The snow is probably the worst thing about winters as, at times, it gets extremely frustrating to having to get off all of it for a comfortable lifestyle. This gets especially pesky when one has a roof that holds the most of the snow that falls on them. Thankfully some roofs have guttering that can help get rid of any excess water when the snow melts, so it doesn’t wear down your roof. If you would like to learn more about gutters, you can find more info here.

The snowballs love to fall from them and cause a great source of irritation to the ones owning those houses. However, a roof guard can save you from all this trouble making it possible for the snow to slide down the roof without accumulating on it. If your roof is a bit worn anyway, it can cause even more weakened cover, that is why checking out roofing contractor Greensboro, or a similar service will help get your roof back to its glory so these guards can work their magic.

If you have never heard of the roof guards, you need to get to know about the company Delta Prevention that provides its customers with the facility of roof guards. The company comes with a wide range of services and is surely the best option to go for when it comes to saving your tin roofs from the damage of weather. If you have recently invested in a new roof you may have concerns that this roof guard will not be compatible. However, this roof guard is very versatile potentially being suitable for use on roofing provided by 99roofers Texas and many others. The roof guard takes away from you all the efforts that otherwise are put in the process of clearing the roof from all the accumulated snow.

Product NameSizeColorProduct link
FlexxPoint 30 Year Gutter Cover System22′ – S100MatteView on Amazon
Snow Guard with Perfect Seal Gasket29′whiteView on Amazon
Snow Guards QTY4″x3″x3″whiteView on Amazon
SnowCatchers Stainless2.5″ height and 4″blackView on Amazon
PLASTIC GREY Roof Ice Guard Snow Guard SnowWidth: 5 Inches

Length: 2 1/2 Inches

Height: 3 Inches

GREYView on Amazon


Best 5 Roof Guards Review:

Some of the best roof guards that you can get your hands are:

1. FlexxPoint Gutter Cover System:

FlexxPoint is available in a number of colors which increases the number of option that you have. These colors include black, white, and matt as well as that. What sets this cover system apart from all its alternatives is its ability to keep all the debris away. With this feature, it gets able for this system to slab away all the fragments of blockages from affecting the roof as a whole. Moreover, the water flow gets easy and nothing stays on the roof to make things worse.

One thing that is worth mentioning about this roof guard is that it is extremely easy to install. One does not need to employ extra efforts to get it fixed. It being stainless further enhances its capability to stay intact for a long period of time.

If you are worried about its visibility, it is worth mentioning here that, from the ground, it is not possible to spot it. It gets invisible and no one, from the ground, can actually see its existence. Along with this, the system gets installed permanently! You do not need to keep fixing it from time and again which would have added up to the cost of the system.

Exceptional features:

Doesn’t need to be reinstalled time and again

Comes with a performance warranty

Retains the snow to its maximum

Come with a warranty

2. Snow Guard with Perfect Seal Gasket

The snow guard which comes with a sealing gasket is surely here to stay for a long time. People who are wary of having a silicon system installed in their roofs look forward to a simple system and in such a case; this is the best one they can get. The advanced potency comes from the joints that are extra contoured. With this feature, the strength of the system increases making it a long-lasting structure.

Furthermore, another super feature that is worth mentioning here is the lesser level of installation time that comes owing to the unavailability of silicon. With no silicon in usage, the system installation takes comparatively lesser time than usual.

With around ten screws that come with this system, the installation gets really strong. The chances of its getting affected by a strong storm reduce with this tight installation.

Exceptional features:

Strong Installation

Quite Affordable

Comes With Extra Screws

3. Snow Guards QTY 20 with All-weather Coated Neoprene Washered Screws:

The snow guards QTY 20 are appropriate for those people who look for sophistication! The design and looks of these guards are what set them apart from others. The polycarbonates used in these guards are original and their presence adds to the quality of these guards. Along with these, these items include an extra coating with the washer screws. These screws, owing to having an extra coat, stay intact for a very long period of time.

In case you are looking for some additional strength, these guards come with the gussets that enhance the potency of the entire system. As they are American, they have a good customer base which tells about their reliability.

Exceptional features:

Well coated screw guards

Extended gussets

Doesn’t slide on the roof

4. SnowCatchers Stainless

There is no denying the fact that anything steel will be long-lasting and durable. The same rule applies to the SnowCatchers Stainless roof guards. They not only keep the snow and debris come off the roofs easily but also stay in the same position and shape for many years.

What sets these guards apart from the other available options is the availability of galvanized screws. These screws which are around fifty in number actually attach to the wood purlins. This further augments the strength that the guards come with. Along with this, the layout gets really simple and easy to process. Also, silicon is not a part of it. The system comes with foams that play their part efficiently.

Exceptional features:

Holds extreme temperature

Easy installation

Comes with around fifty screws

5. PLASTIC GREY Roof Ice Guard Snow Guard Snow

Where all the above guards include steel construction, this one comes with a special twist. Made of plastic, it still stays intact exactly as long as the ones made by steel do. The design that the plastic grey roof guard comes with is apt for the task it has to perform. The tilted design makes it an efficient guard to keep snow off the roof.

Most people who get snow guards for their roofs prefer to stay away from visiting their roofs as they think it would hurt them. These guards are not only long lasting but at the same time, keep people away from any kind of injury due to the installation of a snow guard. In fact, this is why most people with kids prefer to choose these plastic guards over the steel ones.

Also, the process of installing these guards is pretty straightforward! This system does not require any kind of drilling whatsoever! As a result, the requirement of just two screws makes this process further efficient. Along with this, the screws that come along with the guards are made up of stainless steel. This adds to the long lasting nature of the guards.

The material used in the manufacturing of PLASTIC GREY Roof Ice Guard is a polymer which also contains around thirty percent glass.

Exceptional features:

Lightweight guards

Discount when you place bulk orders

Long lasting owing to stainless material used in it


While living in an area which is highly prone to snow falling or rain, it is necessary to take some precautionary measures to save your roof! When a huge amount of money goes into the construction of houses, a small quantity of money on the safety of roofs is imperative. The snow guards are extremely helpful, and one can surely employ them to keep their roofs safe from debris and snow.

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