equipment company and is made with all the right materials and guidelines to meet safety requirements.

This is a standalone accessory as part of a whole system and is made of a heavy duty polyester webbing strap secured with double nylon stitching. There are 5 delta carabiners and a 36’ anchor line that adds extra security and stability. The anchor line fastens to a base, but can also be removed if you want the difficulty level to increase.

The net is 6.3’ x 7.7’ and connects to the Ninjaline series as part of the obstacle course. This is a more boisterous piece of equipment, so do not let smaller children play with it, or at least not unsupervised by an adult.


2. Step2 Skyward Summit


  • Maximum weight limit on rock climbing wall: 320 lbs. (145.1 Kg)
  • Maximum weight on the middle platform: 80 lbs. (36.3 Kg)
  • Recommended age range: 4 – 8
  • Dimensions: 80” (6.5’) x 80” (6.5’) x 52”
  • Weight: 142.5 lbs.

Skyward Summit™ is a Step2 Climber that is engineered (yes, the right word) for safe climbing experiences your children would love to try, and you would be secure in knowing they are safe. This is a technologically designed toy, that takes into account the child’s safety as much as the child’s enjoyment factor.

This model comes with an exceptionally well-balanced design, it integrates cargo nets and grips, providing ample coordinated climbing aids. It has four different modeled surfaces each one representing a different type of wall.

The climbing aids and safety features include two climbing cargo nets, one-floor net and nine grips, and ground anchors that secure the frame to the ground.

This model is over 6.5 feet tall (80 inches/2.03 m) and provides an outer climbing surface area of 100 square feet (9.29 square meters). There is a hole at the top that lets players peek out, and also capture a flag.

You must limit this to four children at a time, and only one child on the middle platform.

Assembly Instructions



3. Vortex Spinning Ring Swing for Multiple Kids Outdoor Play Equipment for Tree or Stand


  • Product Type: Swing seat
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lb.
  • Dimensions: 96” H x 211” W x 211” D
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Weather Resistant: Yes
  • Pre-Drilled: Yes
  • Installation Type: Mount to ground
  • Assembly Required: Yes

The Vortex is a solid swing, merry-go-round hybrid that provides hours of fun for children of many ages. What you must do is secure it properly, while the swing can hold 300 Lbs., (136 Kgs.) it needs to be secured properly into the ground when using a frame, or secured in a tree, on a branch that uses the Vortex mega tree hanger which is capable of supporting 800 lbs., and comes with a branch protector.

This model is designed to swing freely with optimized movements when it does not come in contact with the supports or other obstacles. The frame is made of rubber-coated steel rings, strong nylon rope, and tightly woven mesh.

Make sure smaller children are not swung too hard and do not let the swing stop abruptly, falling off this device will lead to injury. Also, try to avoid overloading it, especially when parties occur, there is nothing more exciting to children than piling as many friends on the swing at the same time.


4. Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row


  • Board dimensions: 31″ x 23″
  • Coins diameter: 3”

This is a classic outdoors strategy game to excursive your children’s minds or adult minds. This is a 3-foot board that has 21 coins per player (blue and red), and you need to make a row of four to win.

Easy to set up, hard to play. Make sure you secure the board on a flat surface.

Playing is simple; you just drop coins in from the top taking alternate turns trying to get 4 in a row. The winner is the first person or team that joins 4 of identical color coins in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

This is portable, so you can take it on camping trips, to friends BBQ’s and, well anywhere, even indoors.


5. KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse


  • Dimensions: 70.9″ x 48.9″ x 62.25″
  • Materials: Sanmu Wood

The KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse is a wonderful toy to develop the imagination and allow children a lot of hours of fun social interaction or individual imaginary play. This model is made of wood and has a built-in kitchenette, an attached picnic table, a working mailbox, and a chalkboard.

The espresso picnic table attached to the side comes with two benches. The front door is fully functional and opens and closes. The mailbox comes with a flag, and the outdoor grill has a removable lid, and the indoor curtains are made of fabric.

The construction is solid and is made of water-resistant treated reinforced wood that will withstand the elements.  The house comes in a pre-assembled form, so you just need to follow the instructions to clip it all together in one solid and reliable structure.

This is a high toy for some ages and sizes, do not leave children unsupervised by an adult and always check to see the integrity of the body is intact and that there are no broken parts. Do not let anyone set a fire inside the play area.


6. Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall Playset


  • Recommended age group: 1.5 and Up
  • Dimensions: 33.25” H x 28.00” W x 16.25” D
  • Weight: 12 lbs.

Waterfall Discovery Wall™ is a water toy that brings the love of water to the whole family. This is an easy to construct plastic water toy that provides children with hours of fun, filling, scooping, squirting, and otherwise just enjoying how water falls from one level to the next.

The structure is designed to allow parts to be changed around, so each time you can have a different waterfall pattern. The basin holds the water that your children scoop up and pour from the top bucket.

You create water mazes by attaching the different components along the wall, and it’s double-sided, so two children can play without fighting for control of the water bucket.

The water is caught back in the bottom basin, and this way your children can play for hours without a refill.

Make sure that you use clean water, and watch out for youngsters that like to drink from the water after hours of play.
Assembly Instructions


7. Sportspower Inflatable Soccer Field


  • Material: 200D Polyester and 190T polyester with PU coating
  • Dimension: 26′ x 14′ x 3.5′
  • Age range: 3-11 years

Football is an international pastime and professional sport, and all children play it, everywhere and anywhere. Just give a child a ball and watch. If you want to add some fun to the experience, then you need the inflatable soccer field, which comes with a rugged polyester base and an air-filled surround that lets children play on any surface with safety and fun.

Essentially, this is a blow-up toy in the shape of a soccer court; it has blown up walls, blow up goal posts and blow up goal end walls to make sure the ball doesn’t fly out too easily.

This kit comes with its own GFCI air blower, a PVC ball, and a carrying bag so you can take it with you on camping, or picnics.

Just remember, this is a balloon type game, so it is prone to sharp objects puncturing it, try to make sure the surfaces you play on are free of such objects, including branches and twigs.


8. Summerstone Cedar Summit Playset


  • Dimensions: 18’1″L x 10’9″W x 10’10″H
  • Materials: Cedar Wood, Plastic, Hardware
  • Deck Size: 72″ x 38″
  • Deck Height: 58″
  • Deck to Peak: 72″
  • Slide: 120″ x 21″ x 58″
  • Swing Beam Length: 83.63″
  • Ground to Swing Beam Height: 83.63″

The KidKraft Summerstone Play Swing Set is a beautiful and comprehensive outdoor activity center that includes a spiral wave slide, a rock-climbing wall and a swing set with two belt swings and a glider for one or two children.

The two-story clubhouse comes with loads of features and shaded play space, a café table and bench for snacking or coloring, and a railed balcony. This center is designed to look like a real house and is made of cedar wood with added architectural details including a faux stone façade, cross-gable shiplap roof and windows with flower boxes.

All the parts of this kit come pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained making assembly easy and fast.

The Summerstone can support up to a maximum of 110 Lbs., or up to ten children. The components in this unit include:

  • Spiral wave slide
  • Rock wall and access ladder combination
  • Two belt swings with soft-touch rope
  • Premium glider for one or two
  • Shaded café table and bench
  • Two-level clubhouse with working door
  • Railed lookout balcony
  • Wooden shiplap roof
  • Premium windows with flower boxes

Remember that this is a climbing set, and you need to make sure that all the parts are secured at all times. It is good advice to maintain a preventative maintenance check once a week to see that everything is tight and snug. Also, in winter, or during offseasons, if you don’t dismantle it, you should cover the play set to secure it against adverse weather conditions.


9. Backyard Discovery Castle Grey Metal Swing Set and Outdoor Playground


  • Assembled Dimensions: 14′ 11″ x 17′ 9″ x 10′ 10″
  • Weight:618lbs

The Backyard Discovery Castle is a modern, fully-featured activity center centered around a castle design. The structure is made of metal and plastic and includes a lot of features such as a Tic-Tac-Toe game table that sits on a map floor in the castle room, or a rock climbing wall, metal ladder tree, and standard ladder. The center comes with a web swing, slide and is structurally sound to support nine children simultaneously.

Your children and their friends will enjoy hours of fun, climbing, swinging, sliding and generally running and climbing all over this frame for hours. It’s a perfect outdoor companion that will get rid of the smartphone/pad addiction for a couple of hours a day.

This is a low maintenance product that is ASTM compliant but requires you to secure it into a solid foundation base for extra safety. It is made of metal and rubber, but it does not mean you should not check its integrity and tightness of features and parts once a week. Also, as with all outdoor constructions, if you leave it outside in the winter or for longer periods, make sure to cover it for protection against adverse weather conditions.

Assembly Instructions


10.Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse


  • Product Size: 55.00”L x 48.87”W x 58.00”H
  • Weight: 101.00lbs.

Nothing really beats a little tykes outdoor/indoor game. They are constructed out of long-lasting plastics that retain their color and integrity even when being surrounded by children 24/7.

This model comes with four different theme surfaces, and these include:

  • The Schoolhouse/Firehouse Wall that comes with a table, a chalkboard, an open-and-close door with mail slot, a molded-in bell, and an integrated alphabet.
  • The Gas Station Wall that gives you a gas pump, a phone, a crawl-through tunnel and many molded-in details.
  • The Sports Wall that includes a sports ball, a basketball hoop, a soccer and hockey net, and targets for ball tossing and playing.
  • The Grocery Store and Bank Wall comes with a drive-up window that has see-through shutters, an ATM machine; there are shelves inside that come with play food as well as many realistic molded-in

The molded-in details include a kitchenette and workshop.

This product is very easy to assemble, and it can be used indoors and outdoors.




There are many different types of outdoor activities for children of all ages; these are crossover toys that cater to a wider range of children and are all considered safe and value for money. Value for money is based first and foremost on the reliability of the product, how it is constructed and how it stands up to wear and tear over time.

In regard to use and safety, I can only recommend you follow these guidelines; they provide safety for children as well as longevity for the toys.

Inflatable Toy Rules

  • Do not use a knife or sharp object to open the packaging
  • Never site an inflatable toy on a hard surface
  • Do not assemble without following the manufacturer’s instructions, or you might cause a rupture
  • Always follow the maximum weight guide, this assures the pressure will not burst a seam
  • Children should not be left unsupervised; inflatables are notorious for banging heads and bending limbs.

Swings and Slide Rules

  • Assemble the equipment over soft surfaces and then surround the area with soft play mats.
  • Larger sets require a solid foundation; you will need to prepare for some concrete work.
  • Medium sets might require pegging the equipment to the ground, or secure them with anchor lines.
  • Try to position the swing or slide to the north or south so that the rising and setting sun will not blind the child during play.
  • Locate the swings and slides far from any obstacles.
  • Follow age and weight usage; this will assure less vulnerability to smaller children and less damage to the products from heavier and larger children.
  • Always supervise children using these toys.
  • During winter or long off seasons, cover or store the equipment to secure them against adverse weather conditions.


How Children play by age group

2-3 Years: At this age, children have developed fine motor skills and start to enjoy pretend play that imitates the environment. At this age child-like high-tech toys that make real-life sounds. Both boys and girls are very active at this age. They will also try to do what older children do without understanding the consequences or risks involved. This is the age to introduce them to swings (on a adults lap) and see-saws, as well as small slides.

4-5 Years: The learning curve exploded, and now they are picking up a lot of new skills. Many of these are self-taught through observing other children of older age groups. At this age group, children play fantasy games and dress up in costumes. This age child-like large activity centers, as well as inflatables.

6-7 Years: Children have been exposed to school and highly competitive games and sports. It is also the age of imitation, where one child will imitate or copy another because that is a “cool” thing to do. This includes collecting the latest fad. This is the age of absolute jungle gym tactics, and many outdoor activity centers get used and abused.

8+ Years: This is the age of outdoor sports, outdoor games and, well anything outdoors. In direct competition with outdoor games are the smartphone, pad, and computer. In fact, you will find many children of this age playing outdoors with a smartphone at the same time. This is when outdoor activities start to divert from the activity center to the more personal items such as bikes and such.


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